JesusMissionaries of the Cross
Called to be priests and victims in Christ
Fr. Jordi Rivero 

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Priests and men lay members of the Love Crucified community are called Missionaries of the Cross. They live the covenant of Christ's love, way of Life and spirituality of the Community. They are either diocesan or religious under the authority of their superiors.  

They are called to be one with Christ the Priest-Victim, offering their lives for the glory of God and the salvation of many.

Way of life

As priests and victims we embrace the cross daily with love to become one with Jesus Love Crucified.

Holy Mass is our life. Celebrate it daily with deep reverence. Give time before each mass to prepare.

Eucharistic adoration daily for an hour.

Holy Spirit. Seek the fire that Jesus came to bring upon the earth, with docility and trust. 

Word of God. Ponder, live and preach it fully with power of H.S.

Pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

Marian. Consecrate to the Blessed Mother so that she can radiate her presence through our behavior and teaching.

Love, humility, purity and sacrifice.

Obedience to the magisterium, the Holy Father and our bishops.

Participate in L.C. Community as possible.

Receive a spiritual mother from the L.C. Community who will pray and sacrifice for you. All Love Crucified women are spiritual mothers for priests.

Reflections on the Missionaries of the Cross' identity

Priest and Victim
A priest of Christ is also a victim with Him, full of Christ's passionate love.

Slaves of love for Christ >> -Benedict XVI
Imitation-of-Jesus-Priest-and-Victim-and-the-Grace-of-Celibacy >>

St Paul is a "witness of the suffering of Christ

"(S. John M. Vianney) was accustomed, when celebrating, also to offer his own life in sacrifice. He said: 'What a good thing it is for a priest each morning to offer himself to God in sacrifice!'"  -From Pope Benedict XVI's Letter to Priests, in honour of the Year of the Priesthood, 2009.

 "It is He alone and His cross that should be sought in running after these people; for if you strive for anything else, you will gain naught but bodily and spiritual affliction. But having found Jesus Christ in His cross, you have found the roses in the thorns, sweetness in bitterness, everything in nothing." -Missionary martyr St. John de Brebeuf wrote his instructions to the young French missionaries coming to North America to serve the Indians.

Pope Paul VI on Padre Pio: "Look what fame he had! What a worldwide following gathered around him! But why. Perhaps because he was a philosopher? Because he was wise? Because he had resources at his disposal?
Because he said Mass humbly, heard confessions from morning to night... He was a man of prayer and sufferingPaul VI, Rome, February 20, 1971. Wall plaque next to his old grave 

Pope Benedict XVI's Letter to Priests, Year of the Priesthood, 2009: "This deep personal identification with the Sacrifice of the Cross led him (S. John M. Vianney) - by a sole inward movement - from the altar to the confessional. Priests ought never to be resigned to empty confessionals or the apparent indifference of the faithful to this Sacrament. In France, at the time of the Cure of Ars, confession was no more easy or frequent than in our own day, since the upheaval caused by the revolution had long inhibited the practice of religion. Yet he sought in every way, by his preaching and his powers of persuasion, to help his parishioners to rediscover the meaning and beauty of the Sacrament of Penance, presenting it as an inherent demand of the Eucharistic presence. He thus created a "virtuous" circle. By spending long hours in church before the tabernacle, he inspired the faithful to imitate him by coming to visit Jesus with the knowledge that their parish priest would be there, ready to listen and offer forgiveness. Later, the growing numbers of penitents from all over France would keep him in the confessional for up to sixteen hours a day. It was said that Ars had become "a great hospital of souls". His first biographer relates that "the grace he obtained [for the conversion of sinners] was so powerful that it would pursue them, not leaving them a moment of peace!". The saintly Cure reflected something of the same idea when he said: "It is not the sinner who returns to God to beg his forgiveness, but God Himself who runs after the sinner and makes him return to Him". "This good Saviour is so filled with love that He seeks us everywhere".

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Pope Benedict XVI's Letter to Priests, Year of the Priesthood, 2009: "Educating the faithful to the Eucharistic presence and to communion proved most effective when they saw him (St. J.M. Vianney) celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Those present said that 'it was not possible to find a finer example of worship. ... He gazed upon the Host with immense love'. 'All good works, taken together, do not equal the sacrifice of the Mass' - he would say - 'since they are human works, while the Holy Mass is the work of God'. He was convinced that the fervour of a priest's life depended entirely upon the Mass: 'The reason why a priest is lax is that he does not pay attention to the Mass! My God, how we ought to pity a priest who celebrates as if he were engaged in something routine!'

-Holy Spirit; docile to His life within us. 
Formation in the truth in humble docility to the mysteries of the faith.  
-Imitating Mary who believed and kept all in her heart.
-Believe like Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima, with simplicity, passion and courage.
-Attentive to Holy Father's teaching
-"Maintain the Truth Lovingly and always Love Truthfully" -Pope John Paul II

-Love the Lord with our whole being.
Jesus called his disciples first to be with him and then to go preach.  Mark 3,14: "And he appointed twelve, to be with him, and to be sent out to preach".  The Lord wants us to know and love him intimately. Men who spend ample time every day in personal prayer.

-Poor, celibate and obedient. 
We embrace these with our whole heart, in union with Christ, as gifts from God to be lived to their fullest mystical meaning. 

Poor:  Free from attachments. We are only administrators, not owners, of what God puts in our hands.

Obedient: Faithful obedience to the magisterium and our superiors.

Celibate: Celibacy is a gift from God who calls us to be configured into Christ. It is also a radical offering of self as victims of love in Christ. See: Celibate

Preaching should be a fruit of a deep union with the Eucharistic Lord which we nourish with our way of life. Thus we allow the Spirit to speak through us.

"Where Christ is preached with the power of the Holy Spirit and He is accepted with an open soul, society, though it be full of problems, becomes a "city of joy". â€”Benedict XVI, Homily during ordination of 29 priests; April 29, 2008; ZENIT

-Blessed Mother, Consecrated to
-This should be show in our behavior and teaching.
Mother of God of Priests, Diary of St Faustina  #1585
Look above all to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Priests. She will know how to mould your hearts according to the model of Christ, her divine Son, and she will teach you how to treasure for ever all that he gained on Calvary for the salvation of the world. -Benedict XVI, Madrid, 8/2011
Blessed Virgin Mary and the Priesthood  -Benedict XVI

-Spiritual Mothers. Priests grateful and responsive to spiritual motherhood.
"Since it is impossible to be true mendicants before Christ, marvelously concealed in the Eucharistic Mystery, without being able in practice to ask for the effective help and prayers of those whom he sets beside us, let us not be afraid to entrust ourselves to the motherhoods that the Spirit will certainly bring into being for us."  - Cardinal Claudio Hummes, Congregation for the Clergy  
See Mothers of the Cross and  Spiritual Maternity for Priests


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