coat of armsMissionaries of the Cross
men of the Love Crucified Community

Missionaries of the Cross Identity

Our name represents our call to be witnesses to Christ, beginning at home.

A life given in love
As Missionaries of the Cross we are called to be "victims of love" united to Christ the Victim and to Mary at the Cross. This means that we offer our lives lovingly for our wives and family, for the Church and for the renewal of the priesthood, both the royal priesthood received at baptism and the ministerial priesthood.  

We are called to be courageous at a time when tepidity prevails >>>

-As members of the Love Crucified Community we have a way of life and a spiritual path called the Simple Path to Holiness.   
-We enter into a relationship (covenant) with brothers and sisters of the community. We are bound in love to help each other grow in a holy way of life.   

"My holy fathers, My St. Josephs, will love to the extreme of the Cross their wives and children, and raise up fatherhood through the examples of their lives". -Given by the Lord to our community.

You are called to stand with Christ 
A letter, Fr. Jordi Rivero

Men have been blinded and weakened by the enemy. Not just those that directly oppose Christ but even good Christian men are constantly immersed in the secular mentality. Therefore there is a danger of thinking that they are doing OK.

They are trying to provide and care for their families' needs but are not able lead their family to the new life that Christ desires, where He as Lord is present and acting. 

Why are men not able? Because even most Christian men are afraid of God.  They want to fulfill the Commandments, like the rich young men, but are afraid of opening their hearts and allowing Christ to really enter and reign. So they consider that they are OK, they are "normal". They take comfort that they are just like the others.  But what is normal to the world is far from God's ways and quickly moving farther away from God.  What criteria do you have to say: "This is OK", "This is to much or too little"  Do you have a sound reasons to believe that you are discerning with the mind of Christ?  Are you thinking as God or as man? Does Christ really have authority over your thoughts, actions, decisions, words?  Do you think it is possible for Him to have that authority?  Do you WANT Him to have that authority?  Are you willing to pay the price, go through the necessary effort and struggle to apply the power of the Cross to your life and allow Christ to have that authority?

The Lord loves you and is committed to you.  He wants to come to you, empower you and guide you. But you need to be humble, repent and turn to Him. 

Most men relegate the "religious" to their wives as they opt to take care of "practical" matters. These men do not understand that without deep union with Christ they are blind and weak.  They are forfeiting their God given mission to lead in the battle that is before us and is destroying the families, the nation and the world. Without men shepherds the wolves ravage the sheep. 

Men need to humble down and bend the knee. Men need to allow God to enter into areas of their hearts where they are now not opening up. Men cannot be guided by what they want or feel, for desires and feelings are bound up in the flesh by the enemy. For men to be free they must apply the power of the cross, deny themselves and follow Christ.

My concern is for all men but particularly for you, men whose wives are members of Love Crucified. You are constantly in my prayers. Your wives have given their lives to the Lord. That is a great blessing for you and your family. Are they being an example to you?  Then, how are you responding?

Few men are aware that the Father has bestowed upon them a tremendous GRACE and also a tremendous responsibility. You are the priests of your families, you also stand responsible for the nation and for the world. YOU CAN have the deep union with Christ and you NEED it to be fully the men that God created you to be.  

I am available to you and you are always encouraged to participate in everything of Love Crucified.

Yours in Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary,

Fr. Jordi Rivero

Love Crucified