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"Make yourselves meditate continually on the mysteries of Cross and the anguish to the mother standing beneath the cross" -St Clare

Pope Francis' words to Poor Clares apply to all spiritual mothers of priests: "Because the Word became flesh, God became flesh for us, and this gives you a great, human, beautiful and mature holiness, the holiness of a mother. And this is what the Church wants you to be: mothers, mother, mother. To give life. When you pray, for example, for priests, for seminarians, you have a maternal relationship with them; with prayer, you help them to become good shepherds for the People of God... always with Jesus Christ, the wounds of Jesus Christ..." Source

Like a Carpet
St. Faustina:
"I will immolate myself for the benefit of souls. I will not count the cost of any sacrifice. I will cast myself beneath the feet of the sisters like a carpet on which they cannot only tread, but also wipe their feet. My place is under the feet of the sisters. I will make every effort to obtain that place unnoticed by others. It is enough that God sees this. -Diary, #243.

John Paul II, remembering how he was prostrated on the floor the day of his ordination wrote the following poem:

"Peter, you are the floor, that others may walk over you... not knowing where they go. You guide their steps...

You want to serve their feet to pass as rock serves the hooves of sheep. The rock is gigantic temple floor. The cross to pasture." -Gift and Mystery, pg. 45

Mary beats Satan
Mary clobbers de devil in defense of one of her sons as a Mother of the Cross (left) intercedes.


Mary Chalice
Mary Chalice
By Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik
Redemptoris Mater Chapel, Vatican

"I shall never act if not united to Mary"

Love CrucifiedMothers of the Cross
 Women of the Love Crucified Community

Mothers of the cross are Catholic lay women of all ages and walks of life, who unite with Mary’s "Fiat", given at the Annunciation and at Calvary, to be victims of love united to Christ.

The Vocation Of The Mothers Of The Cross:

Holiness as contemplatives at home, our domestic Church, living the Simple Path to Union with God which teaches us to:
-Enter the fire of the Heart of Jesus
-Console the suffering hearts of Jesus and Mary,
-Continue Mary's suffering of solitude by our union of hearts with her.
Practice a way of life that nourishes our Catholic faith, even when family members may choose not to participate.
Spiritual Motherhood for Priests

The Lord told us:

The Mothers of the Cross unite their fiat to My Mother of the Cross as victim intercessors. They live a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice, united in Me crucified, for the expiation of sin and the sanctification of My priests. Their ordinary lives lived in simplicity, humility, interior silence and prayer is a sweet fragrance that reaches the Heart of My Father.  

The prayers, sacrifices, sufferings, and tears of mothers united to the Cross through Mary is a hidden force that will sanctify, purify and aid in the salvation of many souls!

Our lives are centered in the Eucharist. Therefore, we strive for daily Mass and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament as much as our vocation permits.
-We are called to be living chalices by receiving Jesus and giving Him to all in humility and service. With Mary, we receive every drop of His precious blood through loving endurance in every difficulty, sacrifice, suffering, and daily labors.

We carry out every day tasks in our homes with Mary, keeping our gaze on Christ, our Love Crucified. In this way our homes become domestic monasteries, altars of our living sacrifices and sufferings.

In our lives of total loving service to our families, we will keep the thorns and give away the roses. We practice silence, when possible, to be intimate with the Lord. Wie are a hidden force that will sanctify, purify and aid in the salvation of many souls.

A Mother of the Cross, as one with Mary, receives her mission at the cross.. Jesus gave Mary the mission to be mother of His disciples. This, according to St. John Paul II, called for a renewed gift of the Spirit>>>  At Pentecost, Mary prayed in "deep communion with the Apostles and the others for the gift of the Spirit for herself and the community.

We strive to imitate Mary's virtues: Charity, humility, simplicity, purity... As spiritual mothers, our maternity, in Mary, expands to include all priests, families and our Lord’s suffering children throughout the world.

The Mothers of the Cross give their fiat to be, with Jesus, victim souls given in love to the Father. Through Mary, our Mother of the Cross. we are one body, one blood, one sacrifice, one suffering in Jesus Christ, for love of Him and the salvation of souls.    

The mothers of the Cross unite their fiat to Mary, Mother of the Cross, as victim intercessors. They live a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice, united in Me (Christ) crucified, for the expiation of sin and the sanctification of My priests. Their ordinary lives lived in simplicity, humility, interior silence and prayer is a sweet fragrance that reaches the Heart of My Father. (The Lord to a Mother of the Cross.)

Immense grace comes to the world through victim souls and they fill the suffering Hearts of Jesus and Mary with joy. Heaven is filled with the sweet fragrance of victim souls.

Souls who are victims for the Church must unite themselves to My Heart, the supreme Victim, to offer themselves to the eternal Father on behalf of this so beloved Church, in order to expiate sins. I love My Church so much that in union with My Heart I seek victims who immolate themselves in order that the just wrath which menaces her be assuaged and changed into a shower of graces. (Conchita, Diary, June 14, 1898)


Jesus desires for the Mothers of the Cross to be His constant consolation as were Mary His Mother, Veronica, Mary Magadalene and the holy women. Women of great courage, zeal, passion and profoundness of heart.

Mary at La Salette, Fatima, Akita and other apparitions, has pleaded, often with tears, for us to turn from sin, to follow Jesus and help her save souls. We desire to respond to our mother with all our hearts.

The Child Jesus pleaded with Lucia of Fatima "Have compassion on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother, surrounded with thorns". Mary then also asked for consolation and reparation >>>. Jesus continues to suffer in the tabernacles of the world, in the Eucharist. He thirst for love and desires consolation. By living completely united to Mary we are also able to console our suffering Lord.

In Mary, we will also be women of courage, who are willing to forget self and wipe His precious face with the tears of our suffering and the cloth of our very lives. We are women embracing Jesus as the Pieta, removing every thorn in His precious head and allowing each thorn to penetrate our hearts, thus bringing our Beloved consolation.

Our lives will be blessed, broken and given through the Holy Spirit (as the priest does with the host at consecration), thus becoming “living Hosts” for the consolation of our Lord, the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls.

Give Me a love like this, give Me souls who love Me in suffering, who find their joy on the Cross. My heart thirsts for such a love. I want a pure love, an unselfish love, an expiatory, crucified love, a sound love such as it may be said no longer exists on earth. Yet it is the only true love, the love which saves, purifies, and the love I require through My commandments. All other apparent loves do not satisfy Me; all other love is vain, artificial, often culpable, save the love which I have just shown you. (Conchita Diary, Sept. 11, 1900)


The prayers, sacrifices, sufferings, joys and tears of mothers, generously giving their lives to Jesus in Mary will usher the sanctification of priests and the restoration of true fatherhood and motherhood. Their ministry is a continuation of Mary's suffering of solitude. It was through Mary's suffering, united to her Son's Sacred Heart, that the early Church is sustained and set forth.

The Hidden Force
The Apostles were given the mission to go out and preach the Gospel to the ends of the world, but their success came about through Mary's hidden suffering
united to her Son’s Sacred Heart. This is how the nascent Church was sustained. Mary embraced this hidden martyrdom; a mission hidden to the world yet the most powerful of all missions. The Mothers of the Cross are called to join Mary to continue her mission.  

Jesus about Mary: “She reared Me to be a Victim, attaining the supreme oblation of her soul when She delivered Me up to be crucified. One sole sacrifice was there, that which I offered on the Cross and which took place in Her heart. She continued this sacrifice by Her martyrdom of solitude, offering up Her sufferings to the eternal Father in union with Me.” (Conchita Diary, April 6, 1928)

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Spiritual Mothers for priests
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Ven Conchita, St. Therese, St. Catherine, St. Faustina, Benedict XVI and others have inspired our vision of Spiritual Motherhood. See:Spiritual Maternity of Concepción Cabrera de Armida

A mother’s love in suffering, united to the hearts of Jesus and Mary, is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Through the Mothers of the Cross the Missionaries of the Cross and many priests will be sustained and strengthened. One can not be sustained without the other. The Missionaries of the Cross will be like the first apostles. They will be sent out to preach, filled with the Holy Spirit, to the ends of the world, supported by the hidden sufferings of the Mothers of the Cross

We are called to:
-Pray for Jesus’ beloved priests as we pray for our sons and daughters.
-Unite all to Christ as victims for priests. This prayer united to our daily lives (cleaning, cooking, nursing, teaching), lived in love, touches directly the Heart of the Father. 
-Raise up God’s army of holy priests that will usher in the new Pentecost.

Mary has a thorn in her Heart for each priest that is not holy. As Mothers of the Cross, we allow our hearts to be pierced like Mary’s and participate in the living chain of pierced hearts for the sanctification of priests.

Jesus to Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida:
I want souls who are dedicated with fervor, with determination and without looking for rest, to plead day and night for My priests

Offer yourself as a victim for My priests. Unite yourself to My sacrifice for gaining them graces… It is Christ, ever crucified in the members of His Mystical Body, who saves the world. Diary, p. 103)

St. Faustina: I place in your care two pearls very precious to My Heart: these are the souls of priests and religious. You will pray particularly for them; their power will come from your diminishment. You will join prayers, fasts, mortifications, labors (9) and all sufferings to My prayer, fasting, mortifications, labors and sufferings and then they will have power before My Father." -Diary #531. November 24, 1935.

Jesus told St. Catherine of Siena: "I will raise up women ignorant and frail by nature but endowed with strength and divine wisdom.  Then, if they (proud men) will come to their senses and humble themselves, I will behave with the utmost mercy towards them, that is to say, towards those who, according to the grace given them, receive my doctrine, offered them in fragile but specially chosen vessels, and follow it reverently… For indeed it is only just that those who try to exalt themselves should be humbled.">>>

Pope Benedict XVI: We cannot go preaching around the world to convert souls, but we are obliged to pray continually for all those souls who are offending God ... particularly with our sufferings, that is with a principle of crucified life  ->>>

Love Crucified