Let's do Laundry!
Sandra Clark

When women see the dignity and beauty of motherhood fully lived out, they may question the "necessity" of having a career. I am not talking about those who need to work in order to help feed and clothe their families.  I talking about mothers who choose to have a career because they have been taught  that this means equality.  They regard house work as demeaning.  If they only new what peace and fulfillment and joy can be found in the laundry room, while vacuuming and so forth.  Everything we do united to our Lord has infinite value.  St. Therese said that even if we pick up a pin from the floor with love, it has value in the eyes of God.  Sometimes mothers who choose to stay home are regarded as not being intelligent or just not having "what it takes" to be out in the workforce.  Moms who stay home are often thought of as "living in a bubble"  or not really caring or knowing what is happening in the world.

It's true that I may not know everything that is going on in the world but I do know that my prayers and sacrifices can change the world.  I know many mothers who have careers and have so much stress that there is no peace in their families.  They don't need to work, they choose to work.  I wish they would consider staying home.  I think if more mothers did it would help bring more peace into children's lives and help society in general.

This morning when I walked into the garage, I saw what I call a "mother load" of laundry.  It was a huge pile. (how my family makes so much laundry I don't know-maybe its because there's eight of us)  My heart sank thinking of doing laundry again today.  As I began to put it to wash, I offered it for an intention.  Many times the Lord speaks to my heart when I'm doing laundry.  He teaches me and brings things to the light.  Today He helped me realize that I will not always have this much laundry and work.  As my children grow and leave the "nest"  my pile of laundry will become smaller and smaller.  This made me very sad.  Suddenly I wanted to hold on to that big pile of dirty clothes.  I was seeing it the way the Lord wanted me to see it;  as a treasure and beautiful work of my hands that I can offer God for the sanctification of priests and for the salvation of many souls.  I must not waste any opportunity to do my work with love and joy for it is truly a treasure!  One day I will not have so much work.  My children will be grown.  The house will stay clean and there will be very little laundry.  How sad that I will not have this labor to offer my Savior.  Dear God, let me not waste any opportunity to do good now, in the present.

Love Crucified