Convent of the Inmaculate Conception

Convento de la Inmaculada Concepción



Music - La Soledad - María Hickein

We were blessed to stay at the convent only two blocks from the basílica and celebrate Mass with the mothers y escuchar un testimonio de vocación. The foundress, St. Beatriz, had to wait 30 years of trials and hidden life after the Lord told her that she was to found, until it could be realized. She died soon after. 
The Lord gave Maria H. a new song at the convent: La Soledad (Solitude) -featured in this page. She sang it for the first time at the Mass there.

espaaFuimos bendecidos de poder alojarnos en el convento a solo dos cuadras de la basíica, celebrar Misa con las madres y escuchar un testimonio de vocatión. Su fundadora, Sta. Beatriz, tuvo que esperar 30 años de pruebas y vida oculta desde que el Señor le dijo que debía fundar hasta que se pudo realizar. Murió pronto después.
El Señor le dió a Maria H. una nueva canción en el convento: La soledad, la cual estrenó en la allí en a misa.                                                    



Soon the multitudes will return home and the prescint of the basilica will return to how we saw it a raini night in 2011.
Will the experience remain in the surface and evaporate like the rain or will we keep it in our hearts and ponder all that Our Lady did and taught us? She is counting on us to live as true victim souls with her to help her fulfill her plans for our lives and for the world.

Suffer all with Me; No longer two but ONE in My sacrifice of Love

espaa Pronto se irán las multitudes y el prescinto de la basílica volverá a verse como en esta noche lluviosa del 2011. ¿Se  quedará todo en la superficie solo para evaporarse como la lluvia o guardaremos y meditaremos en nuestro corazón todo lo que la Virgen ha hecho y nos ha enseñado? Ella cuenta con nosotros, que vivamos como verdaderas almas víctimas con ella para que se cumplan sus planes en nosotros y en el mundo.

Súfrelo todo Conmigo; ya no somos dos, somos UNO, en Mi sacrificio de Amor

Talks during Pilgrimage

An important part of the pilgrimage is to ponder the words we received

Homily on the Immaculate Conception

Fr. Jordi Rivero

All are called to be immaculate, all pure: All in God so that He radiates in us without any resistance. Mary was Immaculate from conception, we become inmaculate by responding to grace throughout our life. This is why Jesus came.


Know who you are and it´s importance
 Lourdes Pinto Dec 8, 2016

Adam and Eve fell because they had not embraced their identity in relation with God and with each other. Our perseverance in the Church, in our relationships and community requires that we know who we are and are willing to fight for it...




Homily on John the Baptist

Fr. Jordi Rivero

Faith even when we do not understand

Consecrated to Live the Cross

Lourdes Pinto

Consecration to Mary in the L.C. Community is a necesary preparation for Calvary and then for Pentecost. We are being prepared to participate with Mary in the battle by living as victim souls to propiciate a new Pentecost.
This is in line with Ven. Conchita and St. Faustina. The Lord wants to raise great saints for this times.


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