The Holy Spirit, union, freedom and gratitude
Sandra Clark

Published with permission, Nov 2010

Dear Father: I wanted to share a poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. It expresses what the Lord has been teaching me and showing me this year. One of the amazing things I have learned is that the Lord desires this very intimate union with each and every soul and that includes me! Thank you Father for teaching us about the Holy Spirit. I feel that ever since I gave my Fiat almost two years ago my soul has had freedom to soar and ever since the Baptism in the Holy Spirit I have had the courage to surrender little by little and allow my soul to be led wherever the Lord wills. I feel so incredibly blessed and so grateful to God for calling me to be a part of this family. I wanted to share this with you because you are my spiritual Father. God Bless you!

All praise and glory to You oh God who are so merciful!

What a sublime discovery your Majesty is revealing
Drawing me closer, You have whispered, "You belong to Me"
You open the eyes of my soul and I see the wonders you are no longer concealing
I have answered "Yes, I belong to You, I surrender myself completely"
What marvelous joy!
Jubilant, passionate elation!
I am carried away so sweetly
Yet again You draw me closer
This time whispering, "My desire is for you"
The sound of this whisper electrifies my soul
Be still my beating heart for I cannot believe my good fortune! (St. )
I thought that this was only for the holy and worthy; so few
And You my Jesus answered,
"My daughter, you cannot imagine what I have planned for you,
For you are My beloved and My desire is for you"
Sandra Clark

Love Crucified