Intention to Covenant

Dearest Father.

It gives me great joy to confirm to you that I would like very much to profess my fiat, my covenant with Love Crucified on (date).

To become a Mother of the Cross brings an immensity of joy to my heart.  For I know - with every fiber of my being- that God Himself placed me with Love Crucified to become a holy victim soul, a soul to "suffer love" at the degree that our Lord desires it to be. 

Without sounding selfish… I can see within me the changes that are occurring, the transformation that is taking place. To me, the profoundness of His Love is written on the cross as an open book for all to see yet so few come to read – to contemplate what Love has given for his beloved.   

Jesus is placing this desire very strongly in me.  "Contemplate my Love upon the Cross".   

As an MOC I will pray day and night to be joined to the sorrows of Jesus and Mary with the outcome of showering souls to the foot of the cross. 

Maybe one day, we could share our personal experience on the "Transformation" Love Crucified has accomplished in our soul.  I’m like a piece of clay in the Hands of God.

Our Lord’s peace and love be with you.  Amen.

"Suffer All with Me, no longer two but ONE in My Sacrifice of Love"

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