The Little Way of a Mother
y a Mother of the Cross

A priest gave a comparison of diapers to sins; Parents cleaning diapers and the priests cleaning our souls through the sacrament of reconciliation.

Since that day I have offered my diaper changing for the priesthood in the confessional (both sides of the grid).

I would like to share with you a particular time. A few days ago, one of my older children had a small accident. I found the little gift in the laundry room. I was very temped to walk away from it and remembered the priesthood. I prayed for strength to clean this one. As I was cleaning it, I asked the Lord to give His beloved priest strength and wisdom to  guide souls to Him. I also asked the Lord to have mercy on us. I was "I thought" about done when a little piece fell on the I fought my thought was " must have been a big sin. Jesus crucified have mercy on us.

The Little Way of a Mother.

My Jesus, help me to carry my cross.

 At times I feel that many things require my immediate attention. My head feels heavy.

As I close my eyes looking for some comfort, I feel my self on the cross. My arms being stretched gently but with great strength, like if I needed to be stretched to fit the cross.

 At other times my body is so tired, and again to find some relief, I close my eyes, in my heart I see Jesus on the way to Calvary. We are so tired.

 When I have to pick up something from the floor, especially if I am carrying the baby, close my eyes looking for strength, I see my Jesus so tired, falling to the ground.

 At times I am so tired I am not sure I can get back up. At those times, I encourage Jesus to get up, "let's get up, we have to keep going".

 The weight of the baby is many times a heavy cross and I think how much Jesus loved us to carry such weight for us.

 Lord, give me the strength and the grace not to waste a drop of suffering, to leave always united to you.

As I try to suffer with Jesus-focus on His pain and not mine-

As my heart feels the pain in the daily struggles of the day- I meditate on how the Lord has suffered it first.

† The children complaining – Lord forgive us. How much we complain. How your holy head must also spin at all my bickering and the bickering of the world. Help us to see. Turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh that can love. Lord, send us holy priests.

† Fighting -- Lord forgive us. We fight your loving guidance. We are so desperate to do our own will. We are so lost in sin. Have mercy on us. Thank you for the grace to pray and live this moment.

† A child refusing to eat – Lord, forgive us. What pain we cause you, Lord, when we do not believe in the true presence in the Holy Eucharist. When we approach the table with un-repented hearts.

A dust in my eye – Lord, help us to see. Forgive us for we do not know what we do.

† I am having a very difficult time keeping the house organized –piles of clothes, piles of dishes, piles of school papers. "Lord I offer you this sacrifice, my patience in mists of all this for the souls that leave a spiritual disorganized life. O lord, I implore you do not allow our hearts to experience the chaos that our bodies experience".

The opportunities to meditate in the Goodness, Love and Passion of our Lord are endless. The important thing is to be attentive. To take every little thing of our day and turn it to the Lord. Allow our hearts to pray.

Yesterday, I was picking up a broken bottle. At the beginning, I just picked it up. Then realized that I could be letting my heart offer prayer….for whom can I pray? As I looked at the pieces of glass—very dangerous— Lord, help those that experiment with so many dangerous things—drugs, sex, superstition. Have mercy on us Oh Lord. Send us the graces we need. Dear Virgin Mary, keep under your mantle all this souls that need a mother so desperately. Intercede for us.

When I remember and am able to pray no matter the occasion, I have notice, I tend to sin (anger) less.

Love Crucified