A Transformed Life in Christ through the Simple Path
June, 2013

 I have been pondering lately how much peace the Lord has given me.  He has truly been healing my broken heart and soul more and more, and it has all come about through the Simple Path He has given us. I see more and more the treasure that this Path really is.  I know I still must go through a lot more healing, but I really believe I am not who I used to be.  I do not live in the horrible darkness of insecurity and fear...it was like being in jail.  Through the treasure we have received, the Lord has really begun a transformation.  More importantly, I have begun to truly understand what it means to suffer WITH our Lord. I see how important our healing is in order to be able to suffer WITH our Lord. I feel I couldn't focus on Him before because I was too focused on myself. Now I only want to suffer with Him. I want to feel more of that intense sorrow of His Heart.  The sorrow in His Sacred Heart is so intense and I want to console Him. I am so thankful for all He has done
in me and look forward to so much healing that still needs to be done.  

The grace to be on fire
December, 2013
I have been feeling for quite some time the urgency and seriousness of our mission. Thank you Lourdes for giving yourself to the Lord.  My question is - how do we teach the path and prepare others when they don't want to hear?  I am living who I am and trying to set an example...  But it seems that nobody is interested.  How do they catch on fire?  We can be burning right next to them and they do not even get warm. Should we speak more about who we are? Should we just give testimony of our lives? I ask you, my spiritual mother and father to guide me, for I do feel that urgency but i don't know what more to do. I beg the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us the strength to do battle.  It's a lot easier to be warriors of love when the battle has not yet begun.  The true test is when we enter the fight.  I pray not to have fear to stand up for our mission. To be full of courage and zeal for what the Lord has entrusted us with. To defend His ways and path. To be who we are 300 percent of the time.  I feel some will perish, but we too need to be prepared for that...  what more can I do to please Him and help Him?  This is a serious matter to me.

Answer: The beauty of this testimony is the fire of the heart which fuels a desire to give that love to all. When we are on fire it shows and when it shows, we are evangelizing even without words. Then the Lord will teach us how to communicate this love. 

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