The Value of an Ordinary Life
Mother of the Cross
March 19, 2012

 "Seek Me in the daily activities of your home.  Seek Me among all the noise and frustrations.  I am always with there with you but you need to turn your heart towards me.  I am there with you when you  are washing clothes.  I am there with you when you cook and clean and settle disputes among your children.  I am present in all your daily challenges and frustrations.  But I am also there in the quiet of your room or in the garden.  You must seek me there.  It is true that daily Mass is difficult for you.  Your struggles and desire to go to daily Mass are pleasing to Me.  Have a daily prayer time at home in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Go to Mass in the morning when you can, but you are right in settling things and putting more order in the morning with your children.

(Jesus, I want to be holy)

You will be holy by fulfilling your daily duties in union with Me, doing everything in union with Me, your spouse.  Remember me all throughout your day.  Tell me that you love Me.  Say my name softly.  Do everything with love.  Do everything with joy knowing that I love you.  Listen to the Holy Spirit that dwells within you. He will guide you to find those times of prayer, time for adoration and daily Mass.  Be at peace my daughter, for your life is pleasing to me.  Be at peace because I love you dearly.


Love Crucified