Blessed are your eyes, for they see
Fr. Jordi Rivero, June 15, 2011

"But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear"  -Mt. 13:16.

Jesus is referring here to spiritual gifts of God by which we are able to know God and the meaning of all creation including ourselves.  All finds meaning in Christ. To see and hear Him is indeed blessedness!  We will focus here on sight.

If God desires blessings for all His children, why is it that so many don't see?
One reason is that not enough Christians are the light the are called to be.
Another reason is that many do not want to receive Him.

To be able to see we need to:

1- We ask. We make it our prayer. Our priority. Lord we want to see as you see!   We want to see all things with your heart so full of love.    

2- We dispose ourselves by pondering His word in our hearts and obeying. His Word is light to our eyes while obedience is like opening the eyes.

An essential aspect of seeing with Christ is realizing that he suffers in each brother and sister and we must love too. Loving is demanding because it shares in the sufferings of the other without running away.

For example, look at this news of today - "A Pakistani bishop has pledged that the Church will do "everything possible" to secure the release of Farah Hatim, a 24-year-old woman who has been kidnapped, forced to marry, and forced to convert to Islam. Hatim is in danger of being sold abroad" 

If we don't "see" with the eyes of God, then we don't care about Hatim. That is why you will not see this news on TV! Who cares about this young lady?  But if we see with Christ we have the Holy Spirit which is love and we suffer with her. 

One effect of seeing with love is that it dispels all selfishness. We learn to see what is important. We see ourselves in perspective. Can you complain about laundry or anything else if you are in solidarity with Hatim? Can you be catering to fantasies and selfishness? In addition, we know well that there are millions suffering as much as her! Victims of all kinds of abuses and injustices. We cannot know them all. But if we keep a few in our hearts they will represent all the others for us.

Seeing with Christ is seeing with love. We then respond to the best of our capacity and it changes the way we think and live. We learn to share, to live in simplicity so as to be more able to love. We become more and more transformed into love, into Christ.  

 To see, to love and to suffer with Jesus does not mean that we become unhappy and downcast. At the contrary, it is lack of love, the sin of selfishness that erodes true happiness. That is why there are so many unhappy people! But those who are blessed to see as God sees, though they suffer, they persevere in love and are happy.

3- we protect the gift of spiritual sight by keeping it pure in the ways of the Lord.  (blessed are the pure for they shall see God).  We cannot mix seeing God at times and seeing with the world other times. 

We should treasure our spiritual vision even above the natural vision because it reveals the treasures of God which are eternal and far above natural beauty.  In fact without the vision of the spirit we do not even appreciate nature.

My family we are blessed to see the treasures of love of God, family, community. We see the truth of our faith.  Praise Him, give him thanks and act according to what you see. 


Love Crucified