Go unto the deep with the Lord or drown
Fr. Jordi Rivero,  Nov. 10, 2011

At the prayer meeting, Terri shared a word from the Lord. She said that God is calling us to go with Him to deep waters. We can no longer remain by the shore where we enjoy the water while we have the comfort of touching bottom. We must give up our present securities, our man centered ways. The Lord is calling us to deep waters of total trust, obedience and abandonment to His mercy.

After the prayer group I went to the Blessed Sacrament planning to ponder the message. But the images that came to my mind were very different from Terri's vision. Instead of going to the deep with the Lord, I remembered an event that occurred to me at the beach years ago. I was in shallow waters, absorbed in conversation with friends. Suddenly I realized that a powerful undercurrent was pushing us to the deep. Even though I am a good swimmer I could not swim against the current. I knew we were in serious danger of drowning. We were saved by God's grace.

The Lord made me understand that what I was remembering was meant to complete Terri's vision. The next week I gave this message to the prayer group and now I also want to share it with you because I believe it is a confirmation of an urgent warning that the Lord is also giving to others. This is the message:

A great spiritual tsunami is underway. Few are prepared for the devastation that it will bring. This worldwide tsunami will make it impossible for anyone to remain in the way of life they are accustomed to. The currents of modernism, materialism and hate towards religion are taking over governments, schools, institutions, civil and religious organizations and thus the minds of many people are in darkness without a moral compass. The people in the current are not yet alarmed because they still think they are in control.

The Lord wants to take us to deep waters which are the riches of His heart which he bestows in the Church. He wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit, give us the graces we need, equip us for battle and strengthen us for the trials ahead. He wants to make us true disciples ready to lay down our lives for Him. It was John Paul II who called us to the deep. Benedict XVI keeps urging us and warning us of the danger. Speaking about the sword of St Paul he said:

His only weapon was the proclamation of "Jesus Christ and Him Crucified" (1 Corinthians 2:2). His preaching was not based "on plausible words and wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power" (Verse 4). He dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel's message of reconciliation and peace, spending all his energy in order that it might resound to the very ends of the earth. 

And this was his strength (St Paul's): He did not seek a tranquil, comfortable life, far from difficulties and contradictions; rather, he wore himself out for the sake of the Gospel, he gave himself entirely and without reserve, and in this way he became the great messenger of Christ's peace and reconciliation. 

The sword that St. Paul holds also recalls the power of truth, which can often wound, can hurt: the Apostle remained faithful to this truth to the end; he served it; he suffered for it; he gave over his life for it. This same logic holds true also for us if we want to be bearers of the kingdom and peace announced by the Prophet Zechariah and fulfilled by Christ: We must be willing to pay personally, to suffer in the first person misunderstanding, rejection, persecution. It is not the sword of the conqueror that builds peace, but the sword of the sufferer, of he who knows how to give his very life.
-Homily, October 26, 2011

Soon the shores of comfortable Christianity will disappear. Staying in them is not an option. Those who try to stay will be relentlessly pushed by the currents of the world unto loosing the little semblance of Christianity they kept. The longer we stay by the shores ignoring the current, the more we get trapped by it and find it difficult to be set free. We either go to the deep waters where Christ wants to lead us or we will succumb in the tsunami. Now is the time to repent of our sins, turn to the Lord and join with others in the Church who seek to live committed to a way of life that takes us unto the deep.  

With or against me
The Lord to L.C. (7/22/10)

Each of My sons will have to make a decision to be with Me or against Me, but will not be able to remain in the gray area. They will have to repent of their many sins with tears and I will cleanse them with My mercy. They will have to renounce the world with all its passions and embrace poverty… They will live as victims following the pure unblemished victim Lamb… They must humble themselves and come to the foot of the Cross next to My Mother and kiss My feet. It is the Blood that flows from the wound of My feet that will purify their lips so that they will be able to speak with the sword of My Word… During the time of the great darkness they must shine forth My holy presence…

My Lord, how do I call them to action?
The Lord to L.C.

1- First, Bring them to the foot of the Cross. Mary is the gate to enter the cross.  

2- Second, Call them to REPENTANCE. Ask them to repent from their sins of sloth, immorality, lack of prayer, lack of mortification and penance.

3- Third, Tell them to spend time in the Blessed Sacrament contemplating My wounds. Tell them to place their hearts with all their sins inside My most painful wound, My shoulder. I will heal them in this wound. I will perfect them and make them My living Hosts. In this way, they will radiate My Light during the time of the great darkness that is upon you.

Obedience, humility, love, poverty, purity all flow as the living fruit of intimacy with Me, the source of all life. I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. He who abides in Me abides in Love and walks the narrow path of the Cross that leads to eternal life.

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