Jesus is a Willing Victim
Fr. Jordi Rivero,  LC Cenacle 4/10/14

“The Father loves the Son with infinite love, with divine love. And so don’t ever think, “Well the Son is the victim and the Father is just seeking justice” and that’s it. Who would suffer more, the Father giving His Son or the Son? The Son knows very well how the Father loves Him. And the sorrow of the Father…it’s a very profound reality. But the thing is…

“We caused evil and the only way for this evil, that we caused thru rebelliousness of sin, to be overcome is thru love. And no one on this earth could love enough. And so, Jesus who is love, became a man, and He loved completely. What we did to Him, the horrible things of the cross, the Father doesn’t desire that in the sense that He is happy seeing this happen. But what the Father is pleased with is the love of his Son in face of all this evil. And it’s the love of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the one true God that brings about salvation through the act of love, through Jesus.

To make it very illustrated. Imagine that you are married and that your husband has to go to war to defend his country and he dies in battle. Are you happy that he died? Of course not. But are you proud of him? Yes you are. And you have him as a hero, as a martyr. But you are not happy that they killed him.”

“What we did to Christ is the greatest crime. But what defeats satan is the love of God. Now the love of God lived on earth is the cross. That is what we did to him, that’s what we did to Jesus. We did that. Now the Father allows this to happen so that thru this act of love, we could all be inserted in this act of love. And now we can face evil, because we do have to face it as well, and we can join with Christ all the way to the end and defeat the devil by loving onto the cross ourselves.

A lot of people are very diluted when they think, “Jesus did it all and now we don’t have to do anything”. If that was true we would not have been changed, redemption has caused a real transformation in us so now we can love. And God doesn’t want us to be abused or hurt or be insulted, but he is happy to see his Sons and daughters are willing to accept all that out of love and by doing that overcome satan. So ponder that. And how the Father suffers with the Son and we suffer with the Son and He suffers with us, we all suffer together the on slot of evil but we win thru the power of Christ. Which is the power of the Father that is in Him, the power of the Holy Spirit but the one who did the act as a human being is Jesus Christ.”

“What is the wrath of God? It’s a way of speaking g in the Old Testament. It simply means the incompatibility between love and hate. That’s what it means. That evil and hate are not compatible with God. So when there is God and there is evil and hate, there’s going to be a clash. And that clash is revealed at the cross. Love facing evil and overcoming not by hate, not by the same kind of armament let’s say, but through the hiddenness and humility of the hidden force, that the mighty powers of satan are destroyed. Not by armies and atomic bombs, it’s thru the hidden love of so many.

“The greatest is the one who loved the most.” (in speaking about the comments of Pope Francis)

“Let’s join with Jesus very deeply in these days and as we join with Jesus we also become more one and this is the gift of community. And we are becoming more one in Christ even thru the distance and as we become more and more one thru this gift of the path, this communion because it’s authentic love, it’s never sectarian it never closes into itself but it strengthens us to love everybody else even more. That’s the love of God. The more we as a community of Love Crucified love each other more we will have more power more strength to go out and love everybody. That’s our life.”