Meditations by Kathy Theresa Andre-Eames based on the Messages of the Lord to the Love Crucified Community.
Kathy is a devout Catholic writer and civil rights activist. She is a member of the Love Crucified Community. Her blog:

148: David and Goliath.
May 26, 2016 Kathy Andre-Eames

THE SOURCE: 148- David and Goliath, Diary of a MOC (Cf. Sam 17: 32-51).
My little one, the time draws near. You hold the sword of the Spirit in the mission given to you. My family of LC are My warriors of love that will defeat the dragon in the decisive battle that draws near. Be ready to approach this evil in the same way that David approached Goliath. You will conquer the dragon in your littleness and purity because it is God who is with you. You must not fear and believe with the innocence and zeal of David. My daughter, form My family well in the teachings I give to you. You each must also approach the battle with five stones. First, the stone of humility, possessing the perfect knowledge of your nothingness and My power and majesty. Second, the stone of purity, purity of mind, heart, intention, word, desire... Third, simplicity, detached from all, most especially your ego. Fourth, trust, perfectly abandoned to My will. Fifth, courage, courage rooted in love of Me to be perfectly obedient to My commands.
These stones are your weapons for battle, for the dragon will not be defeated according to the standards of the world but in the Light of Love. Therefore, My family, prepare for battle. Be attentive to Me. (1/18/12)
* * *
Here, again, we have the Sword, but this time it is the “Sword of the Spirit” which we hold for the mission. We have already seen that it is our lives of hidden martyrdom, of love which become the Sword of Righteousness. At the end of the prophecy we learn that the battle against the dragon will be won-- not according to the standards of the world-- but in the Light of Love. Victims of love who suffer with Christ become His Sword of the Spirit, Sword of Righteousness, the Cross/Hilt shining in the hand of Christ, “in the Light of Love.”

The battle is the Lord’s. Only the humble who trust and abandon themselves utterly to God can approach the battle and participate in the defeat of evil. Surely this is one of the main emphases of the Good News: that it is the anawim, the little ones, the powerless/poor in spirit who will be filled with God’s power because they have none of their own, while the wealthy, the proud of heart will be thrown down. Not only is this a prediction of how God’s choice is made; it is a warning to us to remain little and not to trust on our own power—whatever we may believe that to be.

The weapons are so rich: the stone of humility emerges from the victim’s struggle for knowledge of self and knowledge of God.

The stone of purity belongs to the single-hearted, those with purity of intention and desire for God and His Will alone. Reading St. Albert the Great today, I found: “Earnestly apply your mind to seek constant purity of heart, clarity of mind, and calm of the senses. Gather up your heart’s desire and fix it continually on the Lord God above.”

The third stone of simplicity is the weapon of being One, in Union with Love Crucified, undivided, with a single, intense focus on God, not on self-will.

Fourth, the stone of trust, perfect abandonment to God in the sacrament of every moment.

Fifth, the stone of courage comes from the other four stones, in the victim soul’s obedience o the Will of God regardless of consequences.

149  “I’m forming you as My warriors of love,”
May 28, 2016 Kathy Andre-Eames

Become the Sword of the Spirit to conquer the dragon. The armor you put on is to protect you from being overcome and conquered by the enemy, but your sword is what has the power to pierce the enemy and conquer it. To put on the armor of light, to put on your Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 13:12,14) is to become the Sword of the Spirit. I have been leading you through the passage of union with your Crucified, union with the Word of the Cross. It is in this union in which you enter your Crucified, beginning at the foot of the Cross with Mary, that your lives become the Sword of the Spirit. These are the warriors that will fight the decisive battle and have the power of God to conquer the dragon. I desire each of you to become ONE with the Sword of the Spirit through My Cross. (11/2/11)
The first line again tells us that we do not hold the Sword/power , but that we are the Sword/power in the hand of Christ—“Become the Sword of the Spirit.” It is only if we “put on your Lord Jesus Christ,” enter the passage of Union with Christ Crucified, that we can actually be the Sword of power to defeat the enemy. Victory does not depend on our having any power—we are the anawim, the poor little ones, utterly weak and without power on our own. But when we enter the Crucified, one in Union with Him and the Trinity, our “lives become the Sword of the Spirit.” Jesus wants every one of us to become His warrior of love, to become His Sword of the Spirit through becoming ONE with the Cross.

 150 “The Time is at Hand”
Meditation of May 30, 2016.
The time is at hand when all will be called to suffer persecution for My sake. This time of persecution will divide My followers into two camps: those with Me and those against Me. Few will remain with Me in the time of the great tribulation. You, My little ones, are being prepared for this time. Your lives lived in humility and purity of heart, united to Me, will be the light in this darkness. Your lives hidden and transformed in My crucified love, will usher in the New Pentecost for the world.
My hidden force of spiritual mothers, as one with My Mother of Sorrows, will raise up God's army of holy priests for the decisive battle to be waged against the principalities of darkness…
My hidden martyrs of love are the power of God to wage this war against the principalities of death. Do not be afraid to speak from the housetops what I speak to you in the hiddenness of your heart. I am making all things new through My hidden victims of purified love… Trust and suffer all with patient endurance. (2-25-2014)
Several major ideas are again repeated:
The time is short—is, in fact, here
It will be a time of persecution and decision
Few are the remnant, those who will stand with Christ and persevere
We are being prepared for this time
The remnant, little and powerless, but humble and pure, will be Power and Light if we remain United to Love Crucified—Christ
Our hidden lives, transformed in the Crucified, will usher in the New Pentecost

Most prominent is the concept of being hidden: hidden force, hidden lives, hidden martyrs, hiddenness of our hearts, hidden victims.

We are first of all hidden with Mary in her hidden sorrows: from the humble Mother & mothers emerge the powerful sons: Jesus & His priests for the decisive battle.

From the hidden martyrs bursts the power of God to wage this war.

From the hiddenness of our hearts, the message of Life and Hope will “ speak from the housetops.”

From hidden victims of love, Love Crucified Himself will make all things new.

The key is to persevere in being who we are, “Trust and suffer all with patient endurance.”