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3/26/13 Holy Week
   My little one, the time has come. The principalities of darkness will consume the face of the earth. Jerusalem will weep, for she failed to recognize the time of her visitation. All will suffer; many will be lost. It is time for you to get up and walk with Me, for I have prepared you to enter this battle. You will hold tight the sword I have placed in your hands. This is the sword that Satan fears; My sword of righteousness.

(I asked the Lord how I am going to fight in this battle... I do not understand what these words mean...)

In the same way I conquered this battle, through the power of the Cross. My Cross is the sword of righteousness and everyone that enters in it (conquers) with the power of God.

   Prepare to enter into the decisive battle I have been preparing you for for so many years. You are dressed fully in the “armor of God'. You will lead My army of victim souls to wage the war against the principalities of darkness. Be still; be silent; be ready for the battle cry; be recollected, for the hour is coming when the prince of darkness will cover the earth, and then My army of victim souls will be sent out, with Me upon the white horse of righteousness, to conquer the forces of evil. Be prepared!!!

Last night at cenacle as we prayed “The Spiritual Battle Rosary” I saw myself dressed in God's armor as His warrior. Jesus placed upon me the last piece of armor, the helmet. I stood fully dressed holding the sword before me with both hands. Then this morning in prayer I have the same vision of myself in this armor and Jesus places in my heart the above words.
* Rev 19 (white horse)

   Prepare the way. Prepare for what? Prepare to encounter Justice (God). Love (God) is Justice. You have been encountering Mercy but each soul must prepare to encounter Justice. On that day, will you remain standing or will you be swept away in His justice? My little one, very few are prepared to encounter Justice. The gaze of Justice will condemn you or embrace you in an instant. Few are prepared to encounter Justice, the gaze of Truth. My community of LC is called to help many prepare the way through the Simple Path to Union I have entrusted to you. My hidden martyrs of love are a gift of Divine Mercy to help many be prepared to encounter the gaze of Justice. I desire that you work more diligently to finish the Path, My little one, for the time is short. My hidden victims of love are preparing the way through the power of their blood united to My precious Blood being poured upon many by the mercy of Abba. You, My family, are helping God prepare our people for the encounter with Justice. It will visit you like a thief in the night and few are prepared. Bring Me victim souls for the time of justice is upon you, soon to be knocking at your door. Be attentive to the words I speak to your heart; be obedient. Share them immediately with Father. Respond, My little one, with all the passion of your life. Be pure and holy as I am Holy. Live who you are as MY martyrs of Divine Love preparing the multitudes for the great and terrible day. Prepare the way as the new men and women clothed in the white gown made clean in the Blood of the Lamb. You are My white army being sent out into the world to prepare the way for the encounter with Justice (God).


   The time is at hand when all will be called to suffer persecution for My sake. This time of persecution will divide My followers into two camps: those with Me and those against Me. Few will remain with Me in the time of the great tribulation. You, My little ones, are being prepared for this time. Your lives lived in humility and purity of heart united to Me will be the light in this darkness. Your lives hidden and transformed in My crucified love will usher in the New Pentecost for the world. My hidden force of spiritual mothers as one with My Mother of Sorrows will raise up God's army of holy priests for the decisive battle to be waged against the principalities of darkness. Your mission is to raise up and form many victim souls for these decisive times, for the battle will be won through the power of the Cross. My hidden martyrs of love is the power of God to wage this war against the principalities of death. Do not be afraid to speak from the house tops what I speak to you in the hiddenness of your heart. I am making all things new through My hidden victims of purified love. Be steadfast as the one chosen by God to hold the sword of His mission. Trust and suffer all with patient endurance.

   I'm preparing My refuge as God's holy dwelling place. My holy mountain is being touched by the grace of Abba, Father. Trust in Me & the work of My Spirit. You are being prepared & anointed for the time of the great persecution. My refuge is God's holy ground for many will come to be healed and restored through the power of God's mercy and grace, and through the faith of my little ones who have believed in the power of My sacrifice of love. Do not be afraid to respond… Go forth Fr. J. and prepare my people for the time of their visitation is at hand.

I felt the Lord came from the Eucharist and stood before me. I felt the presence of St. Joseph to the right and Mary on the left. I felt the presence then of P. Pio and many saints… Jesus said heaven and earth where touching. I was experiencing the communion of saints.

Mary then speaks in my heart!
as I was praying the rosary:
   The time I have been preparing the Church for is upon you now. I am with those that have entered My Immaculate Heart. During this time of great tribulation, I will be your refuge. The Refuge (GA) has been set apart for this time by God. My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of my Son beat as one in this holy mountain. Believe we (Jesus & Mary) have been forming and preparing you through this Path to Union so that we would be one in the safety of God's Triune Love during this difficult time... Call my family (LC) to greater prayer and silence, diligent in living the Path of New Life we have set before you. You must be the Light and power of God during the great devastation. Pray! Pray! Pray! for God's army of holy priests to come forth to usher in the reign of My Immaculate Heart. It is these priests who will help guide God's sheep into the safety of my Son's Cross to receive the fire of His love, the Holy Spirit. Believe and prepare, for the world is being made new.



*MAY 2016


   We are making all things new through My Blood and the blood of My victim souls. My little one, believe that the union of love in suffering with God produces one hundredfold. Trust in your beloved Spouse who is making you a new creation in God and for God. This Path (book) is My Light in the darkness, hope in despair… It is My formation manual for My saints of these times. You (LC) have been entrusted this treasure from God.
(I see the Path inside the heart of each LC member where it is protected, loved, appreciated and blessed. We must be the hidden force for every soul that receives the Path to read.)

*JUNE 2016


   The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. My Little one, the time of the great upheaval will soon be knocking at your doors. Most are unprepared for this visitation. My prophets of light must warn and prepare My people for the justice of God is upon you.
(I stopped writing because of doubt and asked Jesus to give me a confirmation of these words from the Bible. I opened the Bible randomly to Mt 3:1-12, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. Mt 3:2)

   My little one, the time is here. God has come to visit His people as Justice. I am preparing all those willing to listen to My voice, but the obstinate will perish. You must be willing to suffer all that I permit in your lives as one with Me and in this way My hidden martyrs of love will obtain the salvation of many. Believe in the power of your ordinary sorrows lived through Me, with Me, and in Me. This is the triumph of My Eucharistic life. See yourselves as My living monstrance’s being held up by God to penetrate the darkness of Satan.


   The time has arrived in which My pure victims of love will be lifted up high. Satan will be forced to flee from the Light of God illuminating from these souls. They will be God’s lighthouses during the storm.

   Your sorrows and agony of heart are one with My sorrows and agony of heart. Your tears are My tears for our people who have gone astray. I wait interceding before the throne of the Father and calling forth My victims of love throughout the world, but My time of waiting and mercy has reached its end. Now must come the purification by fire, but the multitudes are unprepared. Believe, that your simple hidden life of suffering with Me is saving a multitude of souls. My daughter, remain in the silence of your heart and in prayer gazing at Me. Receive My pain and the thirst of My Divine Love for souls. Allow My gaze to immerse you in My pain and agony of love for souls (participating with your beloved Spouse so that he is not alone). The hour has come, remain with Me. I bless you, My little one, with My gaze of Divine Love.


   The Lord of heaven and earth cries tears for Daughter Zion. She, more precious than gold, has defiled herself, making herself unfit for the King of Kings. Therefore, God in His infinite mercy is coming as Justice to purify all that has been defiled. Prepare My people for this purification by fire. (My Lord, how do we do this?) By living and becoming My Path – then you become My heralds of hope, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The Path is My formation for the saints of these decisive times preparing the path for My Second Coming. Do not be afraid to proclaim from the housetops the words I speak in the recesses of your heart, for those who have pure hearts will hear My voice and follow Me, but the obstinate will perish. (My Lord you told me that we could bring back to life the dead. Please, you are God, pierce also the hearts of the obstinate.) It is your willingness to persevere in suffering with Me that has the power to pierce these souls. Remain steadfast in all that I have taught you.

*JULY 2016

   My little one, the first purification by fire is at hand. The multitudes are not prepared, for they have turned away from Me to pursue the passions of the flesh. It is time for My little mustard seed to enter Gethsemane with Me, to suffer with Me My agony for souls. I wish you to warn My mustard seed about what is about to happen. Pray, pray, pray united to Me and Mary. Be at peace for the Kingdom of Heaven is already yours. The first purification by fire will leave many desolate, for My bride must lose all that she has defiled herself with. Satan will use this time to snatch the obstinate into his camp, but My victims of love will defeat his plan through the power of God’s love that is with them. Be ready in the bosom of God, in perfect peace and hope, for the first purification I am warning you about. Remain recollected and in prayer.

   My Heart pulsates with the agony of God, for My people have abandoned Me. The sorrow of God is also His infinite love for each and every soul. Every soul was created by God and for God for all eternity, but the vast majority of souls are being lost for all eternity. My Sacred Heart is in anguish with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We seek victim souls to love in suffering with us to obtain the grace of salvation for many, but few respond. My little mustard seed, will you suffer more with Me for the salvation of souls? Will you give your fiat, like Mary, and persevere in suffering all that I permit in your lives as one with Love for the salvation of many souls? To possess My Heart is to possess My desire for the salvation of souls. Love moved Me to lay down My life as a ransom for many. My Bride, the Body of Christ, is created to love with Me as you lay down your lives solely to save souls. This is the power of God in the world. Do not grow weary of suffering with Me to save a multitude of souls from the fires of Gehenna. Your vocation to love is to embrace all sufferings and sorrows as one in My sacrifice of love. Live with greater zeal who you are in Me.


During prayer our Lord asked me to read Mathew 14:26:

But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear.

Then Jesus spoke these words:
I am coming in an unexpected way, in an unexpected time. It will be during the time of great suffering. My people will be in panic, terrified. I will come, sent by God, to make myself known to every soul. Many will panic and remain in disbelief, but others, through the mercy of God and the prayers of My hidden victims of love, will believe and repent. Do not be afraid during the time of terror, for the mercy of God will penetrate the world with His Light. In His Light, all will be revealed; all that is hidden will come to the light; all deception will be exposed; even the demons will be exposed – All will be seen in the Light of God. I need My little victim souls to continue to prepare hearts for this end time of God’s mercy. Persevere in all that I have taught you. Do not be afraid to suffer ALL with Me to prepare the multitudes for this outpouring of God’s grace.

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