Poems that reveal our spirituality
-by a Mother of the Cross

a Mother of the Cross

What is this love that bubbles up
in the soul, A love so mysterious,
yet so deeply felt?

What is this love that fills the heart and overflows,
A love that expands the heart stretching it to limits unknown?

This is a Love that transforms our love!

It makes dim love into bright light.
It turns a tepid love into burning fire.

It converts weak love into passionate torrents.

This is a love that transforms the soul!
From red to Ruby and green to Emerald.
From blue to Sapphire and clear to Diamonds.
From yellow to Gold and white to pearl.

What is this love that transforms and absorbs,

Causing the soul to be in love with Love,
A love that fuses the soul to be one with Love,
Transforming the soul into Love?

Love Crucified

Teach Me o Lord of your Agony

Teach me o Lord of your agony

Instruct me in the ways of your pain
That I may come to know and live
All that your Sacred Heart contains
That I may catch your tears and blood
Oh precious love combined
Drench me o Jesus with your Love
In your fire keep me confined

Love Crucified

A Mother of the Cross

My apron, I put on at dawn
I am ready for the battle
There is much work to do
And struggles too
Jesus, does it really matter?

Yes, my daughter, says the Lord
Believe and you shall see
A victim soul is what you are
Bring more little souls to me

But Jesus, no one sees
The sacrifices made
And the very hands of those I serve
Make my progress quickly fade

I have no proof of what I do
Day, by day, by day
Can this life of hiddeness
Truly be the way?

Yes my daughter, says the Lord
Surrender yourself to me
Be my slave of love
Your love crucified, united to Me

For in your hands I have placed
A basket full of gold
Each and every sacrifice
Is worth a thousand fold

You are the lambs that bring
The sheperds back into the race
You gain for them what they cannot
My fire and my grace

Sweet Jesus, then, to You
I lovingly give my all
For priests and for your Church
To make it big and strong

I give to You myself
Take all that I do
Imperfect and insignificant
I believe, Jesus! I believe!
You will make it something magnificent!

Love Crucified

My desire is to live in you
Jesus to a Mother of the Cross

My desire is to live in you
and with you
to look upon this world
through your eyes.

I send you out to bring the Good News,
that I have risen in your heart.

 With compassion,
With understanding,
with knowledge of your own helplessness,

I can now send you out
As My victim soul

 Go forth to proclaim
that I live in you,
and wish to share My Life with you,
that you might comfort Me
in this your present now of time.

I saw it all in that Garden
On that Night;
and I saw you at My side,
My victim soul of Love.

I see you now,
Going among my people
to comfort them,
as once you comforted Me

In the sorrow of your heart
you show that all suffering
has a meaning: it is a proof of Love.

Some of you will I send out,
while others are called upon
to be my hidden victim souls,
hidden in the ordinarities of life;

among dishes, pots and pans,
with laundry to do,
and household tasks to perform;
with crying children at your side;
in sleepless nights
with aches and pains.

All this I share with you
and you share with Me
to comfort Me
and be My hidden victim souls of Love.

It is not in vain
that I share with you My pain.

I will give you my strength
to be My hidden victim souls of Love.
In this holocaust of self
you give Me Praise,
in My Holy Spirit
to My Father above. 


Love Crucified