Cenacle Teachings


Live Who You Are 11.29.12 Lourdes Pinto
You Have the Power to Heal my Wounds 12.13.12 Lourdes Pinto
Relationships Reedemed by Christ 12.27.12 Fr. Jordi
Light of God is Love. Becoming Pure Vessels of Gods' Love 1.3.13  Lourdes Pinto


Purity, Gift of Love 1.17.13 Fr. Jordi
My Living Hosts 5.30.13  Lourdes Pinto
Becoming Living Hosts in the Suffering of Solitude 6.6.13  Lourdes Pinto
Suffer With Christ to Love Like Christ 6.20.13  Lourdes Pinto
Continue to Suffer With Him 6.27.13  Lourdes Pinto
Suffering With Christ, From the Heart of a Mother of the Cross 7.18.13  Lourdes Pinto and Fr. Jordi
Intimacy, We are called to have With Abba (Deut 10:12-22)  8.15.13  Lourdes Pinto
Persevere 9.5.13  Lourdes Pinto
Humility 9.5.13  Lourdes Pinto
Rosary, Spiritual Battle 9.26.13 Fr. Jason Brooke
Identity of the Missionaries of the Cross  10.10.13  Lourdes Pinto
Obedience From the Heart  Rm(6:17) 10.24.13  Lourdes Pinto
Mission and Charism of Love Crucified Community 11.14.13 Lourdes Pinto and Fr. Jordi


Examination of Self for Love Cruciified  1.9.14  Lourdes Pinto and Fr. Jordi
Five Stones for the Battle 1.23.14  Fr. Jordi 
Praise/Face Wounds and Sin 1.30.14  Fr. Jordi and Lourdes Pinto
Closing in the Distance With the Lord 2.7.14  Lourdes Pinto
Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes 2.20.14  Fr. Jordi
Prophecy 2.27.14  
Fr. Jordi
Persecution 5.8.14  Lourdes Pinto
Prepare, The Path is God’s Means to Prepare Us  8.14.14  Lourdes Pinto
Living Hosts, Becoming in Our Relationships 9.4.14 Lourdes Pinto
Discernment of Spirits 9.11.14  Lourdes Pinto
Faith 10.23.14  Lourdes Pinto
Pillars, Called to Be 10.23.14  Maria Hickens
Murmuring 11.20.14 Lourdes Pinto
Joy 12.18.14  Lourdes Pinto


Love Casts Out Fear 1.8.15  Lourdes Pinto
Deep in the Sacred Heart 2.5.15  Lourdes Pinto
Wedding Feast of Cana 2.12.15  Lourdes Pinto
New Adams and New Eves 2.26.15  Fr. Jordi
Comminionn and Community 4.9.15  Fr. Jordi
Nails, Living out the Three Nails 4.24.15  Lourdes Pinto
Victim Soul Vocation 5.14.15  Lourdes Pinto
Suffering With in the Present Moment 5.21.15   Mons. Ron Sciera
Fasting, the Importance of 8.27.15  Fr. Jordi
Silence 9.3.15  Lourdes Pinto
Gaze of Jesus, Mark 10, part 1  10.15.15  Lourdes Pinto
Gaze of Jesus, Mark 10, part 2  10.22.15  Lourdes Pinto
Fake Saints 12.3.15  Lourdes Pinto
Jubilee of Mercy 12.10.15  Fr. Jordi


Our Covenant 1.14.16  Lourdes Pinto
Jealousy 1.21.16  Lourdes Pinto
Light in the Darkness 4.21.16 Lourdes Pinto &  Fr. Jordi
Mercy in Today’s World 4.28.16  Fr. Jordi
Joy Amidst Difficulties 5.5.16  Lourdes Pinto
Faith, Becoming the Sword of the Spirit 5.19.16 Lourdes Pinto
Love, Let it be Intense Part I 6.23.16  Lourdes Pinto
Love, Let it be Intense Part II 6.30.16  Lourdes Pinto
Mercy, Seeking to Understand the Meaning of it 7.7.16  Fr. Jordi
Mercy, Seeking to Understand the Meaning of it Part II 7.21.16  Fr. Jordi
Violence of Sorrows 7.28.16  Lourdes Pinto
Violence of Sorrows Part II 8.4.16  Lourdes Pinto
Being a Living Monstrance 9.8.16  Aimme DeGrange
Missionaries & Mothers of the Cross, history & identity 9.15.16  Lourdes Pinto 


Pure Suffering I Red and White Rose 1.12.17  Lourdes Pinto
-4 steps to fruitful suffering: 1.Thank God  2.Accept  3.Suffer with Christ  4.Intercede
Trust, Total Trust in Christ 1.27.17  Mons. Ron Sciera
Salted With Fire, Mark 9  Lourdes Pinto, Mons. Ron Sciera
Gratitude  3.23.17  Lourdes Pinto
Living Chalices 4.20.17  Lourdes Pinto
Fatima, Living the Message 5.11.17  Daniel Blanchette
The Eucharist Part I 6.22.17  Lourdes Pinto
The Eucharist Part II, Living Host Testimony 6.29.17  Lourdes Pinto & Aimee DeGrange
Eucharistic Life, Participation in Jesus 7.13.17  Lourdes Pinto
Eucharist Part IV, Participation in the Groans of the Sacred Heart 7.27.17  Lourdes Pinto

Meetings of Mothers of the Cross

Identity of Mothers of the Cross 10.05.13  Lourdes Pinto
“Peter Followed Him at a Distance” Mt 28:58 2.1.14  Lourdes Pinto
Spiritual Motherhood  10.4.14  Maria Hickens
Mother of the Cross, Identity II  12.06.14  Lourdes Pinto
Remain 2.7.15  Lourdes Pinto
Brides of Love Crucified  10.10.15  Lourdes Pinto
False Humility 1.9.16  Lourdes PInto (Bilingual, Spanish/English)
Jesus’ Wounds of Mercy 5.7.16  Anne Marie Hernando
La Soledad (Solitude)  1.7.17  Maria Hickein

Meetings of Missionaries of the Cross

Praise 1.27.15  Raul Escarpio
Apostles, Desire to be 2.17.15  Raul Escarpio
Apostles, Desire to be Part II 4.21.15  Raul Escarpio 
Missionaries of the Cross as the Bridegroom 10.13.15 Fr. Jordi & Raul Escarpio
Identity of the Missionaries of the Cross 1.05.17  Lourdes Pinto

The Path to Union

Retreat Nov. 2012(talk 1 not available)
 2-Mary: In Mother we Find our Identity
 -Fr. Jordi
 3-At the Foot of the Cross
 -Fr. Jordi
-Suffer_with  Fr. Jordi 
 5-Interior Martyrdom -Lourdes Pinto to Regnum Christi.

 Hidden Force -Lourdes Pinto, Cenacle, Nov 2012

 Awaken!_Fight_Dragon_with_Mary_in Her_Suffering_and Solitude -Fr. Rivero and Mrs. Lourdes Pinto.

Eucharist: What_Jesus_wants_do in us  Lourdes Pinto, 7/12

New_Evangelization_p1  -Lourdes Pinto. 7/12

sword_sufferer_p1 -Lourdes Pinto. 11/11

Armor of_light_drawn to_Christ -11/11 Lourdes Pinto
Hidden Martyrdom or the Heart -MOC cenacle, 3/12

Retreat to Regnum Christi Women 1.25.14

Interior Martyrdom RC To Regnum Christi 1.25.14 Lourdes Pinto 
Living the Martyrdom of the Heart Through the Ordinary and Hidden Life  1.25.14.  Lourdes Pinto
Eucharist, Hidden Force 1.25.14  Lourdes Pinto
Spiritual Motherhood  Lourdes Pinto

Retreat- Lenten Mission in South Carolina 3.14  Fr. Jordi

Consecration Retreat 
Encounter Jesus Part 1  
Encounter Jesus Part 2
Suffer With

Spiritual Motherhood                                                                                                                                                                          

Spiritual Motherhood -Fr. Jason 2012
Spiritual Motherhood
 -  Maryland, May 2011
Spiritual Mothers for priests -at Mother of God comm., 11/7/10
Spiritual Motherhood, Lourdes Pinto at Pius X Church, 2011


Priests and Victims, Fr. Rivero at Ave Maria, 2011
To Priests, Mrs. Lourdes Pinto at Ave Maria, 2011
To Priests, Fr. Rivero at Tulsa, 2010
To Priests -Mrs. Pinto at Tulsa OK 2010
Fr_Ron Sciera to priests at Thornwood
Emmaus and the Cross
, Fr. Jordi Rivero at Pius X Church, MD. 2011
Suffering and grace, Bishop Slattery homily on 5th anniv. of Ben. XVI election
Intercessory Prayer for Priests, Fr. Jordi (Evening of Reflection at St. Andre Apostle Catholic Church, MD.
January 10th , 2014).                                      

Conchita diary (only pg 153)
Fr. Jordi Rivero                                                                                                                                   Beautiful images 

Community Encounters

2011 LC Encounter                                                                                                                                                              

1 God's_love
2 priesthood_baptized

2012 LC Encounter

Mary, Gate to Enter the Cross L. Pinto
Suffer with Him L. Pinto
Hidden Ordinary Life (Interior Crucifixion and Mary's Solitude) -L.Pinto
Entering the Heart of Jesus L. Pinto

Rome Retreat 2013

Emaus Fr. Jordi 4.24.13 (Spanish)
La Vida en el Espiritu Santo  I  Fr. Jordi (Spanish)
La Vida en el Espiritu Santo II  Fr. Jordi (Spanish)
Suffer With - to Consecrated Women  Lourdes Pinto (English)
At the Foot of the Cross - to Consecrated Women  Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi  (English & Spanish)
His Army of Priests - to Legionary Priests Lourdes Pinto (English)
Interior Martyrdom - to Legionary Priests Lourdes Pinto (English)

2014 LC Encounter

Gethsemane-  Sharing #1  Lourdes Pinto
Prophecy- Sharing #2  Lourdes Pinto
Present Moment- Living in -Sharing #3 Mons. Ron Sciera
Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Sharing #4  Fr. Jordi 

2015 LC Encounter

Sacred Heart, Going into #1  Lourdes Pinto
New and Divine Holiness #2  Lourdes Pinto
Jesus the Bridegroom and Baptism in the Holy Spirit #5  Fr. Jordi
Sacred Heart, First Nail #3  Lourdes Pinto

2016 LC Encounter

How to Enter God’s Mercy # 1 Fr. Jordi and Lourdes Pinto, Maria Hickeins
Repentance Divine Mercy Seeks Priests #2 Fr. Jordi, Lourdes Pinto, Maria Hickeins
Jesus’ Wounds Radiate His Mercy #3 Lourdes Pinto, Fr. Jordi, Fr. Ron, Maria Hickeins
Tears #4 Lourdes Pinto, Maria Hickeins, Daniel Blanchette
Hidden Force - The Eucharist #5  Lourdes PInto, Fr. Jordi, Fr. Ron, Maria Hickeins, Daniel Blanchette 
Love Crucified’s Mission as a Gift of Devine Mercy #6 Lourdes Pinto, Fr. Jordi,  Fr. Ron, Maria Hickeins,  Daniel Blanchette

2017 LC Encounter

Homily of First Mass  Fr. Jordi
Introduction Lourdes Pinto
Abandonment is Purity of Heart  Mons. Ron Scierra
The Cross, New Life & Mission  Lourders Pinto
Hardness of Heart  Kathy Andre
Homily of Second Mass  Fr. Jordi
Resentment & Anger  Lourdes Pinto
Father’s Embrace  Lourdes Pinto
Homily of Third Mass  Mons. Ron Scierra
Prayer Before Baptism in the Holy Spirit  Mons. Ron Scierra
Abba  Lourdes Pinto

Other Talks & Conferences

Awaken to Love. Washington 5.2.14  Fr. Jordi 

2016 Pilgrimage to Mexico-Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Homily on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception  Fr. Jordi
Identity - Know Who You Are and it’s Importance  Lourdes Pinto
Homily - Surrender to the Holy Spirit  Fr. Ron 
Consecrated to live the Cross  Lourdes Pinto
Homily - John the Baptist  Fr. Jordi


Nra. Señora del Rosario  homilia P. Jordi Riverohttp://www.google.com/

Reflexiones de Viernes Santo  P. Jordi Rivero 3.29.13

Homilia, Fiesta de la Virgen de Lourdes  P. Jordi Rivero, 2.11.14 Peru 

Maria, Nra. Señora de Lourdes  P. Jordi, 2.11.14 Peru

Maria, su Pequeña Manera  P. Jordi 5.24.14 

Sufrir con Jesus P. Jordi 5.25.14

Lavatorio de Pies P. Jordi 4.17.14

Jesus el Novio
  P. Jordi 

Castidad 2.10.17  Fr. Jordi

Retiro de Amor Crucificado, Colombia 2015

Sufrir con Jesus 

Sanacion 1

Sanacion 2


Humildad 1

Humildad 2

Eucaristia y Tentacion

Jesus El Novio

Retiro P. Jordi NY

Jesus, Pocos Amigos en la Cruz 
Poder de la Cruz, Vida Nueva 
Martirio Interior
Vamos a la Cruz
Sufrimos con Cristo

Retiro de La Comunidad Amor Crucificado en el Ministerio de la          Divina Misericordia, Miami Junio 2016

1. Preparense

2. Dia de Musica, Toda a Maria

2a. Arrepentimiento a los Pies de la Cruz

3. Llagas de Jesus Irradian Misericordia

4.Sufre Conmigo

5. Eucaristia

6. Testimonio de Hecor e Yvette

7. Martirio Interior del Corazon

8. Ezperanza en la Confianza

Traduccion de Cenaculos en Ingles - Maria Hickein

Dejen que su Amor por Cada Uno sea Intenso  6.30.16 Lourdes Pinto
Dolores Violentos Primera Parte 7.28.16  Lourdes Pinto
Dolores Violentos Segunda Parte 8.4.16  Lourdes Pinto
Identidad de los Misioneros de la Cruz (Cenáculo de los Misionesro) 1.5.17  Lourdes Pinto
La Soledad 1.17.17  Maria Hickeins
Puro Sufrimiento I. Rosas Rojas y Blancas 1.12.17  Lourdes Pinto
Gratitud 3.23.17  Lourdes Pinto
Calices Vivos 4.20.17  Lourdes Pinto
Fatima, Viviendo el Mensaje 5.11.17  Daniel Blanchette
La Eucaristia, Parte I 6.22.17  Lourdes Pinto
La Eucaristia, Parte II & Testimonio, Ser Hostia Viva 6.29.17  Lourdes Pinto & Aimee DeGrange
Participacion en la Vida Eucaristica de Jesus 7.13.17  Lourdes Pinto

Peregrinacion a Mexico Diciembre 2016

Identidad - La Importancia de Saber Quien tu Eres  Lourdes Pinto

Retiro Anual de Amor Crucificado en Georgia 2017

La Cruz, Nueva Vida y Mision  Lourdes Pinto & Padre Jordi
Dureza de Corazones  Kathy Andre
Resentimiento & Rabia  Lourdes Pinto
Abba  Lourdes Pinto
Ser Uno con El Padre  Lourdes Pinto