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Love Crucified Community
Music and lyrics by Maria V. Hickein
These songs express our charism.
(Broken Christ)

LA SOLEDAD (solitude)
Love Crucified Community
Music and lyrics by Maria V. Hickein
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La Soledad Solitude

You Tube Heaven´s Embrace Julie True
You Tube Love Crucified Arose Michael Car
Love Crucified Arose Female voice
Love Crucified arose, Lyrics

Hymns, over 9000!

Hymns, over 150 -Wesley M. Church. Over 100.

You Tube Beautiful Sacred images set to music
Ave María, Latin
The Wounds of Jesus
All to Jesus I Surrender
Lift High the Cross and other beautiful hymns

Evening prayers, sisters of St. John Community, Bagnoregno, Italy

You Tube
Gloria Martin Valverde

Articles on Music
Music to Die For
By Benjamin Wiker

What we really need, in Mass, is music to die for—that is, music that is appropriate to the full depth of our experience of human suffering and sin, the reality of death, and the promise of a glorious  existence, as all bound up in Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

What we tend to get is music appropriate to cheerfulness rather than joy, balm for scratches rather than deep wounds, songs of contentment rather than of peace which passes all understanding, music aimed more at giving us a bit of a lift on Sunday morning, rather than drawing us into the perilous drama of salvation so we can make it through the week and the rest of life.

Anti-music (Corybanticism) Fr. Rutler.

Media reviews
:  By Focus on the Family

TV: Not for toddlers
TV: While TV can be used for the good, programming is infected with evil.
-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton predicted in the middle 1800s that "every American would have a "black box" in their home through which the devil would enter."
-Mother Teresa of Calcutta said referring to the TV, "we have a tabernacle to Jesus in the Church and we have a tabernacle to Satan in the home."
Harry Potter -an intro. to the occult

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Goya videos -download documentaries.

You Tube star Full of Grace -Mary's last days. Very profound conversatiosn with apostles.
You TubeThe Shoe A lost shoe is ocassion for love to shine.

You Tube Ocean of Mercy
You Tube St Maximilian Kolbe at concentration camp  From here, many other saint movies.
You Tube The Battle of Vienna Sept. 11, 1683 
Muslems were poised to conquer Europe but battle was won after turning to God.  
You Tube St Therese

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