Prayer is "a relationship of friendship with He who we know loves us"
(St. Teresa of Avila, Life, 8, 5 ).

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Annunciation Prayer -To be formed in the womb of Mary
At Mass, during Consecration of the Precious Blood -Ven. Conchita

L.C. Chaplet of Precious Blood and Consecration
Chaplet of Mercy St. Faustina.

Consecration to Mary -Love Crucified
Fatima reparation -angel
Fiat to Mary for the Mothers of the Cross -Ven. Conchita
Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit novena
Your life is a prayer

Dear Jesus, my Love Crucified, You know my heart and the intimate depth of my soul. As a child I have felt a special longing to give myself to you in a special way. My heart throbs as I gazed upon your torn Body on the Cross, and once I asked at the peak of my compassion for Your immense expression of merciful love, to allow me to share a bit of your sufferings. You listened and allowed me to suffer not only physical pains but sporadic bouts of agony in my soul struggling through dark nights of spiritual torment, terrible feelings of abandonment, deprivation of intimacy in prayer, a huge void and emptiness that's drowning, a huge temptation to despair and doubts that wants to end it all. You took away my love ones yet inspite of all these, You bless me with inner peace and unexplained joy. In prayer, I sensed Your gentle Voice in my heart,

O, Holy Spirit, through Jesus, Love Crucified, I consecrate to You, my entire being as victim soul without any reservation. At the foot of the Cross, I look up to You and I am MOVED by Your Love. I see your tenderness amidst the anguish of your torn body, horribly disfigured by the afflictions caused by our sins.  O Jesus, Love Crucified, VICTIM OF LOVE, I unite myself with you also as a willing victim. One with your sorrowful Blessed Mother. Accept the offering of myself as a LIVING HOST & CHALICE of Your most Precious Blood for the sanctification of priests and of the whole world.  Holy Spirit, BURNING FIRE of the Heart of my Lord, consume me and accept me as a humble offering to the Father for the salvation of mankind.  O JESUS, LOVE CRUCIFIED, HAVE MERCY ON US AND ON THE WHOLE WORLD! A M E N.

Prayer from a Mother of the Cross

My Lord and my God, give me a loving and humble heart, a courageous heart full of zeal and boldness, a tender heart, a meek, humble and docile heart that will be willing to take, one by one, the thorns that pierce Your most tender Heart, and pierce with them my heart with no other desire but to be Your consolation in every moment of my life. I wound my heart for love of You, my Lord, and moved with profound compassion, together with Mary, our Venerable Conchita, and all the Holy Women that have walked in the path of Spiritual Motherhood from the beginning of times, I offer myself completely as a victim united with the Victim, for the sanctification of every priest, and the salvation of every man in every walk of life!

Jesus, my Savior and my God! Save them! Save them!

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