MaryConsecration to Mary
-Love Crucified Community

The Lord tells us:
Consecrate yourselves in Spirit and Truth. The Spirit sets ablaze with His fire your oblation. I am the Truth. When you consecrate yourself in Me you are set free through the power of My Blood. Fire and Blood is what is needed for every consecration to bring forth life. Renew your consecrations today as My victims of pure love in Spirit and in Truth.


I renew my consecration today through God's pure victim of love, Mary Most Holy. Through her perfect oblation as one in My perfect sacrifice of love, I present my life to you, Abba, our Father. Receive my life as Christ's pure sacrifice of love for the purification of God's Bride, the Church.

My Mother receive my "fiat," impure and faltering, and make it perfect in you.
I consecrate all that I am and all that I have to you, my sweet Mother.

-I give you my hands that, through the pierced hands of your Son, they may become your instruments of love, reconciliation, peace and healing.
-I give you my feet that they remain barefoot, completely detached from everything that is not your most Holy Son; feet that continue to move forward with perfect trust into the deep.
-I give you my heart, harsh and wretched, so that you can replace it with yours. It is only through your Immaculate and suffering Heart that I can love my Beloved the way that He has loved me.
-I give you my mind, impure as it is, for you to renew through the precious crown of thorns. Provide for me the graces to wear your Son's crown as you did.
-I give you my eyes, that they may see only the goodness of God in everyone; eyes that find the presence of God in everything; eyes that are able to contemplate the beauty of your Son in the Eucharist.
-I give you my ears so that, through you, I can hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit and recognize the voice of God speaking to me.
-I give you my mouth that, through you, silence becomes my continuous cry of love to my Beloved, that every word that I speak brings glory and honor to God.

Grant me the grace to take full authority over my thoughts and words so that my life, in you, becomes a red rose with the fragrance of purity and humility to the Most Holy Trinity. Amen

My little one, believe that God our Father will receive the oblation of your lives today in Spirit and Truth as a living torrent of grace to bless the world. You must believe in the power of your hidden ordinary lives united as ONE to My sacrifice of love as God's hidden force that will renew the face of the earth.


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