St Therese's love for priests

St. Therese"Like Joshua you fight on the field, as for me, I am your little Moses, and without ceasing my heart is lifted up to obtain victory" -St Therese

"For Thérèse, to be a religious meant to be the bride of Jesus and mother of souls (cf. Ms B, 2v). On the same day, the saint wrote a prayer that indicates the direction of her life: She asked Jesus for the gift of his infinite love, to be the littlest one, and above all she asked for the salvation of all men." -Benedict XVI, Full text

"The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother" St. Therese could say this from experience for she truly is a spiritual mother to many!

St Therese desires a
brother priest:
  "It is not only when He is about to send me some trial that Our Lord gives me warning and awakens my desire for it. For years I had cherished a longing which seemed impossible of realization--to have a brother, a Priest. I often used to think that if my little brothers had not gone to Heaven, I should have had the happiness of seeing them at the Altar. I greatly regretted being deprived of this joy. Yet God went beyond my dream; I only asked for one brother who would remember me each day at the Holy Altar, and He has united me in the bonds of spiritual friendship with two of His apostles. I should like to tell you, dear Mother, how Our Divine Master fulfilled my desire." -Canticle of love

A Lament of Saint Therese
How many bad priests there are, how many priests who aren't holy enough! We pray, we suffer for them..., do you understand the cry of my heart? -Convent letter, cited by Cardinal Cordes, in Why Priests? pg 55.

Love Crucified