Books Recommended                                 Spanish
"And as for a book from which to learn how to grow in the love of God, there is no better book than Jesus Christ crucified." -St Maximilian Kolbe, Office of Reading, Aug 14
  • 1-Bible

  • 2-Cathechism of the Catholic Church

  • 3-The Simple Path to Union With God - The Spiritual Path of our community

  • A Mother's Spiritual Diary - Philipon's synthesis of Venerable Conchita's diary with the messages the Lord gave her. 

  • He Leadeth Me, Walter J. Ciszek. Wisdom learned bu a Jesuit in a Russian labor camp. Available at Amazon.

  • The New and Divine Holiness -Hugh Owen.  Available from: John Paul II Institute of Christian Spirituality. P.O. Box 7845  Jacksonville, FL 32238  Tel: 423 5665178 OR email Kathy Fahy at for instructions on how to order.

  • The Spirit and the Bride say: Come. Fr. Kosicki

  • Spiritual Warfare.  Fr. Kosicki

  • 33 Days to Morning Glory -Preparation to Marian Consecration. Fr Michael E. Gaitley, MIC; Marian Press. Used by members to consecrate themselves to Mary before doing their community covenant. 

  • Jesus the Bridegroom, the Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Brant Pitre

  • For someone inquiring about the faith: Why we are Catholic. -Horn, Trent  

Recommended Authors

  • Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) All his books.  Ignatius Press.

  • Cabrera de Armida, Ven. Conchita. Goes deep into the mystical relationship with Christ so that we can allow the Lord to draw us too. 
    Roses and Thorns
    -Under the Gaze of the Father -Her last retreat given by Archbishop Martinez, 1935.
    Books and other material on Conchita and Fr. Felix:
    Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart
    1320 Maze Blvd. Modesto, Ca, 95351  Tel: 209-526-3525
    See them online:

  • Kowalska, St. Faustina, Diary

  • Lesseur. The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur (The Woman Whose Goodness Changed Her Husband From Atheist To Priest)" published by Sophia Institute Press. >>

  • Lisieux, St Therese of. I believe in Love by Fr. Jean C. J. d'ElbĂ©e. Publisher: Sophia Institute Press.

  • Martin, Ralph Fulfillment of all Desire; Call to Holiness

  • Martinez, Ven. Bishop Luis of Mexico, last spiritual director of Conchita.  Wrote many books, such as Devotion to the Holy Spirit.

  • Montfort, St. L.  Friends of the Cross; True Devotion to Mary.

  • Nadine, Mother. Interceding with Jesus.

  • Nouwen, Henry 
    -In The Name of Jesus, Reflections on Christian Community
    -The Return of the Prodigal Son

  • On Spiritual Motherhood: Praying for Priests by Kathleen Beckman >>

  • Martin, Fr. Francis. The Life Changer

  • Chiara Corbella Petrillo, A witness to joy. A mother victim soul amazon

  • More great Catholic writers:
    Alan Schreck, Fr. B. Groeschel, Scott Hahn, Fulton Sheen, Jean Vanier, Jacques Philippe, Hans Urs Von Balthasar and Adrienne Von Speyr (To the Heart of the Mystery of Redemption), Romano Guardini, Peter Kreeft  ...

  • These are reliable Catholic books sources
    -Ignatius Press
    -Emmaus Road Publishing.