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Faith, do I believe?, Part III. Lourdes Pinto, 9/16/18.
Through the interior work of the heart in silence, our painful relationships enter into the embrace of God and become redemptive.
Crisis of faith and scandals. Fr. Jordi Rivero, 9/9/18
The root of the abuses is a crisis of faith
Christ's hands tied, Lourdes Pinto, Cenacle of Mothers of the Cross, 8/4/18
Christ comes to us as a spouse, bound and rejected. He says that He needs us to take His mercy to all.
Faith, do I believe? Part II, -Lourdes Pinto, 7/26/18. 
What to do when we enter a storm (trials, challenges...). This is the process to go from our suffering, to self knowledge, to repentance, to a more perfect faith.
Faith, do I believe? Part I, Lourdes Pinto, 7/19/18
God loves us and His mission so much that He desires to make our faith PERFECT. For our mission to be ESTABLISHED firm, each of us MUST BELIEVE what the Lord has said to us. Our FAITH must be witnessed in the way we live the storms, piercings and thorns in our flesh. If any of us continue to believe with our minds, but not in the way we act in our daily lives, then our mission and community will not be firm.
Mustard Seed, Lourdes Pinto, 6/21/18
Trust Inspired by the Annunciation, Fr. Jordi Rivero, 4/12/18
In World but not of the world, Lourdes Pinto, Fr. Jordi Rivero, 3/1/18
Solomon's unfaithfulness, Lourdes Pinto, cenacle 2/8/18.
Disordered desires and attachments. Hardenned vs pure heart. Fake saints.
Perseverance under trial, Fr. Jordi Rivero, 2/2/18
Formation for the mission, Lourdes Pinto, MC cenacle, 2/1/18 & MOC cenacle 2/3/18.
Lourdes: apostles sent by Jesus, Fr. Jordi: the need to stay with Jesus based on the Gospel of Mark
Knowing self and others in Christ & Demon's strategy. Lourdes Pinto 1/18/2018.
How to win the battle against demons by remaining steadfast trusting God by St. John of Avila Doctor of the Church.
Men Yoked to Christ audio & text  Lourdes Pinto, men's cenacle 1/11/2018.
Remain with Me, Learning from the Joyful Mysteries. audio & text -Lourdes Pinto, cenacle 12/21/2017
Remain faithful to Christ, to our community covenant, one in silence, prayer and praise, in every circumstance.
Tenderness in Mercy audio & text, Lourdes Pinto, cenacle 10/5/17
Christ receives our wounds and bears them upon His Body to heal us with his tenderness in mercy. Then asks us to do the same.
Mount Your Horses Through the Storm audio & text -Lourdes Pinto, cenacle 9/21/17
This is a follow up to Canaanite woman, 8/10/17. unto battle. How have we fared under trials?
Canaanite woman, faith text & audio -Lourdes Pinto, cenacle 8/10/17.
Called to combat - mount horses; contrast btwn. response of the Israelites (book of Numbers) and the canaanite woman. 
Steadfast in the Truth we have Received. Lourdes Pinto, letter 7/30/17.
We are His HERALDS OF HOPE, never of doom!!! Please remember to always see the darkness taking place in the world in light of who we are and our mission, and transmit this MESSGE OF HOPE to all!!
Eucharist 4 -Participation in the groans of Jesus  text & audio -L. Pinto, cenacle, 7/20/17.
Eucharist 3 - Participation in the Eucharistic Life of Jesus text & audio -L. Pinto, cenacle, 7/13/17.
Eucharist 2 - Living host, testimony  audio -L.Pinto and Aimee DeGrange, 6/29/17
Eucharist 1 - Living host  text & audio -Lourdes Pinto, 6/22/17
Holy Spirit; victim souls recieve the fullnes text only -Lourdes Pinto, cenacle, 6/15/17.
Chalices; living  audio -Lourdes Pinto 4/20/17.
Gratitude  audio -Lourdes Pinto 4/20/2017. 
Holy Week reflections  text only -Lourdes Pinto, 4/2017. 
Show the call of the community to union with Jesus. 
Salted with Fire, Mark 9  audio -Lourdes Pinto and Fr. Ron Sciera, 1/27/17. 
Suffering; Pure; Red & White Rose audio -Lourdes Pinto, 1/12/17.
4 steps to fruitful suffering: 1.Thank God, 2.Accept, 3.Suffer with Christ, 4.Intercede. 
Related: Pure suffering, text. testimony of Ana Segovia 1/17.
La Soledad (Solitude) audio -Maria Hickein, MOC cenacle, 1/7/17       
MEXICO PILGRIMAGE, Dec, 2106 (see also pilgrimage)
Cross; Consecrated to live the Cross, audio -Lourdes Pinto.  
Mary; Immaculate Conception audio -Fr.J Rivero, homily 12/8/2016. 
All are called to be immaculate: All in God so that He radiates in us without any resistance. Mary was Immaculate from conception, we become inmaculate by responding to grace throughout our life.
John the Baptist, audio -Fr. jordi Rivero, Mexico, homily 12/8/2016.  
When Jesus does not answer our prayers.
Identity; Know who you are text & audio -Lourdes Pinto, 12/8/2016.
Adam and Eve fell because they had not embraced their identity in relation with God and with each other. Our perseverance in the Church, in our relationships and community requires that we know who we are and are willing to fight for it.
Surrender to the Holy Spirit audio -Fr. Ron Sciera, 12/2016.  
Violence of Sorrow - II  audio -Loudes Pinto, 8/4/2016.
Violence of Sorrow - I  audio -Lourdes Pinto. 7/28/16.
Faith to become the Sword of the Spirit text only -Lourdes Pinto, Cenacle, 5/19/2016.  
Jesus’ Wounds of Mercy  audio -Anne Marie Hernando, MOC cenacle, 5/7/16.  
False Humility  audio -Lourdes Pinto, MOC cenacle, 1/9/16 (Spanish/English)
Brides of Love Crucified audio -Lourdes Pinto, MOC cenacle, 10/10/15  
Cana; new relationships between men and women  text only -Lourdes Pinto, 2/12/2015 
Remain audio -Lourdes Pinto, MOC cenacle, 2/7/15  
Love casts out fear audio & text -Lourdes Pinto, 1/8/2015
Mother of the Cross, Identity II  audio -L. Pinto, MOC cenacle 12/06/14  
Spiritual Motherhood audio -Maria Hickein, MOC cenacle, 10/4/14  
Prophecies for Colombia, Lourdes Pinto, June, 2014, text.
Peter followed at a distance  audio -Lourdes Pinto, MOC cenacle, 2/1/14    
RETREAT TO WOMEN OF REGNUM CHRISTI -Lourdes Pinto, 1/25/2014  
 Interior Martyrdom   audio
 Martyrdom of the Heart Through the Ordinary & Hidden Life  audio 
 Eucharist, the hidden Force  audio
 Spiritual Motherhood   audio
Mothers of the Cross, Identity - I  audio -L. Pinto, MOC cenacle 10/05/13.
ROME RETREAT to Legionaries and RC, 2013 (some talks wer in Spanish)
Suffer With audio - to Consecrated Women -Lourdes Pinto.  
At the Foot of the Cross  audio - to Consecrated Women Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi (Eng & Sp).  
His Army of Priests audio - to Legionary Priests -Lourdes Pinto.  
Interior Martyrdom audio - to Legionary Priests -Lourdes Pinto.  
2012 or earlier
My gaze is upon you; power of your ordinary life audio -Lourdes Pinto, 8/11/2012.  
Sword of the Sufferer -I  audio & text -Commentary on Benedict XVI's audience, 10/26/2011.
Sword of the Sufferer - II  audio & text 
The Sword
Sword of the Sufferer - III  audio & text
The Cross of pure love
Mothers, Spiritual  audio -Lourdes Pinto, no date.  

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