Overview of the messages and mission
given by the Lord to the Love Crucified Community
Presented by Lourdes Pinto at the community's encounter, March 9-11, 2018

Reflection 1 - Introduction


I have chosen you, My Little one, to proclaim My Love Crucified to the ends of the world. You, My prophet of these end times, will not be understood, received, accepted by the vast majority of My people, but your faithfulness to fulfill My Will, will be accepted, honored and blessed by The Father who sees all and knows all. The few, My little ones, who accept, receive and honor this mission given to you, will be blessed by our Heavenly Father. He will multiply your lives given and broken through Me, with Me, and in Me. His power and His glory will fill your small sacrifices, united to My perfect sacrifice of love, to raise up a holy priesthood to usher in My Second Coming. My Second Coming will come through Mary, with Mary and in Mary, for it is My Eucharistic Reign. My little one, the New Pentecost will be the reign of My Mother as one with My Eucharistic Reign united to the Father. This will be the new era of peace in the world – The Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is the great mission given to you and the few that respond. Great will your glory be in heaven. Persevere, My little one, for you have found favor with the Father in the Son.

1-Proclaim My Love Crucified.

2-Prophets that will not be understood, received, accepted.

3- FAITHFULNESS to fulfill My Will.

4-Few (will respond)

  • Blessed by the Father.

  • Lives multiplied through Him, with Him, in Him (Union with Jesus Eucharist-“living Hosts".

  • His power is in our small sacrifices because we are united to His Sacrifice of Love. This will raise up a holy priesthood.

5- Second Coming.

  • Through Mary, with Mary, in Mary (Mary is one with Jesus Eucharist).

  • Jesus' Eucharistic reign.

  • A the new Pentecost.

  • New era of peace is the Kingdom of heaven on earth in Eucharistic presence (the prayer of the Our Father is fulfilled)

6- Great mission of LC

7- Persevere

Jesus' desire for our 2018 LC Encounter:

You are preparing My Church for My Eucharistic Reign. The Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the new Pentecost is My Eucharistic Reign. I will reign on earth, through you( The Church), My beloved spouse, for we will no longer be two but one. The Path is preparing souls to receive Me in this way. My people must prepare for this spousal union with Me by allowing their hearts to be pierced by the Sword of the Spirit. Reveal to My mustard seed the preparation I have led you through for the past 10 years, for your mission is to help usher in My Eucharistic Reign.

What the Tenants Forgot

I wonder if all the bad brokenness in the world begins with the act of forgetting—forgetting God is enough, forgetting what he gives is good enough, forgetting there's always more than enough and that we can live into an intimate communion. Forgetting is kin to fear.

Whenever I forget, fear walks in. We're called to be a people known by our remembering—a remembering people. Forget to give thanks—and you forget who God is. Forget to break and give—and it's your soul that gets broken. Forget to live into koinonia, into communion—and you end up living into a union of emptiness.

If all our bad brokenness begins with an act of forgetting, then doesn't the act of remembering, then making Christ present by being broken and given, doesn't that lead to koinonia, communion, which literally re-members us? …

That is why we're called to be the re-membering people—remembering the heart of God for us, remembering the cross and the communion and the crucifixion, remembering the koinonia, remembering to be broken and given into the world—so Jesus can re-member all our broken hearts. -Ann Voskamp.


The Lord has said to me,“REMEMBER who you are." I must live each moment remembering that I am Jesus’ sacrifice of love to the Father. I am His spouse of His Precious Blood. I must remember who Christ is and ALL that He has done for me, including all the words He has spoken in my heart, because when I forget, I immediately live who I am not. The act of forgetting disconnects me from God; it cuts the umbilical cord and I drift into the misery of myself.

The Israelites forgot who God is—  His immense love and power when He took them out of Egypt and opened the sea for them to cross; His presence with them in the cloud; how He fed them with the manna... This forgetting brought them into fear, doubt, frustration, unhappiness and despair as they encountered great challenges and sufferings in the desert.

The same situation happens to each of us as we journey through the desert of our lives into the promise land of Heaven. If we forget ALL the ways that God has helped us, all the graces, the miracles, the many ways He has revealed Himself to us, then we too live in fear & doubt, in negativity & complaining and not in JOY.

Forgetting roots us in fear and remembering roots us in trust & abandonment as we live the challenges of our journey to heaven.

This Encounter is to bring us to REMEMBER following the steps of our Blessed Mother who“kept all these things in her heart”(Luke 2:51) and pondered them....  This Encounter is an opportunity to glorify God as we REMEMBER together as one heart in Christ. We will walk these days remembering how God has been forming, guiding and transforming us through our journey on the narrow path of the Cross. We will remember the miracles, the surprises, and the transformation of our hearts and minds that has already occurred; we will remember the words He has spoken to us and, through an act of faith, we will receive them in a deeper way according to God's Will. We will remember how God walked with us and provided for us through the struggles we have personally encountered in our lives. And through this act of our wills in REMEMBERING we will PRAISE and give Him GLORY as we continue forward opening the way for His Second Coming!

“However, take care and be earnestly on your guard not to forget the things which your own eyes have seen, nor let them slip from your memory as long as you live, but teach them to your children and to your children's children.” Deuteronomy 4:9

Reflection 2

Repentance is the gift of God that serves to pry open the hardened human heart so that My seeds of conversion can grow.

Repentance is the Sword of the Spirit that opens the darkness within the human heart to be filled with God's Light of truth, and the truth sets you free.

To live in repentance is to live clothed in the knowledge of who you are, which is misery, and the knowledge of who I Am, which is Love and Mercy

To live in repentance is to live in the freedom of living in the embrace of Abba, Our Father.

Tell My souls to seek true repentance at the foot of My Cross and the power of My Love Crucified will set them free to live in My peace and the joy of My promise. 2/18/18


  • 1976 Fr. Jordi, when baptized in H.S., received vocation to priesthood and community.

  • 1983, a year after ordination, Fr. Jordi founds Arc of the Covenant. Soon a religious community, Servants of the Pierced Hearts, founded by mother Adela, was born from the Arc of the Convenant, and the lay persons of the Arc eventually were called the“Apostles”.

  • Fr Jordi continues as spiritual father of the Apostles and Maria H. and Lourdes were members.

  • Lourdes Pinto, a wife and mother of eight. Begun homeschooling around 1990. Founded Archangels Catholic homeschoolers with her sister Elena.

  • Maria H. wife and mother of 7.


  • 2004, Pinto and Hickein family become parishioners of St. Raymond where Fr. Jordi had just become pastor.

  • Maria joins Archangels and draws close to Lourdes.

  • 2004, Mexico a group with Fr, Jordi, Lourdes and the sisters go in pilgrimage to Guadalupe and to Ven. Conchita, a Mexican mystic born on December 8, 1862. Maria cannot go because she just adopted John Mark.

  • Lourdes is being formed in the spirituality of Cross by Our Lady and Conchita.

  • Upon returning, Lourdes exhorts the Archangels to the Cross and to embrace Conchita as patron saint.


  • 6/9/2006, Pilgrimage, Europe, Medugorje with father Jordi, Lourdes Pinto and fam and Hickein family.

  • June 10, 2006. Lourdes receives message from Jesus:“will you be my victims soul?"

    • She gives her fiat and since then the Lord begins instructing Lourdes on how to be a victim soul as a wife and mother.

    • All focused in women and motherhood. Lourdes experiences mission beginning like a fire in her heart.

  • The Hicken fam. gets news that Maria's father has cancer. He begins to enter path of conversion that will culminate on giving his life for the mission at the Refuge.

  • 2006 Lourdes makes first public invitation for others to become mothers of the Cross to the Archangel women.

  • June 29, 2006. Lourdes confided in Fr. Jordi her experiences and he, impressed by what he heard, invited her to make an appointment. In that meeting Fr. became her spiritual director.

  • 2006 Lourdes gives first talk on“A mother's way of the cross”to the Archangels.

  • Sept 30, 2006, Lourdes goes to Cleveland to accompany her sister who has cancer.

    • Oct, 2006 -There she visited a cloistered monastery and understood that she was called to live in her domestic monastery of her family, valuing the hidden life.

  • Understanding that we are called to be the cloth soaked with blood of Christ and chalice…


  • October 19,07, "It is time to teach them about the MOC."

  • 11/8/07 - Bring to Me the Mothers of the Cross from the four corners of the world.

  • "My Lord I do not understand what you are asking of me. How can this be? I do not even know who the MOC are."

  • October 31,07, "Fr. Jordi will have a community, but not as he envisions it." "I am doing something new."

  • November 2007 "white martyr"

  • December, 2007 document on "Spiritual Motherhood".



  • March 11, 2008 (Tuesday), the first Tuesday Prayer Meeting of Fr. Jordi, Lourdes and Tessie occurred at 8:45 PM at the“Christ the King Building”of St. Raymond Church. In that meeting they called themselves“Friends of the Cross", inspired by St. Louis Mary De Montfort because of his passionate love for the Cross and the Blessed Mother. Maria was on pilgrimage.

  • This was the beginning of the succeeding weekly Tuesday encounters and became Love Crucified Family's official founding.

  • March 19, 2008, Fr. Jordi drafted the initial basic rule for the“Friends of the Cross”, open to the Spirit’s further guidance.

  • Soon we moved the meetings to the Hickein guest house.

  • June 5, 2008. First MOC meeting.

  • June, 2008, name changed from“Friends of the Cross" to“Love Crucified".

  • July 3-5, 2008 we went to the Works of the Cross Conference in Monterrey, Mexico, as we were seeking to go deeper in the spirituality of Conchita, with the possibility of entering the movement of the Works of the Cross which she founded.

    • In the visit to the Basilica in Mexico City, we consecrated the Mothers and the missionaries of the Cross to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  • July 7th, 2008 Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    • Mission of the Missionaries of the Cross is given to Lourdes.

  • July 29, 2008 Lourdes receives call for the priests, Missionaries of the Cross.

  • August 28, 2008 Lourdes baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  • Sept. 9-11,2008 Fr. Jordi attended a Priest conference out of town where the call to be a victim soul was confirmed.

  • Sept 22, 2008 Lourdes receives message Fr. Jordi will not remain in St. Raymond.

  • Oct 11, 2008, Fr Jordi gives the book“Spirit and the Bride say Come" to Lourdes. She writes “it's a confirmation to me of what the Holy Spirit..."

  • Fr. Jordi received from the Lord:“My people, yield to the Holy Spirit that I give you. Do not deny Me anything. My people, come to My Love; Come to the Fire of my Heart. Do not resist Me any longer. The Fire of my Love is a consuming Fire. It is your selfishness that keeps you away from Me as you allow into your minds ideas that don’t come from Me. Cast out any desire that does not come from Me". The Lord wants to purify our ways of all worldly desires. Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to Me. I am indeed the fulfillment of all desires for what your soul was created. Do not delay Me any longer. Be people of praise and thanksgiving onto God. Give honor to your Father through Me with undivided hearts. Stand firm for I have given this grace not as a passing emotion. I call you to a new life, to live it in courage in front of the world. Be what I call you to be".

  • Fr. Ron

  • Through him Regnum Christi begins to participate in St. Raymond.

  • Oct 11, 2008, Lourdes writes to Fr. Jordi….

  • Fr. Jordi was in pilgrimage and at the tomb of St Claude de la Colombiere. A woman in the pilgrimage received a call to pray for the Missionaries of the Cross. She did not know about the foundation. This was a confirmation.

  • November 18, 2008, Maria and Nina Tomlinson joined the mothers of the Cross. Nina goes on to join the Missionaries of Charity (of M. Theresa)November 28 -30, 2008, Fr. Jordi gave a talk in Washington. The MOCS sustained him in prayer and sacrifices.

  • Dec 8, 2008, at the Cenacle, Lourdes shared the vision of the red carpet, where the mothers of the cross through their sufferings and offerings of their blood, become like a carpet to be walked on for the sanctification of priests.

  • December 22, 2008, the Love Crucified Website launched. 


  • Feb 23-27, 2009, First LC retreat.  Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

    • Defining the family of Love Crucified.

    • Covenant is written and first covenant of members.

    • Jaqueline's book“The Love of Jesus Crucified"

    • Rosa Mistica given to us as patroness.

    • Ann Marie called Mark to inform that 2 children were ready to be adopted.

      • This begins Maria's domestic cloister with sick children. Hidden force.

  • Benedict XVI calls year of priesthood 2009-2010.

    • Lourdes, Fr. Jordi and Tessie go on pilgrimage to Rome and ND Laus.

    • Oct, visit to ND Laus. Covenant of LC is sealed by Our Lady.

    • At chapel of the Precious Blood, Lourdes experiences receiving the outpouring of the Lord's blood into her cupped hands as in a precious chalice.

    • LC Logos is inspired by this experience and the M comes from that chapel.

  • Call to raise up God’s army of holy priests  (Diary 5/18/09)

  • Missionaries of the Cross as an order of priests (6/16/09)

  • Call for this army of priests to usher in the reign of the Immaculate heart of Mary(7/02/09)

  • Call to be a prophet.

  • Vision of the Cross suspended over the earth – blood of the martyrs 7/30/09)

  • Silence/tenderness (8/18/09)

  • "mustard seed" (10/29/09)

  • Fr Jordi experiences trials at St Timothy (11/11/09)

  • The Daughters of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus (11/19/09)

  • The Lord calls me to place my children in school (instead of home-schooling) (11/22/09)

  • The importance of the rope binding Jesus' hands as he is condemned to death (11/29/09).


  • Oswaldo enters relationship with LC, becomes seminarian and is supported by LC

  • Jackeline introduces Alexa to Fr. Jordi and retreats from now at her place, "The Tau".

  • March, 2cond aniv. – 2cond retreat.

    • First photocopied version of the Path is handed out to community members.

  • Fr. Jordi as pastor of St Timothy and Lourdes as leader of Archangels encounter strong opposition. At St. Timothy, presence of Regnum Christi caused upheaval.

    • The Lord is working through this to move them to dedicate life to the mission of LC.

  • June 1 -Fr. Jordi begins sabbatical.

  • June 5, we receive first crosses (logo) of the community.

  • June 7-20, Lourdes, Fr. Jordi and Tessie go on pilgrimage to be part of the end of the year of priest in Rome.

    • June 10, crosses are presented at the pope's public blessing.

    • Document on Spiritual Motherhood is placed in all seats at Vatican at the closing of the year of priests.

  • July 20 Fr. Jordi goes to Washington to study with Fr. Francis Martin.

  • Community begins in Washington.


  • May, Bishop allows Fr. Jordi to be released from ministry in Miami to dedicate himself to LC but does not give LC canonical approval.

  • Pinto family looks to buy house for LC. The Lord tells Lourdes that the property will be recognized by a star,

  • Juan, Maria’s father with cancer went to ND Laus where he had a profound conversion experience and embraces call as victim soul then requests and finances the Hickein family to move with him to start the Refuge.

    • Dec 19 – Hickein family moves to Refuge.


  • Jan -Peter, Lourdes' husband visits Tau and buys Padre Pio's refuge in the Sacred Heart.

    • Story of the star.

  • Feb 12, Mon. Ron offers himself as victim soul and that night begins excruciating pain from skin disease (Bullies Pemphigoid). He says this was:“a confirmation gift, a zeal of the Lord's approval of my personal consecration”.

    • That year he makes his formal consecration at the LC retreat.

  • March Fr. Jordi moves to refuge.

  • March 18 Maria’s father dies.

  • April 19-22 -LC retreat at Refuge of P.Pio. 

    • We meet Fr. Jason, first Legionary priest to come and is baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  • May 17- June 3.  Fr. Jordi went to give priest retreat in Colombia, meet Anita, Juan Miguel, Adriana.

  • Nov 8-11 – First retreat for discernment of the Daughters of the Most Prescious Blood.

  • Nov 16-18 – Lourdes and Fr. Jordi give weekend retreat to women of Regnum Christi



  • Jan 14- Daniel was about to enter perpetual vows after 12 years in the Legion but felt he was not called.  By recommendation of Mons Ron he came to Refuge.

    • Jan 21 Maria and Lourdes embrace him as spiritual son.

  • March 15-17 LC retreat at refuge.

  • April 20-May 9 Rome. Fr. Jordi, Fr. Ron, Fr Jason, Lourdes, Maria give first encounter to Legion (24-27) priests and then to Consecrated women (2-5). Also talks to seminarians.

    • Met with Cardinal Piacenza, prefect of the congregation for the clergy who encouraged us to persevere with LC.

  • May 31, feast of the Visitation, closing of the L.C. house, called Our Lady of Grace.

  • June 13, Pope Francis blesses LC cross on the hands of Mons. Ron.

  • July 26-Aug 10/ Fr. Jordi goes to Colombia again for priest retreat, stays with Juan Miguel and Adriana. She ask to enter Love Crucified. 

  • Fr. Jason spends time at Refuge to study the Path and stays 6 months full times and then weekends.

  • Other Legionaries come visit.

  • Daniel converts OLG garage into chapel.

  • Regnum Christi consecrated women donate all for OLG chapel.

  • Nov. Falero paints Visitation at chapel of OLG



  • Jan, Fr. Jordi and Lourdes give retreat to Regnum Christi in Miami.

  • May 1, consecration of the Refuge houses

  • June 19-28 -First Love Crucified retreat in Colombia

  • Priests and seminarians visit Refuge

  • Summer – Fr. Albert LC and brother David and stayed over a year.


Reflections 3 to 7


6/9/06  Pilgrimage in Medjugorje with my family

My mission is the Way of the Cross. It is living my vocation as a homeschooling wife and mother totally for my Lord. It is living a life of sacrificial love with great patience, meekness and humility, offering every difficulty, sorrow, joy and pain to my Lord. Removing the thorns from His crown one by one and wearing them for him. It is remembering His hidden sorrows and pains that He suffered His entire life as I live my hidden life unknown to the world. It is adoring and thanking Him for the 33 years of pain that He endured for the world. How can I live such a mission, if it is not for that Two Hearts to be totally infused in my heart?


I also feel this mission is for other ARCH-Angel mothers. I don’t know if our Lady is calling for a very specific prayer group of mothers.


6/10/06 Medjugorje “Will you be My victim soul?”

In the morning while everyone was still sleeping I began to wake up and I heard the words in my heart, “Will you be my victim soul?” I immediately felt a great fear. The words “victim soul” illicit in my mind and heart an openness to great suffering. After a few minutes I prayed, “Let your will be done not mine”, and I said, “Jesus I trust in you.” I asked Him to give me the strength, but above all love, for only through great love can I ever be faithful to such a call. I also realized that my prayer on this pilgrimage since the eve of Pentecost has been for the Heart of Jesus to be completely incarnated in my heart, and of course, this will require for me to be a victim soul because my Lord is The Victim Soul.


My Lady, this brings fear to my heart, the fear of suffering, the fear of letting my Lord down. Please, my Mother, guide me, form me, and make my heart similar to yours, for you also were a victim soul united completely to the precious and suffering Heart of Jesus. Remain with me Mother very close as I leave this very holy place. Grant me the discipline, out of great love for you, to live your messages better. I love you and I thank you, Amen


6/21/06 White Cloth

As I prayed today the Chaplet of Divine Mercy before the Blessed Sacrament, I again saw the Pieta within my heart. Mary had Jesus on herself. I was kneeling before them, facing my Lord. I had a white cloth in my hand and I was patting, touching very gently, the wounds of my Lord --His chest, the wound where He was pierced, His hands, His arms, His forehead, His cheeks, His eyes, His mouth. I also kissed each wound after placing the white cloth on them.


As I was doing this, I was remembering the nun at the Divine Mercy shrine in Poland on Pentecost Sunday as she was patting the floor with a white cloth where the Host had fallen during Holy Communion.  That is where I saw a drop of blood on the cloth she was using.


This gentle process of love with a white cloth seems very significant. I don’t know if this is connected with my mission to console my wounded Lord?

6/22/06 White Cloth

I went to the Blessed Sacrament at 10:30 AM to pray for my sister, Ana, who was going for the results of her biopsy. As I was praying the rosary, I began to see interiorly Mary, on her knees, soaking up the Blood of Christ. I then saw myself kneeling next to her, imitating her. All of a sudden, I was prostrated on the ground over the Blood. I felt like if my body became the white cloth and my body was now soaking up the precious Blood. I then saw Jesus laying on the ground, the way He looked in the movie, The Passion of the Christ, right after He was scourged. My right hand was extended forward as I laid there. I could see Jesus, but I could not seem to move. Mary then knelt between the two of us and placed the hand of Jesus on top of my hand and she remained kneeling between both of us.


As I opened my eyes I felt so much doubt about all of these experiences. I don’t know if they’re from God or my imagination. I feel they are from God because as I ponder the past two years so much has been given to me that has led me to understand deeply God’s mission for me, but I don’t understand why I continue to doubt. I asked our Lord to give me a sign that these experiences are from him. When I got home I was told my sister has cancer in her breast and will need surgery. Was this a warning of a lot of suffering that is going to come into my family?


Jesus, I trust in you, please help my disbelief. My Mother Mary, please remain close to my family guiding, protecting, and forming each of us. May this suffering, united to His Passion, be for the glory of God. Amen


7/10/06 White Cloth soaked with Precious Blood as a shield over the world

…I desire to know how you are before me Lord. I felt He said that He is sad. I asked, “why?”. I felt He said because so many souls are being lost. I thought of His Precious Blood and I asked Him if He would unite me to Himself and his Mother with his Blood to help cover souls, to help repair for so many sins in the world. I felt the white cloth soaked in his Precious Blood that has been placed around me, grow bigger and bigger and placed around the world. I felt Jesus explain that He desires more souls on earth to become the fibers that make up this cloth. All these souls soaked in His Blood will be a shield, a mantle, to help humanity. It is very hard for me to explain in words what I experience interiorly.


Oh, my Beloved Lord, I love you, I desire to be your white lily bringing you joy, consoling your Heart and the Heart of Mary. I am not capable of anything good, especially to love you, only your mercy can grant me the grace to be totally yours, united in your Love. Jesus forgive my lack of trust. Have mercy on me and the whole world. I love you, amen


7/25/06 MOC- to Homeschooling mothers, mothers of the cross

My friends, embrace the life of a homeschooling mother, a life of total service to our families; embrace the life of a homeschooling mother, the cross of self-abandonment; embrace the life of a homeschooling mother, a life of sacrificial love.


The mother of James and John approached Jesus and asked Him if her sons could sit at His right and left in His Kingdom. Jesus said, “Can you drink the chalice that I am going to drink?”

My friends, this is the chalice of suffering. A suffering completely rooted in love. May we each grow in zeal this year to drink from this chalice as we embrace the myriad of challenges, difficulties, trials, joys and sufferings we encounter each day. Let us be mothers of the cross bringing great love and consolation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary as we willingly accept the chalice of our Lord each day.


7/29/06 Feast of St Martha, letter to homeschooling mothers


I write you this letter on the Feast of St. Martha. As I reflect on the readings, I can’t help but think about our lives as homeschooling mothers. I feel these readings should be the focus of our meditations this year.

In the first reading, first letter of St. John 4:7-16, we are exhorted to live for love. Out of God’s great love for us, He sent us His only begotten Son to be ransomed for our sins that we may have eternal life. We are called to live our lives in this love.

In the Gospel according to Luke 10:38-42, Martha is a very busy working and serving Jesus and all the guests. I can picture each of us consumed with our daily tasks: teaching religion, Reading, Math, grammar, history and science; doing the laundry, cleaning, preparing meals, ironing, taking our children to activities and sports practices and so on. Martha then complains to Jesus because she is doing all the work and her sister, Mary, is sitting at our Lord’s feet listening to His Words. Jesus says to Martha, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.”

My friends, what is the only thing we need? Jesus tells Martha, “Mary has chosen the better part”. We too are given a chance each day of our life-- We can become consumed with our endless chores and duties or we can also stop each day to sit at our Lord’s feet listening intently to His Word.

As I reflect upon my own life, I have to confess that much of my time has gone into checking off my endless to-do-list. I have to stop and ask myself, “I have done a lot but have I loved?” Our greatest joy will be when we live our lives for the glory of God, doing everything, especially our smallest duties, out of love for our Lord. But we will never come to live our vocation of motherhood to its fullest ideal unless we spend much time at the feet of Jesus and Mary, for only they can fill our hearts with Divine Love.

In the Gospel of Luke 10:40 it says that Martha is burdened with much serving. How many times do we also feel burdened by our serving? The feeling of being burdened comes when we lose sight of who we are truly serving. Pope Benedict XVI tells us in his encyclical, “God is Love”, #15:

Love of God and love of neighbor have become one: in the least of the brethren we find Jesus himself, and in Jesus we find God.

My friends, let us become mothers of a very deep interior life. That our lives centered in silence, prayer, fasting, the Eucharist, confession, and the Word of God be what feeds our activity, for only then will our lives be lived for the glory of God and we will truly experience happiness amidst our difficulties. The Cross will become our greatest delight.



In the Diary of St Faustina, Jesus shows her a vision of a multitude of souls who are nailed to the cross, a second multitude of souls who are embracing their cross and a third multitude of souls who are dragging their crosses behind them discontent.


I immediately saw myself in the third group, discontent, dragging my cross. What great sorrow I felt in my soul for I truly seem to want to be nailed to the Cross, but my immediate condition is the third group of souls. This inner struggle continues causing me such sorrow. I ask Jesus, I should say plea with Him, “Help me Lord! Help me Mother!” How can I, with a heart full of self-love and pride, Love God with all my heart, soul and mind? I feel it is impossible. I am completely dependent on His mercy.


Jesus granted me an entire summer of graces. He allowed me to feel His presence and His love. He gave me rest and strengthened me. Now he gives me the greatest gift, His Cross. He tells me—Go Lourdes, serve My people. Serve Me, Love Me, by serving Peter and my children and all 60 families in ARCH-Angels. I realize that my Lord has given me the means to forget myself. If I live to serve so many, then I don’t have time to think of myself. What a great gift. My challenge is to serve with love not discontented.


I feel today that I am getting up after being on the ground with my cross for a few weeks. I feel great encouragement and strength to begin again the Way of the Cross. I know that this is God’s mercy.


Thank you, my Lord, for you always hear my cry. Thank you, my Mother, for remaining so close to me. Grant me the greatest gift, your Divine Love consuming my heart, for only then can I truly love you, console you and pierce my own heart with your thorns, thus alleviating your suffering. Jesus have mercy on me, my family and the whole world. I trust in you, help my lack of trust. I love you, amen


9/30/06 World Covered with White Cloth Soaked in Blood of Jesus

As I prayed in the chapel, I saw interiorly the world with a white cloth soaked in the Blood of Christ around it. Under the world was a large gold chalice and drops of blood were filling it. I felt as if the world was the Host. I felt Jesus’ presence penetrating the entire world. I felt the drops of blood were the many souls who are shedding their blood, giving their lives, completely united in the Blood of Jesus.


I have felt since yesterday a deep sadness because I feel I have sorrowed Jesus. When I read his words to St Faustina I felt an immediate horror. I feel Jesus has chosen me to be an “oasis” for His Heart, yet I live on a daily basis constantly falling into sin. My heart continues to be so impatient, selfish, full of self-love, uncharitable and harsh. How can I be a victim soul for my Lord? My only comfort comes in my trust of His Divine Mercy.


Oh, my Jesus have great pity on me, my family and the whole world. Only you can make our hearts of stone, hearts of flesh. I trust that you will perform this miracle for us, for the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mother Mary, please help us and intercede for us before the throne of God, Amen


10/06 Cloistered sisters in Cleveland, homeschooling

You can’t see them, they are hidden from the world, but I could hear their prayers and songs. Their hidden lives of prayer and sacrifices is sustaining the Church.


Mary’s life as a wife and mother was also very hidden. Jesus was on the front line speaking to thousands of people, not Mary. Yet her hidden life of prayer, sacrifice and suffering united to Jesus was so important.


We are also being called to live our vocation as wives and mothers to its greatest ideal. Mary continued cooking, washing and doing the everyday things of her vocation with great love. The world tells women that the vocation of motherhood is worthless, of little value, boring, and unchallenging and whether we believe it or not, we have bought into much or some of this thinking. I feel God wants to restore family life through homeschooling, restore the vocation of true motherhood. We can live in our homes, the domestic church, as our small monastery with a rhythm of prayer and work offering everything for the salvation of souls and the consolation of the Two Hearts.


10/11/06   kissing my children, I kiss Jesus

“Live according to My Will in the secret depths of your soul.”


I feel Jesus calling me to live my vocation as wife and mother completely for Him. Every act, duty, word, deed as a token of love for Him.  He has taught me to greet and kiss my children in the morning and as I kiss them, in my soul, I am kissing the forehead of Jesus and telling Him, “I love you.”

My God, grant me the grace to live these words, for only through You can I live my every breadth, word and deed for You. Teach me and form me, my Mother, in my vocation, making me a true mother of the cross like you.


11/06  Homeschooling & the Power of the Cross – “Mothers of the Cross”

My Friends, God wants to restore the family through homeschooling. We are being called to be shining lights amidst the darkness of our world. We must show the world, through our example, through our way of life, more than through our words, the beauty of family life. The world needs to see witnesses of holy families.

2Corinthians 5:14-15, “For the love of Christ impels us… So that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.” We, like St Paul, are called to be witnesses of life and love in our world. This will require courage, perseverance, and sacrifice, but we cannot lose sight of the importance of our mission. Our eyes must remain focused on Jesus Crucified, for He is our sole strength, the source for our hearts to be filled with Divine Love, a Love that was willing to empty Himself completely for our salvation.

How do we live this mission in our vocation as homeschooling mothers?

-        Homeschooling is a way of life, not something we do.

-        Through homeschooling, God is giving us the opportunity to build relationships and strong bonds in our families.

-        As mothers, we are the heart of the family, the source of unity. Many times, bringing peace and reconciliation.

-        As mothers, God has given us the great ability to live a life of sacrificial love for our families. We must understand the power of our motherly crosses. When we embrace the cross of our vocation, uniting ourselves with Jesus crucified, our sacrifices bring graces not only to ourselves, spouses and children but to the whole world.

-        WE can be “Mothers of the Cross” revealing to the world the precious face of Jesus; showing the world the love of God; showing the world that true joy comes when we are able to empty ourselves totally within our vocation to bring life to others.


11/25/06 Christ the King – being misunderstood by preaching the Cross

Yesterday I spent time with _____ and I felt as if a dark cloud filled me. Concerning what I wrote after our last “Sharing a Mother’s Heart” meeting, she said it was “good”, “balanced” because last year she couldn’t seem to take hearing about the cross. I’m not sure why, but these words seemed to pierce my heart. The crosses of our vocation, which I was trying to show my friends are our means to truly love Jesus, console Him, our greatest gift. But all of a sudden, my heart was flooded with fears and insecurities. The mission I was seeing so clearly all of a sudden became totally clouded. Could it be that my words have caused others a greater burden? Her silence, I felt, was more of a disapproval.

As I prayed last night and asked our Lord to pierce through this dark cloud with His Light, I remembered the words I read Thursday night and I realized I had been seeking my _____ approval.

Seek only to please Me. Seeking human respect can be your downfall.

Today my Lord granted me a beautiful grace and also great strength. From the beginning of Mass, I perceived Him standing, completely covered in blood from His scourging, with a cape around His shoulders wearing a crown of thorns. I saw that this is my King. A King that allowed Himself such humiliations and pain out of love for me, to wipe away my sins and allow me to enter into a deep relationship with Him. I felt the words in my heart:


Are you willing to be scourged? Are you willing to be misunderstood and humiliated?


12/09/06 Motherhood – “Mothers of the Cross”

Yesterday at First Saturday I could sense the face of Jesus. He was allowing me to penetrate His eyes. They had tears in them and they were red. He was wearing the crown of thorns. I removed the crown from His head and I held it in my hands. I then embraced the crown, pressing it against my chest. I embraced the crown as I would embrace a child. Jesus’ eyes were moving me to love, to action, to suffer for others.

  For the first time this morning in the past few weeks I felt the Holy Spirit filling my heart with inspirations on motherhood again. These inspirations were all on the cross. I feel my Lord desires holy mothers, Mothers of the Cross. I feel He wants to expand our hearts to embrace other children in the world.


12/18/06 My formation as a MOC

On Saturday when I prayed in the Church of St Robert Bellarmine I interiorly saw Baby Jesus in the manger. He was wrapped in a blanket of His Blood. St Joseph was on His left and Mary on His right. I knelt before Jesus adoring Him. I understood that God always wants me to contemplate the love of His Son through His suffering. I looked to Mary, she had her hands placed like in the statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace. Her right hand pointed to her heart and her left hand led out to Jesus. I felt strongly connected to Mary and the message to me was: Jesus is coming into your heart, His immense love and suffering together. Bring Him to your family and the world.  I feel God calling me to live united to my Lord in His love and suffering. I shouldn’t have to focus on doing but on being, and then whatever my Lord and Mother ask of me I will be obedient, obedient onto the Cross.

My Blessed Mother, The Mother of the Cross, form me in suffering. Point out to me each day all the opportunities to embrace the small crosses. Many times, these small crosses are the ones I don’t embrace. Thank you for your love, guidance and protection. I love you. Amen



8/06/07 Chosen to console Christ

“This is my Son, my Chosen, listen to him." Luke 9:35

Jesus again points out to me the word“chosen". I prayed,“I am listening Lord, speak to me. Help me understand why you are placing so strongly in my heart the words, “chosen soul".


Jesus spoke in my heart: Many people followed Me wanting Me to heal them, counsel them… I served everyone but there were very few souls who consoled Me, who served Me, wanting nothing for themselves. You are My chosen soul to console Me constantly.


8/14/07  St Maximillian Kolbe – Learning how to console Jesus

Jesus wanted me to understand the immensity of how many souls go to hell. This is such a deep, deep sorrow for Jesus and Mary.  He said, Pray unceasingly… Accept whatever I give you for the salvation of souls. I want you to continue My suffering on earth, united to Me, for the salvation of souls. As you offer your life for the salvation of others, you are bringing Me great consolation. There are very few souls who are willing to do this for Me.



Before every task you do, offer it up to Me on the Cross. After each task, thank Me for the opportunity to serve Me. In this way you will remain more recollected and united to Me. Practice this.


8/30/07 thirst

I thirst! I thirst for souls to love Me and console Me on the Cross.”

I said, “How can I console you, I can’t reach you on the Cross?”

Jesus: I am lifting you up to be with Me. It is through the Cross that we will be united. Suffering will become your greatest desire and joy because you will be quenching My thirst.


I perceived myself united to Jesus on the Cross-placing water on His parched lips.

My dear Mother, help me and my family. You were Jesus constant consolation and love. Please help me to love Him through you with all my heart, soul, strength and mind. Help me to live my day today calm and recollected in you, placing every activity, word, thought, joy and pain at the foot of the Cross as a gift of my love. I love you and I thank you. Amen


9/20/07 Believe, Hidden Life – silence, prayer, sacrifice

Believe in Me. Believe in the power and love of the Holy Spirit. My Apostles were only 12, yet they reached the ends of the earth. Mary lived a hidden life of continuous prayer, sacrifice, and the immense suffering of being separated from Me. This hidden life is what empowered the Apostles and aided the beginning Church. Your small group will also reach far. Your most important mission is to live like My Mother, in deep silence and hiddenness, praying and sacrificing constantly.


November 2007 MOC release souls in purgatory

During the Mass, I saw souls in purgatory. They were beneath the altar, as if the altar was united in Heaven. Then during the time of adoration, after the Mass, I was praying for the souls in purgatory. Jesus told me to pray without ceasing, for my prayers are heard and answered by Him. The prayers of the MOC would help release many souls from purgatory. I then saw souls walking up these steps that were in front and beneath the altar. Jesus kept encouraging me to pray, for my prayers were releasing souls from purgatory.


November 2007 MOC prostrated with Mary before the Jesus crucified

This evening after Communion, I felt myself praying before Jesus on the Cross. I was kneeling next to Mary at the foot of the Cross. I was kissing and embracing the feet of Jesus; they seemed real, tangible. I felt Mary place her cloak around me, but it was black. Then all of a sudden, we were both completely prostrated in front of the Cross. Mary’s arm was around me and the cloak kept us as one. The I saw many, many mothers prostrated with us in front of the Cross. Jesus was pouring out great graces and mercy upon us. Jesus spoke to me about the MOC, but I can’t remember everything because I wasn’t able to write till after.

Jesus said, “Do not delay in acting when I tell you. There is a great urgency. The MOC are needed now to help the world. A mothers' prayers, sacrifices and sufferings are needed to help the world.”


November 2007 “Who are the MOC?”

My Dear Jesus,

I ask you,“Who are the Mothers of the Cross?”You consume my heart with this mission of love. You desire mothers to be united to your Mother at the foot of the Cross loving and consoling you constantly. You suffered the ingratitude of so many souls and your Mother was your constant consolation. Now you ask for the MOC – mothers willing to give their lives completely to You. Mothers willing to quench Your thirst at the Cross with their lives. You call us to be missionaries in the hiddenness of our homes. Our homes serve as the altar of our daily sacrifices. These sacrifices of love ascend Heaven with the fragrance of roses. You do not necessarily desire great sacrifices, but only the most common and ordinary of our vocation. It is in living our daily ordinary tasks with great love, that your precious Heart is delighted.

You consume my heart with this mission and call me to unite the MOC, but I ask You, “Who are these mothers?”

Yesterday I began my day suffering a deep sorrow. I went to morning Mass with 3 of my children. They did not want to sing, they hardly said the prayers of the Mass, during the Consecration, one of them was playing with a screw on the back of the chair, I had to remind them to close their eyes after Communion. My heart was filled with tears-- The ingratitude of my children filled my heart with sorrow. I prayed,“I beg you my Lord, my crucified Jesus, have mercy on my children. Grant them the grace to know You and your immense love for them.”

I again felt great physical fatigue. I tried so hard to offer my weakness to Jesus on the Cross. I tried to forget myself and allow my sufferings to help me focus on my Lord’s suffering. I allowed my weakness to bring me to contemplate the weakness Jesus felt on the road to Calvary—His Body bruised, beaten, bleeding, dehydrated, what fatigue he must have felt. My suffering, that is so hard for me because of my weakness and misery, is nothing compared to the suffering of my Lord. Have mercy on me Jesus. I beg you to teach me how to suffer through You, with You and in You for the salvation of my family and many souls.

At night we went to a family member's house for a party and I had another occasion to suffer in silence. A family member blasphemed the Holy Spirit as he made a toast. Everyone laughed as I stood there in complete silence and shock. Again, I thought of my Lord's suffering.


11/18/07  The Power of a Mother’s Prayer Saves her Children

Yesterday my heart was deeply pierced when my 16-year-old son taunted God with his offensive words, pride and rebelliousness. How could I even answer him? My heart ached with such pain. The son I have given birth to, nursed, formed in the truths of our Catholic faith, and the Word of God is turning his back on everything. My Lord and my God, have great mercy on my son because he does not know what he is doing. Have great mercy on all teenagers who are under great attack from the evil one. I give you this suffering, hidden to the world, but known to you and my Mother. I give you the tears of my soul for the conversion of my children and all the youth of the world.

During the Consecration of the Mass, I united my blood, which are the tears of my soul, to the Precious Blood of my Lord in the chalice and prayed fervently for all young people.


Jesus said to me: I have had mercy on your son because of your prayers and sufferings. Your children will all be saved because of your fidelity. Teach other mothers the importance of their prayers, sacrifices and sufferings offered up for their children.  


11/24/07 The Cross is Needed for the Salvation of the World

You must be transparent. Do not hold back. Allow people to see your love for Me on the Cross. My Cross is needed now for the salvation of the world. This is very urgent; many souls will be saved or lost according to your response. This is how My Father desires it to be. Do not be afraid to proclaim My Cross.


I felt such an urgency in Jesus' words. I have a great responsibility—to teach the Cross to others; to proclaim the MOC to mothers because the salvation of many souls will depend upon the prayers, sacrifices and sufferings of mothers united with our Mother to Jesus crucified.

Oh, my Lord, how I fear this responsibility. Only you can grant me the grace I need to be faithful to you. The thought of souls being lost because I have not been obedient to you is horrible for me to contemplate. I fear the immensity of my weakness. Can I have the courage to speak of the Cross always? Please help me Mother! Form me in your womb as a MOC just like you. I love you. Amen


November 2007 White Martyr

As I was walking home from Mass and praying the 2nd mystery of the rosary, the scourging of Jesus, I felt the words of Jesus fill my heart:

Are you willing to shed your blood, and have it sprinkled with Mine on the earth? You are called to be My white martyr. The blood that you shed will be the tears of your soul only known by Me. I will allow you to suffer the pain and sorrow of others, so that you can unite to Me the tears of your soul for them.

As I walked, I began to pray deeply for souls I know that are suffering and I united them to Jesus on the Cross. I felt as if my spirit was becoming one with Jesus being scourged, but it was my Lord feeling all the pain.

“For my yoke is easy and my burden light.” Mathew 11:30


12/6/07 Our Mission is a Protective Shield Around the Earth

You are My modern-day prophet. You are called to proclaim the Cross. I have been preparing you for this mission since you were very young. Many souls are being lost, only the Cross can save them. Your response to this mission will save many souls. The souls that embrace this mission – to pray, sacrifice and suffer united with Me on the Cross through MY Mother—will become the protective shield around the earth. (Like the vision I gave you before.) Do not expect all to accept this teaching, especially some that are closest to you in your life.

Jesus, grant me the grace to see your sacrifice of Love ever clearer. I desire that your suffering for me and all mankind give me the zeal to proclaim your Cross. Please help me, for I feel so incredibly weak.


12/8/07 Immaculate Conception – The Hidden Tears of a Mother's Heart

I began this day early with tears swelling up in my heart and soul. As I drove my son to basketball practice, he rejected my attempt to offer up a morning prayer, offering our day to our Lord. His anger and rejection pierced my heart profoundly. These are the hidden sufferings of a mother’s heart. I know not what else to do except to unite the tears of my soul, my blood, with the precious Blood of my Beloved on the Cross. “My Lord accept these tears of my motherly heart and unite them to your Blood. Sprinkle them over the heart of my son. My Lord, have great mercy on my son for he does not know you.”

My heart cries and groans, “How have I failed them my Lord?” I have not been able to transmit to them your love manifested on the Cross. Have pity of me, my Jesus. Give to them, my Lord, what I cannot give them. Accept my pain and suffering for each of them, my most gracious Lord. I believe with all my heart that a mother’s tears before you on the Cross pierce your Heart. Accept my tears for the deep conversion of my family. I thank you my Lord for on this beautiful feast day of your most Holy Mother you have granted me the grace to participate in the suffering of the Two Hearts. If my hardened heart can suffer this pain, I shudder to think what Your Hearts suffer for all of mankind.


12/27/07 The MOC Will have the Power to Change the Course of History

You are called to be My constant consolation in the obscurity and hiddenness of your home. My 30 years in Nazareth were My happiest and brought My Father great delight. Mary cooked, cleaned, organized and was in constant prayer. This life in the home lends itself to the contemplative life. I have used the homeschooling movement to bring families back home, mothers back to this life. The world is seeking to constantly take mothers away from the home. The MOC will live the most simple and ordinary lives in their homes, giving to Me their simple and ordinary life. God delights in this. People seek greatness, to be noticed and acknowledged, but God delights in hiddenness. Many times, the simplest and obscure crosses are the hardest to embrace and live with love. These are the ones that delight M Father the most. These mothers will live in the hiddenness of their homes offering to God all their struggles, joys, difficulties, sacrifices and sufferings. These mothers’lives have the power to change the course of history.




Do not allow a single drop of My Blood to be wasted.

I sensed Jesus’ Blood dripping to the ground as He was scourged. I wanted to soak up each drop with my body.

I understood these words mean: not to let any suffering go wasted.


5/24/08 Fatigue

The day after our Friends of the Cross prayer meeting, I began feeling a terrible physical fatigue. I had no energy for anything except to do my duties as mother. I could do no other work. This immense weakness somehow brought me into a deep state of contemplation, where I found myself constantly thinking of my Lord, my Mother and the Holy Spirit. I became quite still inside as my life had to slow down. I didn't feel any inspirations nor movements of the Holy Spirit in my heart. I could not feel the strength and love of Jesus, which is what fills me with zeal and passion to move through my weakness to do His work. As I went for days in this state, I became aware of an immense grace that Jesus was giving me—an awareness of who I am and what I am capable of without Him, which is NOTHING and WEAKNESS. Without the inspirations and life of the Holy Spirit within me, I’m not inspired to anything, including desiring to love my Beloved. Without the strength and life of my Lord filling me, I would drown in the quicksand of my misery.

I offered Jesus this suffering and spent my day in thanksgiving for the many graces He has so graciously filled my life with.

He also brought to my understanding how accessible He has made Himself to me, even though I am undeserving and so far from Him spiritually. I understood that even though my husband is not where I am spiritually, Like Jesus, I must be completely available to him and meet him where he’s at with great tenderness, patience and love.


5/27/08 The Love of the Jesus crucified must bring us to greater love for our family

I asked Mary, “What must I do to inherit Heaven?”

Mary said that the sadness and struggle that God has been allowing me to suffer must serve to bring me closer to my husband and children. She said that she is available to all her children—the ones, like me, who are close to her and Jesus and the ones who are very distant, like some in my family. As a Mother, she gives greater attention to the ones who are further away. She reminded me that many times this will mean that I must sacrifice what I desire to do in order to be more available to my family, such as, watching a movie or playing a game instead of reading.


June 5th, 2008  First MOC Prayer Gathering

The MOC began with 3 mothers: Maria H., Jacky P and myself. We never came together with the intention of beginning this prayer gathering but the Holy Spirit took charge. When we began to pray in Maria’s bedroom, the Holy Spirit filled us. Andres, my one-year old grandson, immediately fell asleep in Jacky’s arms and remained asleep during our hour of prayer. We each prayed from the depth of our hearts giving our “fiats”, united to Mary’s, to be victim souls united to The Victim.

Maria prayed and opened the Diary of Conchita to “The Virtue of Hope”, p. 152 and “Primacy of Love”, p. 153. I feel Jesus confirmed for us the path of the Cross and how He wishes the MOC to love Him. We are called to love and to sacrifice ourselves. “Give me souls who love Me in suffering, who find their joy on the Cross. My Heart thirst for such a love.” (p.154) “A love that is pure, unselfish, expiatory, crucified. Love Me as I have loved you, in My Interior Cross after the very first moment of My Incarnation.”

The MOC are called to live their interior sufferings with love and patience united to the interior Cross of Jesus, and Mary’s last years of solitude to give the Father glory and for the restoration of the family and the sanctification of all priests.


June 12, 2008 True Devotion-Choosing to love my husband and children/ Lourdes, France

I began my four-day pilgrimage to Lourdes with peter, my husband. Our Blessed Mother is so wonderful, so full of surprises. As I was reading, I realized something so important for my spiritual journey to union with my Beloved:

First, true devotion is not found in beautiful consolations during prayer. I feel my Mother wanted me to understand this because Jesus has blessed me tremendously with many consolations during prayer. True devotion for me lies in ALWAYS CHOOSING TO LOVE MY HUSBAND AND CHILDREN. If I fail in this, I have failed my Lord and I do not truly love Him. This love for me entails: always seeing the smallest of virtues in Peter and each of my children and praising God for them and affirming each of them in these virtues; having great patience with their weaknesses and always confident that Jesus will awaken their hearts; kissing them, caressing them and blessing them daily; becoming more and more available to them through simplicity as Jesus lifts me ever higher to Him. Never allowing myself to isolate physically or mentally from them. This is a great danger for me and a sin based on pride. Continuing to pray, sacrifice and suffer for my family with perfect TRUST in God's mercy!


July 7th, 2008  Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe/ Mission is Given for the Missionaries of the Cross

Mary: The mission is being given to you… 

I responded, “My Mother what is the mission for the Missionaries of the Cross?”

Mary: You are called to proclaim the Cross everywhere you go, to everyone. My people desire to be holy without the Cross, even my priests desire comfort and an easy life more than sacrifice and suffering. This is their detriment. No one can be sanctified by the Holy Spirit without the Cross. Before there can be a new Pentecost, my people must come back to the Cross to receive the Holy Spirit and be sanctified. This is your mission.

I respond: My Mother I understand giving me the mission for the MOC but not the Missionaries of the Cross. This should be given to Fr Jordi because he is a priest. I am so scared, Mother, I tremble with your words. How can this be, I am only a simple mother, not very intelligent?

Mary: This is My Son's Will. Juan Diego was small and insignificant in the eyes of the world. God loves to use the smallest and most insignificant of His children for great missions. God desires to give you the mission.

I then felt Mary sealing the mission in my heart and I fell over in my seat, as when I am filled with the Holy Spirit. Mary then asked me to prostate myself before her. I prostrated myself with my arms extended, as in the position of Jesus crucified, and I gave Mary my fiat again to be her victim soul united to My Jesus, Priest and Victim, and to my Holy Mother.


7/24/08       MOC & MC POWER OF THE CROSS

My daughter, I, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, desired for My first miracle to come about through the intercession and prayers of My Mother. The new Pentecost and the awakening of the hearts of My priests will come about through the intercession and prayers of the MOC.

Mary said, The Missionaries of the Cross will be great preachers filled with the holy Spirit, living hosts, being sent out to the four corners of the earth like the Apostles…

Confirmation: 7/29/08 Conchita’s Diary: “Make the Cross loved, through the reign of the Holy Spirit. One day a constellation of holy priests will come, priests who will enkindle the world with the fire of the Cross. I make ready My ways…”


8/2/08 Your small group seems powerless to make a difference. Yet, through My power, you will become like an enormous army sweeping the face of the earth. You will grow to be many. Your weapon will be the Cross and the fire of the Cross will restore whole nations that seemed to be lost


8/18/08 Prophets to proclaim the Cross wherever we are

(Ezekiel 24:15-24) You are My chosen prophet. You are called to proclaim My Cross to My people. What you teach will not be accepted by many. Even some of your good friends will not follow. You must respond with courage. It is your love of Me crucified that will propel you forward with strength.


I feel strongly that I am called to proclaim the Cross to the Arch-angels and to St Raymond because it is here that God has placed me. I already feel the resistance of some in Arch-angels.


Remember, My daughter, the Cross is what will serve to save My people. (I immediately remembered the vision Jesus had given me a while back of people in life-vests floating and not drowning.) During the times of great tribulations only the souls who have come into My Cross will be able to remain afloat. The Cross is the means of salvation.


8/04/08 Preparing the “red carpet– MOC

I desire and need victim souls. The sacrifices, sufferings and tears of mother's united to My Mother, directly touch the Heart of MY Father. There needs to be enough mothers willing to be My victim souls before the work begins of the Missionaries of the Cross. The MOC will be a powerful hidden force that will prepare the way by opening the hearts of many souls, sanctifying many souls, in order to receive the preaching of the Missionaries of the Cross.


8/28/08 Power of the Holy Spirit through the Cross vision in Fatima Chapel

First appeared the Host, then appeared the Sacred Heart inside the Host. Third, the Cross; the Host with the Sacred Heart was in the center of the Cross. Then came the Holy Spirit as a HUGE and powerful Dove flying out from the Host within the Heart towards me. Jesus said, RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.

He then explained: First, My people must come to Me in the Eucharist. It is here that they will come to know My Sacred Heart. Then there are the few souls that will respond to My love and allow Me to bring them to union with Me on the Cross. These are the souls that receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

( If only I could draw to depict what I saw. The HS as a Dove was HUGE. The wings flapping were enormous, as if they extended to the whole world. I could feel the POWER of His wings flapping and the whooshing sound they made… The power of the Spirit was beyond anything I can describe…)



Jesus spoke to me with great strength and sternness:

You have been chosen to shake up My people. To awaken them from their sleep…”

He explained the interior vision I had Saturday:

You are called to bring My people to the Cross. They will enter through the gate of My Mother. As they enter through her, she will anoint them and give them the graces needed to come to Me on the Cross. As they respond and kiss My feet, I will raise them up to union with me on the Cross."


10/11/08 The Spirit and the Bride Say, 'Come'!”


A letter I wrote to Fr Jordi after reading this book he had recommended to me:

I believe with all my heart that the Missionaries and Mothers of the Cross are part of the new and great wave Derek Prince spoke about in 1964: “There is a new wave coming; it will not be the Pentecostal movement; it will be different. It will come higher even then the Pentecostal movement; it will recover truth which the Pentecostals as a whole did not recover. It will be the greatest wave and it will be the last wave.”

The Missionaries of the Cross are part of the “new constellation of priests”(p.117), “My army of priests” that will bring about with Mary the new Pentecost.

The MOC are mothers that are one with Mary, victim souls continuing Mary’s suffering of solitude on earth to help raise up this new army of priests.

On March 9, 1979, “Our Lady reveals a plan to Fr Gobbi to renew the Church through her priests… priests who will be taught by her to be an army of little ones…” (p.34-35)

“This will be the new Church of Light, and already many new buds may be seen sprouting on her branches… You are these buds, my little children, who are consecrated to me and who live by my own spirit. You are these buds, faithful disciples of Jesus, who are desirous of living a life of contempt for the world and for yourselves, in poverty, in humility, in silence, in prayer and mortification, in charity, in union with God, while at the same time you are unknown and scorned by the world. The time has arrived to come forth from the shadows in order to go and enlighten the world. Present yourselves to everyone as my sons, for I am always with you. Let faith be the light that enlightens you in these days of darkness, and may you be consumed only by the zeal for the honor and glory of God. Carry on the combat, sons of Light, even though you are still few in number! Many will follow in your footsteps and become part of my cohort because the hour for my battle has arrived. In the hardest of winters, it is you, my little ones, who are the buds that burgeon forth from the Immaculate Heart…”

This book also says that to live our consecration to Mary means to suffer because of love.

Venerable Conchita also gives to the Church the prophetic message of this new order of priests, living hosts, that will bring forth the new Pentecost.

The Holy Spirit brought the Church, through the Charismatic Renewal, to Mt Tabor but now the Church must climb the Mt of Calvary and enter the Cross through the gate of Mary in order to receive the full power of the Holy Spirit.

We have entered the deep water as Mary told me in June. “Do not look back”, she warns us. We must move forward keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus crucified and Mary with Him. We must have a complete and abandoned trust in Him who has loved us first even to death on a Cross. My strength comes from the Holy Spirit and the family of the Cross that is walking with me. I am not alone.


12/8/08 Feast of the Immaculate Conception. MARY AS QUEEN & THE RED CARPET

Yesterday during Mass I saw interiorly Mary as Queen. I saw her with a large golden crown and dressed in gold. She was the Queen of Heaven & Earth, absolutely beautiful! She didn't speak to me but the look on her face was so beautiful. She was full of peace and she radiated this supernatural confidence. She was again standing as if waiting to begin her procession in. The red carpet, which I understood again was the blood of the Mothers of the Cross, laid out before her. I then saw Fr Jordi at the front of this red carpet and a long line of priests, all dressed in black cassocks, behind him. Fr Jordi was leading all the Missionaries of the Cross and he held a long stick with a large wooden cross in his hands in front of him. After I received Communion, I saw each woman lying on the ground; a long line of bodies touching each other and covered in blood. This is the red carpet the priests are walking on and that Mary will be walking on.

This morning in the blessed Sacrament, I again saw Mary's face as I saw her yesterday. She spoke to me at length and with such peace, calmness and tenderness.  She said to me that I have also found favor with God and that I will be the mother of a great family in the Church that will prepare the way for her reign, the Reign of the Immaculate Conception.

She said, When the angel came to me, I did not understand everything. It was also a mystery to me and I gave my fiat, 'May it be done to me according to your word.’ You need to do the same.


I asked Mary about the Missionaries of the Cross,“Will this be an order of priest or diocesan priests working together?” She explained that she has been forming the hearts of these priests for this mission. They will all be united. They are called to turn the hearts of God's people towards the Cross.

My Son will be praised and glorified in His Crucified Body. It is His Blood that has saved, redeemed mankind…





During the homeschooling mothers' sleepover as we were praying the rosary, Mary revealed this interior vision:

She was motioning me with her hand to come & follow her. I followed her to the end of a precipice & I looked down, but I didn't see anything accept total darkness. I looked at her and said, “Mother, what are you showing me? I don't see anything.”


She said, You are called to proclaim the MOC to the ends of the world. It is this hidden force that God will use to lift this blanket of darkness.


2/25/09 Ash Wednesday,

When we allow Love Crucified to touch us in the inner most part of our being, and we experience His gaze, His tears, His precious Blood flowing out from His precious Body to the world, His tender hands pierced with nails, His bruised face, the thorns penetrating His holy head, the thorns imbedded deep in His Sacred Heart, the drops of Blood flowing to us from His tortured Heart… a soul desires to respond to such Love--  To respond by loving Him the way he has loved us. To be touched by Love Crucified, awakens in the heart a consuming desire to love in the same way. This is the call, the awakening in the heart, to love as a victim soul.

The call to be a victim soul is the desire to love to the extreme of the Cross because that is how our Beloved has loved us. We immediately understand that we are incapable of such love. We understand that the sacrifices of our daily lives are impure and worthless, but here lies the gift of the Cross—Our daily sacrifices, prayers, sufferings and tears united in Love Crucified through Mary are purified through His precious Blood. Our sacrifice is made holy and acceptable to the Father in Jesus crucified. Our sacrifices than no longer have the stench of sin but a pure and holy fragrance.


After the waters resided and Noah’s Arc was on land, Noah and his family came out and built an altar and offered their sacrifices to God. The Book of Genesis tells us that this sacrifice was a “sweet odor” to God and He was pleased.


Our lives blessed, broken and united to Jesus crucified become a sweet odor that rises to the Father. Our small and insignificant daily sacrifices become grace through Jesus, with Jesus and in Jesus for the world.


This is the “hidden power” that Jesus speaks to me about that will sweep through he world sanctifying, purifying and saving souls. This is the hidden power that will aid in the renewal of the priesthood and help raise an army of holy priests. This is what it means to be a MOC and MC. We should be honored, for none of us deserve such a precious gift from our Lord—to participate in the work of redemption. We must embrace such a gift by responding fully with great zeal, courage, total abandonment and love.


2/26/09 1st LC Retreat Monastery of the Holy Spirit  Defining the Community of LC.

I am uniting souls who desire to love Me passionately, who have opened their hearts to My Love Crucified. These mothers and priests will work together to aid in the renewal of My Church.

The Mothers of the Cross unite their fiat to My Mother of the Cross as victim intercessors. They live a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice, united in Me crucified for the expiation of sin and the sanctification of My priests. Their ordinary lives lived in simplicity, humility, interior silence, and prayer is a sweet fragrance that reaches the Heart of MY Father. The outpouring of their blood through sacrificial love, united to My Precious Blood poured out of love for you, will serve to lift the dark blanket of sin that covers the world. I will use the profound love of these simple mothers and their generosity in suffering out of love for Me to pry open the hardened hearts of My priests.

This is a simple yet profound movement of love. It is from this union of love, found in the Cross, that will gush forth the Holy Spirit bringing about a new evangelization like you have never seen before.

The Missionaries of the Cross are My humble priests living in union with their High Priest. They will go out and awaken My priests to love as My priests, victims united to The Victim. They, like Me, will live a life of prayer, poverty and surrendered to the Holy Spirit. They will again go out like My First Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, to proclaim My Love Crucified. The MOC will be their strength, companions and spiritual protection through their hidden and devout lives.


3/25/09 Feast of the Annunciation to the LC Community.

You will go out and preach My Gospel of Love, first within your own families. My Gospel of Love will set My people free—free to worship me again; free of the bondage of sin and darkness that keeps their minds and hearts, eyes and souls on the prince of darkness.

 You will go out and proclaim My Love crucified.

 You will proclaim repentance as did John the Baptist.

You will preach with the fire of My Spirit as did St Paul.

You will prepare the hearts of My people for an outpouring of My Holy Spirit.

 You will bring them to the Cross. They will enter through the gate of My Holy Mother the passage I have prepared for them. This passage of self-denial, penance and mortification will lead them into the abode of My Precious Heart. I desire transformed souls in the world to be My slaves of love.

My Missionaries of the Cross will prepare My priests, who then will guide My people into My Heart.

My holy fathers, My St Joseph’s, will love to the extreme of the Cross their wives and children and raise up fatherhood through the example of their lives.

My Mothers of the Cross are the delight of My heart. They will continue My Mother’s suffering of solitude in this world. It is this suffering in love that I will use to bless this entire work in My Church. Believe, My daughter, believe and I will do great things with My family of Love Crucified.



3/11/2010  Prophecy as Jeremiah to My priests.

You are called to prophecy as Jeremiah.  Tell My priests they have turned their backs from Me.  I want their faces to be turned to My Love Crucified.   As they gaze at Me, they must see themselves in Me.  I want their love to be crucified like Mine.  They do not preach with the power of My Word because their hearts are not transformed nor do their hearts seek transformation in Me through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I desire for My priests to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Speak to them of the first apostles and disciples from the Acts of the Apostles.  If they do not transform their lives in Me, I will spit them out.  They will have to account for every soul that has been lost because of their lack of shepherding before the Father.   Read and study carefully Jeremiah and I will teach you what I desire for you to say.  Tell them I am raising up My army of holy priests, My Green Berets:  Men of fortitude, men of courage, holy men, men willing to lay down their lives for their God.  It is these holy priests that will be My Light during the time of great darkness that is approaching.  The time is at the horizon. It is time for all My communities to join forces and work together as My Alliance of Love.  Each individual flame will be united as ONE to ignite the world and set it on fire. Prophesize to Priests.


3/17/2010 Army of Holy Priests Prepare the Way for New Pentecost.

You will prophesy the new Pentecost that is in the horizon.  You will prepare the way by raising up My army of holy priests.  You will call them to repentance. Tell them of My immense love for each of them.  I am their Father waiting for them to come back to Me.  I wish to embrace them and forgive them.  I want them to know and experience the love I have for each of them.  I want them to understand how much I need them to fulfill My work of redemption.  My hands are nailed to the Cross; I need each of them to be My hands, to anoint, bless and heal My children.  I need them to be My feet; moving out as My missionaries to proclaim My words.  I need them to be My eyes, so that My divine gaze can penetrate the core of My children and bring them to repentance and reconciliation with God, their Father.  I need them to be My suffering and pierced Heart to My people; My Heart of compassion.  My daughter, My priests MUST become My loving image in the world.  They, united to My Mother, will bring the Church to the foot of My Cross and through their cries, supplication, prayers and tears the Holy Spirit will be released from My Cross.


3/23/2010 Jeremiah 10:11, Priests Must Repent

 Jesus placed in my heart that I will call His sons (priests) to repentance.  The flock is all scattered and confused because of the lack of holy shepherds.  Satan is the prince of the world and they have not waged war against him but have participated with him.  There is no difference between His sons and all other men.  Their eyes are not on the things of heaven but attached to all of the world, full of sensuality.  They are not obedient to Him; their hearts and intentions are not pure, and they desire the comforts of the world and do not seek poverty.  Tell them how much I love them and are seeking them out.  I am ready to forgive them and transform them if they come to Me and repent.  The time is short.  They will each have to stand before My Father to be judged and when they are shown all My sheep that have gone astray, they will not live.  I am raising up My army of holy priests.  Those that are not with Me, I will spit them out.  I have chosen you as My prophet because it is only a mother’s heart that can call My sons to repentance.  You must plead and supplicate to them as a mother to her son.  You will be My innocent lamb that is slaughtered.  Your blood that is one with My precious Blood will be collected by the angels and used to raise up My army of holy priests.


April 2010 Jesus’ shredded Heart

During prayer I saw interiorly the crown of thorns embedded very deeply in Jesus’ precious head. He then revealed to me His Heart that was held in His hands. His Heart was all shredded; it didn’t resemble a heart. This filled my heart with an immense sadness, and I could not hold back my tears seeing the condition of my Lord’s wounded Heart.  He then said:

My family of Love Crucified is called to repair and console My Heart. This condition of My Heart has been mainly caused by My own (priests & religious).


4/8/2010 Living Chalice 

 Mark 14:22-25 Take this is my body...This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many...


You are My living chalice of My most precious Blood. (I had an interior vision of me united to Jesus crucified as ONE Body.) As I allowed My Body to be pierced so that My Precious Blood could be poured out on many, I desire for you to allow Me to pierce your heart open so that My precious Blood can flow from you to countless souls


“My Lord I do not understand how to be a living chalice of your precious Blood?”



Mary soaked up the precious Blood of her Son with cloths (as in the movie, The Passion of The Christ) representing that she herself is the living cloth soaking up every precious drop of Blood of her Son. She did not allow a drop to be wasted. She knelt at the foot of the Cross absorbing every drop of Blood that flowed from Jesus' wounds. At the moment of the piercing with the sword Jesus was dead, but May was alive, and mystically her Heart was pierced. She desired to die with Jesus and enter His Glory in heaven with Him, but the Father desired for her to remain on earth as the Living Chalice of Jesus' Precious Blood. Through the piercing of her Immaculate Heart, she became the Living Chalice in which her Son's Blood was being poured out on the Apostles and nascent Church.

As victim intercessors we are one with Mary, living chalices of Jesus' Precious Blood on earth. Like Mary, we too, must allow our hearts to be pierced by total abandonment to the Father's Will. We must accept all trials, tribulations, persecutions, and sufferings with patience and trust, thus allowing our Beloved to pierce open our hearts. Like Jesus and Mary, we are perfected in suffering. We become living chalices in which our Lord's Precious Blood can be poured out to others through our pierced hearts in Jesus crucified. It is only through love in suffering that our lives become our Beloved's living chalices being poured out for the sanctification of many souls.


4/30/2010 Missionaries of the Cross-Green Berets / Living Chalices

Just as the Green Berets are not as numerous as the other soldiers, yet because they have been trained to perfection, they, though small in numbers, are able to accomplish great missions.  My Missionaries of the Cross are My Green Berets.  They will not be large in numbers, but they will be formed to perfection.  They will receive the full power of the Holy Spirit and accomplish the mission I have entrusted to you (This was not the exact words My Lord said, but exact in meaning). My little ones, the God of Heaven and earth; the God you possess in your heart; the God you are in union with, will perform great wondrous signs through you and My little ones of this community (LC).  Remain humble and insignificant-- My pure, empty holy chalice to be filled with My Precious Blood.  My blood is life; it heals, purifies, transforms.  Tell ______ to not be consumed with the darkness that is approaching, but with the Light that will consume this darkness.  LC is part of My Light in the world that will consume the darkness.  Remain pure, empty and humble.


5/4/2010  The LC Cross

As you wear the cross of the mission on your chest, you will receive immense graces. (My Lord do You desire the corpus on the cross? ) No, because as you place the cross on, it is your body that is on the cross. As the Father gazes at each of you wearing this cross, He will see your body crucified on the cross.


5/24/10 Priests – Fortified Wall of Bronze

Tell My sons that they have gone astray from the path I set before them. They have gone astray from the narrow path that leads to life. Their hearts have grown cold and hardened because they seek their fulfillment in themselves. It is only through a life of penance and mortification that the flesh can be purified. Tell them, My daughter, to gaze at My love crucified and to allow My Mother to bring them to the foot of the Cross with those that love Me (I felt St. John and Mary Magdalene). The time of the great chastisement is about to begin. There will be moaning and groaning and grinding of teeth among the righteous and the wicked. My priests must be My fortified wall of bronze to sustain My Church. They will be called to bring My flock to the foot of the Cross and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. These souls filled with My Holy Spirit and transformed by My crucified love will cry out, "Aba, Father, save us!" and through this corporate cry, united to My Mother of Sorrows, the Church will receive its New Pentecost and My Mother will begin Her ascent. (I felt the vision of our Blessed Mother as Queen waiting to begin her procession on the red carpet following the procession of holy priests...) Tell them My daughter, tell them.


5/31/2010  Prophecy for USA/ Missionaries of the Cross

Jeremiah 2:9-19, I the Lord your God speaks: You, My nation of the U.S.A have forsaken Me, your God.  You have made materialism your god.  You have made yourselves your own god.  You have slaughtered My innocent little ones and their precious blood cries out to Me.  You have turned your face from Me.  Now I will turn My face from you during the time of great chastisement.  (I prayed, interceding…) My daughter, raise up My army of holy ones.  You must speak My words of warning, for I, your Lord and your God, loves you.  You must tell them to open their eyes to Love Crucified; to unite themselves to Love Crucified, for it is only in this way that the power of My Cross will triumph over the evil that prevails. (My Lord what about the Miss. of the Cross?) My daughter, the Missionaries of the Cross must be formed in a new way.  They must first be prepared through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so that their minds and hearts can be illuminated with the Light of God.  They must be formed in a disciplined life of prayer and mortification.  They must be formed by My Word, spending hours meditating My Word.  They must read and contemplate the writings of the Saints given to you for the decisive times: (Conchita, Padre Pio,  St. Faustina)  This formation My Missionaries of the Cross will bring to My Fraternity of Priests…


6/2011  Notre Dame Du Laus

This morning when I entered the chapel with the Blessed Sacrament Jesus said He was taking me to a place.  I felt the Holy Spirit come before me as my most treasured companion in the radiant light in which I have seen Him before.  I felt united to Him going up and down hills until I arrived on top of a very high mountain.  I then saw fire and smoke as I looked below, I felt the sound of bombs and the firing of guns.  To the left I saw the city of gold again with a bronze wall all around it.  This city was protected from the fire and smoke.  I saw a man at the gate of the city.  He was black with smoke, dirty, tired, scared.  I was surprised to see only women opening the gate.  They were dressed in white robes.  I felt in my heart their purity, tenderness and love.  They embraced this man and brought him into the wall of the city.


My little and pure one, there will be a great force in the world, great suffering.  It is during this time of great suffering that many souls will come to the door of My Church looking for refuge.  They will be welcomed and enter the gate by the holy women of God.  (I left the Blessed Sacrament because Mass was starting) During Mass Jesus said, “The man you saw entering the gate is a priest.  It is My holy mothers that I am using to cleanse and purify them (mothers as living chalices)…He also said that every priest is being given a Spiritual Mother. 


6/11/10, Rome: Basilica of the Cross as I prayed before the relics of the wood, nails and thorns Kiss My Wounded Feet

My daughter I allowed them to penetrate My head with thorns so that you could visibly see with your eyes the thorns that penetrated My Sacred Heart from the moment of My Incarnation. The thorns of pride and impurity of mind wounded My most sensitive Heart immensely.


My daughter, I allowed My hands to be pierced with nails so that the hands of My priests would have the power to heal and anoint all My children. It is from this hole in My hands that flows the healing light of My Holy Spirit through the hands of My priests. It is this most painful piercing that provided the means for My priests to consecrate Me during the sacrifice of the Mass.


My daughter, it is My Mother who first approached Me and kissed My pierced feet. This act of humility and love was to show mankind how to approach me at the foot of the Cross. It is the Blood from My precious feet that has the power to anoint your lips with the power of My Word. They are few, My daughter, who approach Me at the foot of the Cross to kiss My wounded feet. Blessed are they who follow My Mother in humility.


6/14/2010 Life of Motherhood Fulfills the Desire of Jesus' Heart

 I felt the Father begin to fill me.  He said:

The ways of God are not the ways of the world.  It is the life of motherhood, rejected by so many women of today, but embraced by My MOC united to the Mother of God, that will bring to fulfillment the desire of My Son's Heart… You are called to encourage the mothers in this path of life I have set before you that is so pleasing to God.  You are called to encourage the mothers to love as My Son has loved you, in pain and suffering, for it is this love that will bring life to My Church.  It is this love, the love of the Cross, that will heal the broken hearted, that will restore the wounded, that will bring about unity and peace.  Blessed are they that hear this cry, blessed are they who hear these words from you and respond with love, for they will enter into the Kingdom of God and receive the crown of glory.  Thank you, My daughter, for responding to the call of My Son.  Be still and know that I am God, that I love you and I am with you for all of eternity. 


7/6/2010 Treasured Pearl of Suffering

At Tuesday's cenacle Jesus spoke:  I desire love; I desire for My mission to be fulfilled in each of you; I desire that you receive the treasured pearl of suffering that I am giving you…


Precious pearls and diamonds were pouring forth from the wound in His Heart.  I saw how a multitude of souls was gathering these gifts, but there was one soul who was closest to His Heart, and she, knowing the greatness of these gifts, was gathering them with liberality, not only for herself, but for others as well.  The Saviour said to me: Behold the treasures of grace that flow down upon souls, but not all know how to take advantage of My generosity."  -diary1687, St. Faustina.


7/10    Union With Jesus Crucified

I desire to teach you about being My living chalice. As the Eucharist becomes the center of your life, you receive the desire to come to know Me and love Me. It is then, that My Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit, bring you to the foot of the Cross… (At this point Jesus gave me the image of the pelican piercing her heart and the blood flowing down to her babies) It is at the foot of the Cross, as you kiss My feet, where you are perfected and emptied as you receive My Precious Blood…But I cannot come to dwell in you and fill you with My life until you are pure and empty… It is through the Holy Spirit that you are perfected, and it is He that will lift you up into My embrace…


(During Mass I had an inner vision of being lifted up and being ONE in Jesus crucified. I felt His Heart pouring His Precious Blood into me, but we were one. It was no longer the Blood flowing down. I felt through this union my life being offered to the Father as one sacrifice united in Jesus Christ.)

This is the union of love I desire from each Mother and Missionary of the Cross. It is in this way that Love crucified will have a solid foundation…


7/19/10 Victim Souls in Fire of the Sacred Heart Bringing forth the Holy Spirit

As I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament asking Jesus to give me a confirmation concerning His words Sat. morning, I felt Jesus on the Cross. The flesh on His chest, like a curtain, seemed to open and I could see His Heart as fire. This vision of His Heart as fire in the center of His chest was all in a circle; I felt as the living Eucharist. My Lord had me understand that each of His victim souls are in that fire. Each victim soul intensified the fire of love in Jesus' Heart. Then the fire with all the victim souls consumed the entire Body of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as a massive dove, as I saw Him in 2008, flew out from the Cross upon the world. He was covering the earth with a mantle of Jesus' Precious Blood. All of us, His victim souls, were one with the Holy Spirit participating in the fulfillment of the salvation of the world.

Then Jesus explained:

It is My victim souls united in Me that will bring to fulfillment the salvation of the world. It was not My miracles that saved the world, but My love in suffering revealed on the Cross. My miracles were a gift so that people would know that I am the Son of God. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life… It is the way of the Cross, the Way of Love in suffering, that is the power of God that saves the world… I desire for My Body, the Church, to complete My love in suffering here on earth… (I asked Jesus about the Missionary Preachers.) He said: My Missionary Preachers will proclaim the power of the Cross. It is My beloved sons that are called to live as victims most perfectly in Me. It is all My priests that are called to lead all My children to the foot of the Cross with Mary….  (These are not the exact words, nor the exact sequence, but how I remembered them afterwards.)


7/22/10 Prophet to Priests to Speak the Truth

My Lord spoke to me at length about what I will tell His priests. I fear I will forsake my Lord and not be able to say what He desires. My Lord and my God please sustain me. 

The time of the great darkness is quickly approaching the earth. Each of My sons will have to make a decision to be with Me or against Me but will not be able to remain in the gray area. They will have to repent of their many sins with tears and I will cleanse them with My mercy. They will have to renounce the world with all its passions and embrace poverty… They will live as victims following the pure unblemished Victim Lamb… They must humble themselves and come to the foot of the Cross next to My Mother and kiss My feet. It is the Blood that flows from the wound of My feet that will purify their lips so that they will be able to speak with the Sword of My Word… During the time of the great darkness they must shine forth My holy presence… During the time of great darkness, the principalities of darkness will snatch all My priests that are not one with Me into the abyss of hell… You have been chosen as My prophet for these times to speak My words… It went better for Jeremiah than it will be for you…My Missionary Preachers will teach the way of the Cross to My priests and open their hearts to the Holy Spirit, but you will speak My words

(My Lord said much more, for He spoke for 30 min., but I can't remember everything.)  My sense is that my Lord is preparing me and training me with these words. My heart is full of the fear of the Lord. I would rather die than forsake my Beloved but this mission, as my Lord’s prophet, is so frightening to me.


9/14/10  Feast of the Exultation of the Cross / Path of Rejection & Humiliations

My little ones do not be discouraged for I am doing something new. You are My little servants of love despised and misunderstood by the world. Remain in Me and I in you and in this way the power of God will flow as living water to My Church. Do not be afraid or discouraged for being rejected and not accepted. Do you not see that this is the way of love, the way of the Cross? It is precisely in this path of rejection and humiliations that you will purchase for the world many graces. I am most pleased with each of you. My Father collected your tears last night as one with My Mother’s for the mission I have entrusted to you. Continue in the path of holiness you are walking. My little one, I will make all things new through My Precious Blood and the blood of My martyrs. This spirituality of suffering out of love for Me is not understood even within My Church. Yet here lies the power of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit. More grace is obtained for the world through the hidden life of suffering in love than the public life… Live the hidden life to perfection in Me and in the Heart of My Mother.


9/15/10   Feast of our Lady of Sorrows/ Reprimand Them with tears of Love

During Mass I felt Mary next to me at the foot of the Cross and she had her arm with her mantle around my shoulders. She said, Do not be afraid… She was speaking about the mission to speak to priests. She said I would speak to them representing her as Mother. I asked Mary, “What would you say to your sons?”

She answered, As a Jewish Mother, I would reprimand them with tears of love.


9/10 Mission of LC- new Pentecost & Reign of the Queen of Heaven & Earth

Message given at the retreat house where the Catholic Charismatic Renewal began. I was sitting by myself in front of a statue of St. Therese holding a crucifix.

My daughter the mission of LC is to bring souls to the feet of Jesus crucified with Mary, through consecration. They will enter the Cross through the gate of Mary. You will teach them the way to union with God. You will proclaim consecration to the Holy Spirit through the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mary most Sorrowful. I desire for this time to be the time of My greatest martyrs. It is the blood of My martyrs united to the Blood of Jesus Christ that will usher in the new Pentecost with the reign of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. I desire countless hidden martyrs like My Spouse, the Queen of Martyrs. Here lies the POWER OF GOD and the full power of the Holy Spirit, which will be poured out through the POWER OF THE CROSS.


9/21/10 Hebrews 7  /  the Priestly order of Melchizedek

I am the High Priest. I am the perfect unblemished holy sacrifice of the Father for the redemption of mankind. The priests that came after Me were born of My Pierced Heart; were born of My crucified love. As a woman labors to give life, My priests were conceived in My crucified Heart and were brought to life through the passage in My side created by the spear. Therefore, every priest is called to be ONE with the Word of the Cross. Of themselves they can do nothing and are nothing, but united as ONE to Love crucified they are the power of God. The mission I desire is to bring all My priests to union with Love crucified. It is here that lies the power of God I want them to possess. My priests have become ordinary men dressed in priestly robes, that is why their lives do not produce an abundance of fruit and lack the power to bring My little sheep to conversion. It is My priests who are in need of the greatest conversion. Go forth My daughter with the mission I have entrusted to you. Go in peace My little one to love today in the power of My crucified love.


11/29/10  first week of Advent/ Choose to Love in our Families

 My daughter I want you to spend your Advent meditating on My death. I came into the world to suffer and to die. I came into the world for the Cross… See the oppression and darkness in your family as the same darkness in the world and in My Church… This darkness also oppresses My Heart and I continue to suffer. My daughter, God the Father, intended from the beginning of time for My Body (the Church) to be united to its Head to pierce this darkness. It will be My holy remnant in My Church that united in My Cross will pierce the darkness. My daughter, you must choose to love always. In your family love through your silence, love through your gentleness, love in kindness, love in patience, persevere in love.  Believe My daughter all that I have told you. It will all come to pass…

12/9/10 Mary’s Maidens

My daughter, My Mother carried My Crucified Body in her arms and then she placed Me in the tomb, but she continued to carry My Crucified Body in her Heart. She continued to 'live in Love', in My crucified love. She is the first that continued to suffer with Me (Romans 8:17). I continued My love in suffering on earth through My Mother (Col. 1:24). She bore mystically all My wounds and radiated My light in the darkness of the world (2 Cor 4:6). My daughter, since My Mother 'lives in love' she radiates My light and possess the power of God. Each of My wounds radiates healing light and mercy. She was the first to live on earth as My living pure holy chalice of My Precious Blood. Her hidden life on earth, after My death, God used as a watering can pouring My graces upon the early Church and world and continues through the ages till today. She is gathering her maidens, as she is always perfectly obedient to the Will of the Father, to live in the hidden force of My crucified love. This hidden force of pure victims of love will set the earth on fire. My daughter, you have been chosen to cooperate in this plan of salvation: BRING ME VICITM SOULS!


12/25/2010 Nahum 3  Souls Sealed with Cross on their Foreheads

The days are coming My daughter in which it will not be safe for you to walk in the streets. My time of mercy is coming to its end. The time of justice is at hand. Many will die as the darkness sweeps through the entire world. There will be moaning and groaning and grinding of teeth. You will hear the shrieking of the evil ones. Many souls will be snatched in despair because they failed to recognize the time of My visitation. They have turned their backs on the God of Hosts.  But My souls sealed with the Cross on their foreheads will rise up to defeat the darkness. It is now the time to proclaim My Glorious Cross. Bring many to the Cross to be united with My Mother of the Cross. My daughter, it will be like the time of Noah; very few people will be prepared in the safety of My Cross.


12/8/10  Feast of the Immaculate Conception “This is love”/ Spiritual Motherhood

 In prayer this morning before the Blessed Sacrament I asked my Mother to be the one to come to me today to teach me and guide my meditation for Advent. She immediately gave me the image of Mary holding the infant Jesus and presenting Him to us. Then, as if right next to this image, she showed me Jesus' Body crucified in her arms, as in the Pieta. She said, “This is love.” The Bible verses, “Live in love” and “Suffer with him” immediately filled my heart.


These Bible verses came to life in my heart as I repeated each one contemplating my crucified Jesus in the arms of Mary. Mary explained to me, I am uniting My maidens throughout the world, spiritual mothers. This is the hidden force that possesses the power of God that will cleanse and renew My Son's priesthood (but also many men)... Write today the inspirations you received early this morning on how to teach and form women to understand spiritual motherhood. This is very important. Two things are needed: The Holy Spirit and the Cross...



1/8/11 Missionaries of the Cross“Live Sirach 2”

My daughter, you, Fr. Jordi and My community of Love Crucified will undergo greater attacks now from Satan because he knows what will come forth from My little mustard seed. Live Sirach 2. It is My Will for him (Fr. J) to remain in Mexico where I brought to birth the Works of the Cross. Since 2008 I told you that you would bring to completion the Works of the Cross. TRUST and do not be afraid. My daughter, My constellation of holy priests will come through you, Fr. Jordi & LC. Raise up My army of holy priests! Tell Fr. Jordi to not be afraid to speak the TRUTH of all that I have placed in his heart to his brother priests. Speak to them of the signs of the time. Awaken them to action! My warriors must be ready to fight the decisive battle! Call them to action My little one!

(My Lord, how do I call them to action?)

First, bring them to the foot of the Cross to enter through the gate of Mary

Second, Call them to REPENTANCE. Ask them to repent from their sins of sloth, immorality, lack of prayer, lack of mortification and penance.

Third, tell them to spend time in the Blessed Sacrament contemplating My wounds. Tell them to place their hearts with all their sins inside My most painful wound, My shoulder. I will heal them in this wound. I will perfect them and make them My Living Hosts. In this way, they will radiate My Light during the time of the great darkness that is upon you.

Obedience, humility, love, poverty, purity all flow as the living fruit of intimacy with Me, the source of all life. I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. He who abides in Me abides in Love and walks the narrow path of the Cross that leads to eternal life.


1/14/11 Hardness of Heart/ Repentance

 My daughter, a hardened heart is not able to receive the grace of God. It is not able to see the glory of God revealed before him. I, God Incarnate, was in their midst yet they were blind. My Heart was grieved to see the condition of their hearts, for I knew that not even My crucifixion would touch their hearts. My daughter, many are called but it is few that respond. The act of Mary Magdalene and Peter, in which they come to Me with tears of sorrow, is necessary to pierce the hardness of the human heart seeped in sin. My daughter, My Heart continues to be grieved at seeing such hardness of hearts within My Church. I desire that you awaken the hearts of My sons with tears and supplications as only a mother can. My little one, I do not want you to give a talk; I do not want you to convince them of anything. I want you to call them to repentance and supplicate them to respond to this last outpouring of My mercy for them. My daughter, know and be prepared for great persecution because few will respond, but God in His infinite mercy will use the holy remnant to save the multitude.


1/18/11  The Rope worn by the MOC

In the Blessed Sacrament this morning I came to the feet of my crucified Jesus to seek repentance. I wiped His bloody feet with my hands and tears of sorrow for my hardened heart. If my love was perfect, I would be full of excitement and anticipation to do the Will of the Father, but I am full of fear and anxiety because my heart is still seeped in self-love. My Lord and my God, look with pity on me and forgive me but this is my miserable condition. Only you can heal and transform me making me your pure holy living chalice.

I then pondered the words the Lord gave me last night: Abandon yourself into My crucified embrace. Look in the depth of My eyes and contemplate the sorrow of your Beloved. I asked the Holy Spirit to bring me into the Lord's embrace. Immediately, I saw Jesus standing at the top of the Holy Steps waiting to be condemned to death.  I slowly ascended each step until I reached my Lord. His hands were not bound because I was wearing the rope around my waist. My Lord embraced me with His Scourged Body. I gazed into His eyes and saw the sorrow of His Heart. I could hear behind me the roar of the people, “Crucify Him.”  The darkness permeated everything except Jesus and the little light in the crowd of Mary, St John and Mary Magdalene. Jesus had me understand and feel that this cry, “Crucify Him” is the same cry in the world today. It’s the same cry towards Asia Bibi; it’s the cry against so many Christians throughout the world.

As I contemplate my Jesus scourged, bloody, weak, grieved, mocked, tortured, humiliated, the Glory of God hidden within His Crucified Body, I understand the cry of my Lord, “bring Me victim souls.” It is not through human accomplishments, places of honor nor eloquent words that will pierce this darkness, but through the power of God in the Word of the Cross and the power of victim souls.


2/8/11 “Be Faithful to this Mission”

Before the Blessed Sacrament I felt our Lady of Guadalupe approach me and bless me. She said:

Be faithful and trust all that My Son has given you. The “fiat” is your constant “yes” to the Lord. It is not the goal but the beginning. Your “fiat” must allow me to bring you to the foot of the Cross.  It is only in the Cross united to Love Crucified that your “fiat” will be perfected and you will be consumed in the fire of God’s love, so that it is no longer you that lives but My Son in you… The Will of God becomes your life. Your mission is to raise up my army of holy priests by proclaiming His Glorious Cross. Be faithful to this mission.


2/22/11     Suffer With Jesus - Joy

I came into the world to suffer, to lay down My life in order for you to have life. I suffered from the moment of My Incarnation. Through My suffering, The Word made Flesh, I redeemed and sanctified all suffering. When you suffer without Me you can only bear your suffering, but when you suffer with Me your suffering is transformed into the power of God. It is only when you suffer with Me that you will encounter true joy in suffering, for true joy is knowing the love of the Most Holy Trinity and becoming one in this Love. Like Me, this love will move you to perfect obedience, obedience onto the Cross, to become, as My Mother, redeemers with Me aiding in the salvation of the world. This then is true love- suffering with Me.

My daughter, you will only be able to preach suffering with Me when you are living it through the power of the Holy Spirit.


2/26/11  Love is not Known nor Loved by the Majority

The crown of thorns you see on My head in Calvary represents the thorns that pierced My Heart during My life and continues to pierce My Heart. My Heart was tortured and shredded before I began My Calvary. I received the thorns of ingratitude, denial, indifference, apathy, hatred, rejection, solitude… Can you begin to imagine this My daughter? The God, who so loved the world, was not received and till this day continues to be rejected by all except for a small remnant. Love is not known nor loved by the majority. Have My community, that I want to use to awaken the world to love, ponder these things.


2/28/11 White Cloth Soaking Up the Blood of Christ

It was in the scourging that I lost the greatest amount of Blood. I was beat by the hatred of the past, present and future. I received the hatred of the world upon My Body. I, the perfect pure Martyr of Love, took upon Myself all the hatred of humanity. The only antidote for hatred is love. My Mother soaked up My Precious Blood with towels representing her body as My living chalice. Mary Magdalene imitated her. You, My Mothers and Missionaries of the Cross, are also called to imitate My Mother. Allow your bodies to prostate themselves on My Precious Blood, soaking up My Blood with your lives, thus becoming My living chalices.

How my Lord do we do this?

By loving when you are misunderstood, laughed at, judged, persecuted, condemned, ridiculed…. During your days, instead of talking so much, contemplate My Precious Blood on the ground and your bodies as My Mother’s living cloth soaking it up.

You will radiate the beauty of God when you mirror your Love Crucified.


3/1/11 Expansion of the Tent of your Hearts

My daughter, the way of the Cross is a lonely path because few walk this path. You, LC, are called to lead many on this path that leads to new life. As they pierced My feet, I blessed all the souls I saw trod the wide path of destruction, lured by the passions of the flesh and world. My blessing with My Blood provided the strength they need to choose the narrow path of life. I also saw you, and the few truly following in My footsteps, and I blessed you and sealed you with My Blood in perseverance. I now ask you, My blossoming mustard seed, to help guide many out of the path of destruction into the path of life, especially My beloved sons, whom I need to shepherd My people into the safety of My Cross.


The love of God will stretch your love beyond your physical capacities. The expansion of the tent of your hearts is a most painful process. You have to choose to love those most difficult to love. You must always choose love, patience, and tenderness and never give into anger and resentment. The tenderness of God was manifested through My hands. The healing grace of God was transmitted through My hands. I need you to be My hands and to transmit the healing grace of God to your spouses, children and many. It is My tenderness that heals the harshness and hardness of hearts. Radiate My tenderness through your hands. My children, climb the steps of My feet, My side, My Heart to reach the gaze of My crucified eyes. It is My gaze that will pierce your hearts and heal all pride, self-love and vanity. It is My gaze that will awaken your hearts to love Love Itself. It is through My crucified gaze that you will find the courage to continue in the path of life. It is through My crucified gaze that you will receive the revelations of the mystery of suffering, which is the mystery of love. It is through My crucified gaze that you will desire to be One with The Victim of Love, in which you will desire solely the Cross, in which you will desire the salvation of all your brothers and sisters and forget yourself, in which you will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to lay down your life as My sacrifice of love for the salvation of many.


3/8/11 Mark 12:1-12    LC Prophets Preparing the Way for My Second Coming

You (LC), are the prophets of new, preparing the way for My Second Coming. I established My Church, giving birth to her sacraments and ministers, on the Cross. My Church, the vineyard, has become defiled with many corrupt ministers. I am sending you among wolves to cleanse My vineyard through the power of My Cross and Blood. Therefore, you must be clothed with humility and purity and covered with the mantle of My Mother soaked in My Precious Blood. This Gospel parable reveals your mission. The teachings are your preparation. If you each“abandon yourselves simply" (Conchita p. 124) to Me, I promise you I will grant you the grace of transformation. It is My new disciples, that I Myself am preparing and training, united as one with the Holy Spirit and My Mother, that will cleanse My Church and bring forth from the depth of My Cross the new Pentecost with the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. On your part, be docile of heart and give no resistance to the formation I am bringing you.


3/12/11 Retreat in GA—Love Christ as His Living Chalice

My little one, do you love Me? I desire to be loved by you in a particular way—as My living chalice. As My spouse of My Most Precious Blood, you are to remain united in My crucified love on the Cross, in this way, your chalice will always be overflowing so that you can irrigate the souls of many for Me. This is the love I desire from you. Do not be scared to speak the truth of what I place in your heart to all My sons. I need you to be My living chalice to irrigate their hearts with My Precious Blood-- that purifies, heals, renews, and transforms to make you holy and acceptable to the Father. Abandon yourself into My crucified embrace. You are My prophet, and as My prophet, your words, which are no longer your words but Mine, will pierce hearts and awaken them to Love. Be abandoned completely to Me with the Holy Spirit and obedient to all I tell you. In this way, you will love Me, and I will find My rest in you.


3/22/11  As Martyrs of Love we are not Fighting Alone     

I see your suffering heart hidden to the world. I see your tears hidden in your heart and soul. I hear your every prayer and cries. I feel all your struggles and pains. Suffer all with Me, for I am suffering all with you. Know that your God and Spouse is always with you. Suffer all with patient endurance and the glory of God will be revealed to you. The darkness is penetrating the world and seeping into all your homes; stand firm in the spirituality of the Cross as I have taught you. It is My martyrs of love that have the power of God to fight against this darkness and win. Be strong in Me. Do not fall into the trap of believing that you are fighting this battle alone, for you are the hidden force united as one to My Mother, the angels and saints and each other. This knowledge will bring you strength.


3/23/11   ISAIAH 51    The Father Speaks to LC

You, My little ones, have responded to the plea of the Mother of God and the cries of My Son. Therefore, I am responding to you. I have placed you in the palm of My hand to be My people and I your God. It is I, Abba Father, who hears your cries and supplications and answers you. My wrath is coming upon the earth, but you, My people, will be safe hidden in the palm of My hand. You are the remnant in which the purity of the Church, the Body of My Beloved Son, shines forth. Remain steadfast in prayer, praise and adoration, and suffering all with My Beloved Son and you will not go astray. I am leading you, My people; I go before you in the Light of the Holy Spirit. Be vigilant; learn to hear with the ears of your soul and see with the eyes of your soul.


3/28/11 Words from God the Father: Prophets to Prepare the Way for the Coming of the Lord/ Bronze Wall

The time of the great and horrible devastation is drawing near. Prepare the way for My Son. My little ones, you must set out to preach with the fire of God. I am commissioning you as My prophets to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. You must preach repentance as St. John the Baptist. But repentance through the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. You must bring to light the darkness of sin hidden in the hearts of My priests. My fire will consume this darkness. My Missionaries of the Cross are my Son's Green Berets because… The Green Berets will face head-on the darkness that consumes the priesthood. They will fight with the sword of the Spirit. They will be clothed and possessed by the power of God because they are one with the Word of the Cross. You, my daughter, will raise up my Missionaries of the Cross along with the hidden force of the Mothers of the Cross. Do not be afraid to speak with the fire of the Holy Spirit you possess. The time is at hand when all my priests will be separated in two camps, the goats from the sheep. You are My prophets for these decisive times, called to build the bronze wall of my Son's army of holy priests around the Bride, the Church. During the great devastation, many will enter her safety through her holy ministers. The main responsibility of the Missionaries of the Cross is to bring to light the devastating darkness Satan continues to keep concealed. Bring to light the sin of My ministers and call them to repentance at the feet of Jesus crucified. They all must unite to the Word of the Cross so that they can possess the power of God to lead my Church to safety during the storm that is approaching


4/19/11 God’s Apostles of Light to Defeat the Darkness of Satan

During my Holy Hour in the Keys, I saw in my soul the ocean. I could see in the horizon many black army ships approaching. It was a massive darkness. Then on the shore I saw Fr Jordi and other priests along with lay faithful shining as brilliant lights.

Jesus explained that I am called to raise up His Apostles of Light. He said that the Light of God is more powerful than the darkness of Satan and that He will defeat the forces of darkness with the light of His holy remnant.


4/20/11 Betrayal

Why did Judas betray Me? Pride, self-love, vanity…  He could not abandon his plans, his ways, his own desires. My ways began to oppose his ways and he was not willing to abandon his ways to follow Me. He sought honor and power and I was humiliated and humble. He sought riches and I was poor seeking only the Kingdom of God. He betrayed Me in his act of manipulation never having intended to have Me killed. Finally, being self-absorbed in himself he could not receive My forgiveness because he could not fathom a God of infinite mercy.


I, My little one, am betrayed daily by the majority of those who call themselves Mine. There are very few who are willing to abandon their plans, goals, desires… their very lives to follow Me. The cry,“Crucify him, crucify him!”represented the majority. These were men and women that heard me teach, witnessed My miracles or had heard of My miracles through word of mouth. They were led astray by the fury and opinions of others.


I was not only betrayed by Judas, My little one, but by all My apostles as well. Who was there to defend Me, to speak up for Me, to give witness to Me? Do you see My daughter how many followers I had then and how many followers I have today?


After My death, My apostles weak and scared gathered around My Mother. She, the living vessel of the Holy Spirit, taught them, guided them, prayed with them, and prepared them to receive the outpouring of My Spirit in Pentecost. It was she with the Holy Spirit that prepared them to be My followers, that is, martyrs of love. For the ways of God, as My life revealed, are not the ways of the world.


Will you be My follower, My daughter? Will you remain united to your Love Crucified till the end? Will you continue to abandon all your plans, desires, life to trust completely in Me? Will you allow Me to make you one with the Victim of Love - misunderstood, condemned, ridiculed, rejected, betrayed, humiliated? Will you receive all My wounds and radiate to the world the love of God?


My apostles of light must be My martyrs of love. My daughter, preach victimhood in Me with all the passion of your heart and do not be afraid to be misunderstood by many. My daughter, the Missionaries of the Cross must reveal to the world the Power of God revealed in the Word of the Cross, by they becoming one with the Word of the Cross. You must gather, like My apostles, around Mary. In the upper room Mary had them gather to pray at the foot of the Cross contemplating My crucified love. It is only here that you receive the power of the Holy Spirit. My daughter, bring many to the foot of the Cross as one with My Mother. Thank you for responding to My call.


4/27/11         Believe only in the Triumph of My Cross  2 Maccabees 7

The time is at hand when the justice of the Father will come upon the world. My little one, you must trust in Me, in all that I have taught you and all I have placed in your heart. You need to be the mother of 2 Maccabees. You need to raise up My victim priests with the fire of a mother's heart; A fire ignited by the Spirit of God. It is fear that blinds you and keeps you from igniting the hearts of all I desire for you to touch. Tell _______ he will have to suffer much persecution and condemnation for the sake of My Kingdom here on earth. The Missionaries of the Cross will rise by the blood of My martyrs of love. Suffer all with Me. Believe only in the Triumph of My Cross. Resurrection is the fruit of glory that comes from My Cross.


5/8/11    "Will You Allow me to Break You?” 2 Corinthians 4:6-12

My daughter, it is only those who allow Me to break them completely, as I was broken for you and continue to be broken in the Host at every Mass, that contain fully My life in them. My Body contained in the Host is broken at every Mass through the hands of My priest in order to remind you daily that you too must be broken through the hands of the Father. Will you allow Me to continue to break you of all your pride, unfaithfulness, vanity, rebelliousness, harshness of heart, slow to believe, so that all that is left in you is the love of the Most Holy Trinity?

Fr Jordi must move forward now with great courage and zeal to raise My new apostles of light. These new priests are needed for this time of darkness. You must lead My priests to complete abandonment to Me; they too must be docile in allowing Me to break them. I do not wish for Fr Jordi to go to Boynton Beach, for what I wish to bring My sons is not more advanced theology but My simple doctrine that calls them to become like children in My midst. Fr Jordi does not need more theology; he now needs to teach My simple doctrine of the Cross to many.


5/16/11  Consolers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary  

Mary speaks: The little mustard seed of LC will be known, above all, as the consolers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart.  You (LC) are Our true contemplatives of the Cross and the oasis of Our suffering Hearts. I cry tears of blood because My Heart profusely bleeds with so many thorns. It is your hands, as you suffer all with Jesus, that removes so many thorns that cause Us to suffer. It is you (LC) that the Father is most pleased with. Tell Fr. Jordi that the hands of the priests are the hands of My Son who come to me to remove these thorns that cause me so much suffering. The hands of purity remove these thorns but purity in every act, purity in every thought, purity in every desire… It is not busyness with so much to do that consoles our Hearts but pure love in every act, thought and desire. The Missionaries of the Cross, above all, must be PURE and the hands of Jesus removing the thorns that pierce my Heart. Teach this SIMPLE PATH OF HOLINESS Jesus and I are leading you in to all. Go in peace my daughter. Remain steadfast in your mission and share the treasures you are receiving with all.


5/19/11 Heavenly Treasures in the Treasure Chest of our Hearts

Repentance from the heart is the lever that opens wide the dam doors of My mercy (I could see the doors, gate, of a dam opening and the water rushing in). I know your frailty My daughter… I bless you and forgive you, My daughter (I felt Jesus place my head on His chest, as a father consoles his little daughter). Be at peace now for I have heard your confession and forgive you. You must speak to My people from the depth of your heart. It will be as the flood gates opening and My living life flowing from you. I give, and will continue to give, My little mustard seed of LC the abundance of heavenly treasures. You must receive these treasures in your heart and safe guard them. When you each open the doors of your heart, many will see the beauty and radiant sparkle of these heavenly treasures within you. They will desire to possess these treasures and you will share them with all that want to partake in this heavenly feast. Reveal to them one treasure at a time as I have done with you. You are My living treasure chest that contains My life, My Body and My Blood. Learn to live in this constant awareness with a grateful heart, thanking Me and Mary always.


5/31/11   Rosa Mystica Forms the MOC

The MOC are the joy in heaven. They are the purest servants of the Father.  It is through the hidden life of the MOC that My army of holy priests will be raised up. These spiritual mothers will live the tears and sorrows of their hearts united as one with My Mother of Sorrows. It is My Mother’s sorrows that continue to shower grace upon the world, and as My MOC unite as one with My Mother, the shower will become a living torrent of grace. Therefore, each MOC must be perfected in living her hidden ordinary life with all its trials, sorrows, exhaustion…. with pure love and in this way, she will find her joy; the joy of knowing that she is participating in the hidden sorrows of My Mother for the salvation of many souls. Allow My Mother to form each of you, My daughters. It is Rosa Mystica that wants to form your gentle hearts. Mary reveals the sorrows of her Pierced Heart that continue to remain hidden and the roses of prayer, sacrifice and penance. You must imitate Mary in this way. Your lives will become the sweet fragrance of prayer and your sacrifices and penances will be lived in the most ordinary of your duties as women. Your lives as My victims of love will go unnoticed by the world but seen by the eyes of the Father. He will use your hidden lives of love to humble the proud. Know that you are My consolation.


6/1/11 Mary’s Army to Usher in the Reign of her Immaculate Heart with the new Pentecost

Our Lord placed in my heart to read Jeremiah 6 and then He said:

Do not fear My daughter for the Father has found favor in you. The time of the decisive battle is at hand. Satan and all his principalities have conquered the earth, but My Mother is uniting Her army, My holy remnant. She, with the power of the Holy Spirit, is forming and training this army. The world will fight with guns and weapons, but My army will fight with the power of My Cross. My daughter, you must believe in the power of the hidden force revealed to you. It is this hidden force centered in the Word of the Cross that the Father will use to raise up My army of holy priests, for it is they, My chosen ones, that will usher in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the new Pentecost for the world. Believe and live what I have told you for the time of the great destruction is at hand. You must help form My hidden martyrs of love with all the zeal of your heart. It is they that Satan fears the most. You must not fear to proclaim and teach about My victims of love to the world. Go in peace to suffer your situation with patience, trust and love, for I will not disappoint you. Thank you for responding to My call.


6/8/11 Becoming One with Jesus Eucharist – His True Consolers

The Eucharist is the power of the hidden life.

The Eucharist is the love of God. It reveals how I love you: in humility, simplicity and patience—love in patience as I wait upon My sons and daughters to come to Me in thanksgiving, praise and adoration.

The Eucharist is the love of God in waiting.

The Eucharist is the love of God who loves the good and the bad, the deserving and the underserving.

Will you love as I love you?

Will you love those that don’t appreciate you, those that condemn, misunderstand, abandon and reject you?

Will you love in waiting with patience upon them?

Will you give yourself to those that reject you, ridicule you, ignore you?

I felt interiorly the Eucharistic Jesus in me and I in Him. I felt as a living host. I felt as the tabernacle and Jesus Eucharist fully contained in the chamber of my heart. Then I felt myself as the living host being broken into many little pieces and being given to many people. Jesus then explained that I am His and that it is His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity that is given to others from me.

Jesus asked me to love Him for all those in my family who do not love Him and for Fr Jordi to love Him for all his brother priests that do not stop before the Blessed Sacrament to visit Him. Jesus is constantly consoling us in the Blessed sacrament but there are very few souls who are HIs consolers.


6/16/11 Army of Victim Souls as One with Jesus Eucharist Defeats Satan and Raises a Holy Priesthood

Blessed Mother:

A time is coming, and it is very near, in which life as you know it will cease to exist. You will experience hunger and much suffering. It is during this time that my reign will come, and through me, the power of the Holy Spirit will set the world on fire like you have never known. It is my army of victim souls that I am preparing for these decisive times, for it is their hidden lives, as One with my Eucharistic Son, that are being given the power from heaven to defeat Satan and all his principalities and raise My Son's cohort of holy priests to usher in my reign. You have been given a mission from the Father and you will give birth to the Missionaries of the Cross, through the hidden force of love of the Mothers of the Cross, to help raise this holy cohort. Continue to live all we tell you and to suffer all with Jesus as I do, and all will take place in your lives according to the Will of the Father. Go in peace my daughter.


6/2011 A Reflection from My Heart on the Feminine Heart:

The condition of the great majority of men, including many priests, is that they have no life within them because they lack the life of the Holy Spirit. They are alive but dead.

A woman's heart was created by God with a deep sensitivity that the man's heart does not naturally possess. This sensitivity gives her the ability to suffer deeply. Both men and women are created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, this sensitive quality of the woman's heart is also part of the Heart of Jesus Christ.

As women, and MOC, Jesus desires us to suffer ALL the sorrows of our feminine heart WITH HIM as reparation for the sins of all men, especially priests. To suffer in this way is to love as God loves. These deep sorrows constitute piercings that IF suffered in union with Jesus' interior crucifixion and Mary's suffering of solitude provide for us the GIFT of living the MARTYRDOM OF THE HEART. All sorrows and sufferings of our feminine hearts suffered with patience, trust and love are PRICELESS to God. No sorrow is insignificant to God, and the most insignificant of sorrows, SUFFERED WITH JESUS AND MARY, have infinite value for the sanctification and salvation of souls.

Our hearts suffer hidden, only seen by the eyes of the Father, but our exterior lives must be a gift (rose) to all. The sweetness of our smile, the love in the gaze of our eyes, our gentle touch, and the compassion and charity of each of our words is the love (gift) that is given to the world. This is loving with the Holy Spirit. This is learning to live fully the gift and dignity of our womanhood. The hidden sufferings of my heart with the many men in my life grants me the opportunity to love in sorrow for the sanctification of all men, especially priests. Jesus permits this continuous suffering for a greater good. We must TRUST and LOVE.


6/26/11 Participation In the Eucharist Brings us to Union

Many partake of My Body and Blood but few participate and respond by living in Me.

Most people partake of My Body and Blood but few desire to participate in My Body and Blood (The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ? 1 Cor.10:16). In order to become One Body in Me you must respond to participate in living in My Body and Blood. In the Eucharist I give of Myself fully to you and you partake, meaning you receive Me, but then you must respond to this gift of Love by giving of yourself to Me. You must give Me of your blood in sacrifice and your body, which is your will. In the Eucharist I Am the Victim of Love.

In order for you to become ONE BODY, ONE BLOOD with Me you must respond to become My victim of love, victim united as ONE to The Victim. What is required of My creature is her response, her "fiat", then the power of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, brings about this perfect union.

It is at the foot of the Cross with My Mother that you receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit from My pierced side. It is He who will lead you through the narrow path of My Cross to perfect union in Me. (The perfect narrow path from the feet of Jesus crucified to His kiss).


My participation in Jesus' Eucharistic life:

Before Mass began in the Blessed Sacrament, I began to feel the tears of Jesus and His immense sorrow. My deep sorrow in the difficult situation with _______ was bringing me into the sorrow of my Lord. “My daughter, suffer with Me…”  I felt in spirit I could approach my Beloved and touch His face with His tears and suffer with Him. What sadness Jesus and Mary suffer! His mercy and love are being rejected by the multitudes. ________ represents so many souls.

6/28/11  Hidden Martyrs of Love Live Perfect Joy

My daughter, I desire souls to participate in My interior crucifixion as ONE with My Mother. It is in this way that you will obtain the greatest amount of graces for the world. A time of great destruction is coming to the world; it is My hidden martyrs of love that the Father will use to aid many to the Light. It is My hidden martyrs of love that possess the power to raise up My army of holy priests needed for the decisive battle that is at hand. My little ones, you are called to help form My hidden martyrs of love to perfection in Me. Accept My chalice of love and suffering and suffer with Me, as ONE with Me, the sorrows of My Sacred Heart. As an all loving Father, I suffer the sickness of My sons' and daughters' hearts, but My greatest suffering is that they don't allow Me, the Healer of all hearts, to touch them. They seek healing in all forms except in the only One that can bring them to life. I desire for all the Mothers of the Cross to unite as one with My Mother of Sorrows to obtain graces for humanity. The salvation of many is dependent upon your RESPONSE.


My Lord how do we live Your sorrows?

My daughter, embrace all the sorrows I place in your heart with perfect peace, trust, patience and love and exteriorly reveal your gentle smile and PERFECT JOY in knowing the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for you, your PERFECT JOY in knowing that We live in you and you in Us, the PERFECT JOY in knowing you have been chosen by God to aid in the salvation of many and you have responded, the PERFECT JOY of living in faith, hope and charity, the PERFECT JOY of possessing the gift of the Cross, the PERFECT JOY of knowing more intimately LOVE and becoming ONE with LOVE, the PERFECT JOY of possessing the Holy Spirit as your most treasured Companion, the PERFECT JOY of seeing yourselves transformed into a new creation in Me, the PERFECT JOY of knowing Mary and living with her as ONE HEART in My LOVE CRUCIFIED.

Jesus then approached me interiorly holding a gold chalice filled with His Blood and Jesus’ tears were dropping in the chalice. He gave it to me to drink and said that I must maintain myself more recollected in Him. I must speak less to not disturb our union. I must do my work in this state of recollection. I am called to live this union of suffering with Jesus more than to do. It is of greater value.


6/30/11   God Desires to Make Us Living Hosts as His Hidden martyrs of Love

My daughter the time is short. You have been chosen to fulfill God’s plan of salvation in you. (I hesitated to write the words“in you" because it sounded awkward to me and I thought maybe I was hearing incorrectly.) Yes, My daughter, in you, for the will of the Father is to possess you with His love and through Me, with Me, and in Me become ONE with LOVE.


To do the will of the Father must become your daily food, your daily life. Nothing else should matter: persecutions, imprisonments, misunderstandings, loneliness, solitude, hunger… for when you live in the Father's Will you possess all. Was this not My life here on earth?

My daughter, you must live each moment IN LOVE, then you will live in perfect peace. You must learn to wait upon the Lord for this is love. Is that not how I lived My life here on earth? At the age of twelve I was ready to begin My mission that was already consuming My Heart, but I returned with Mary and Joseph to wait upon My Father's time, and then My public mission but only lasted three short years. But you see My daughter, My mission had already begun and was being fulfilled throughout all My hidden life from the moment of My Incarnation. The power of God for the redemption of the world was at work in My hidden life, and Mary Most Holy was participating as ONE with Me in My hidden life in the work of redemption.

You must form My hidden martyrs of love, for God the Father is using them to fulfill His plan of salvation during these decisive times. Live your hidden life as ONE with Me in My hidden life in the Eucharist and you will grow in the power of God, which is LOVE. This is the HIDDEN FORCE that will sweep through the face of the world to conquer Satan's darkness. The Eucharist is the power of God in the world and God desires to make you living Hosts.


7/1/11   Victims of Love Possess the Fire of the Sacred Heart

The love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit was fully contained in My human heart. In My humanity, the Word Incarnate, My love was manifested in My suffering. My ocean of mercy flowed from My love in suffering for you. To love here on earth is to love in suffering because of sin. Only in heaven does love exist without suffering. You desire to become ONE Heart with Me. Do you then desire to suffer with Me?  To love is to suffer. I suffer the condition of each of your wounded and broken hearts because I love you. You were created from the beginning of time to know LOVE and to live in LOVE. This is happiness, but sin came into the world and the darkness has overcome the Light in the hearts of many of Our children. My Sacred Heart consumed in the Fire of Love continues to love and desires to set the world ablaze with My fire. This is love. Do not be fooled, My daughter, My death and resurrection has defeated sin and darkness. The darkness of Satan can never extinguish My fire of love within you. It is My fire within you that has the power to extinguish the darkness surrounding you.


It is My victims of love that the Father will use to set the world on fire. It is My victims of love that possess the fire of My Spirit. Enter the furnace of My love through the passage of choosing to suffer all with Me in the hiddenness of your lives. My Heart thirsts for such love.


7/9/2011          LIVING HOSTS, HIDDEN FORCE

My daughter, I am alive and present in the world in My Eucharist. But My living presence takes on human form in My living hosts. When I become alive in you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is no longer you but I who lives and takes My being in you. I am able to speak through your lips; My voice becomes audible through you; My hands touch and heal through your hands... I move outside the Tabernacle through you, thus reaching out to the four corners of the world. The power of God is spread through My living hosts and new life is given to many through My living chalices of My most precious Blood. You must proclaim from the housetops what you hear Me whisper in your heart (Mat. 10:27). This is My hidden force that will sweep through the world and holds the power of God.


My daughter, will you deny Me what I ask of you in the recesses of your heart? My little one, it will not be easy, in fact, it will cost you your life, but is that not what you gave Me in your fiat, your very life?


My Lord and my God, I will not deny You, but I am constantly aware of my misery and weakness. I can do nothing without you. You used St Joan of Arc to raise up an army, a young farm girl, but you would tell her where to go and what to say. She only followed your commands. I can do only the same. You are my Master and I am your slave. I will wait upon your orders because I can do absolutely nothing on my own. Have great mercy upon me and the whole world. My Lord and my God, please help me and have great pity on my weakness, so that I can truly lay down my life for You. Mother Mary be with me, leading me every step of the way. Totus Tuus


7/11/11       Message to Seminarians

Tonight Fr. Jordi met with a group seminarian. While I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament for their meeting our Lord gave me words for them.

First our Lord had me read from Conchita's Diary pages 211-212, A New Pentecost. Then He said:

The Holy Spirit formed My Human Heart in all its perfection. He, the Holy Spirit, lives in Me as I live in the Father and the Father in Me. The Holy Spirit is released with all His power from the fire of My Sacred Heart when souls approach Me with humility at the feet of My Cross. The Holy Spirit flows from the fire of My crucified love. Only love can wage war against the darkness of Satan and win. It is purified love that I need for the decisive battle at hand. Therefore, My little one, bring Me victim souls. The Holy Spirit is received as a seed in Baptism but He is fully stirred into flame in My Cross. It is united as one to My Mother at the foot of the Cross that the Holy Spirit begins to possess your mind, heart and soul.

My daughter, tell these seminarians that they have been chosen as priests of the end times, priests of the Holy Spirit to usher in the new Pentecost through the reign of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Therefore, teach them how to come, like St John, to the foot of the Cross with Mary, and consecrate themselves to the Holy Spirit through the consecration novena I had you write. Tell them to be holy as I am holy, to be mortified, so that purity can grow in their hearts. Tell them to embrace the MOC as one with My Mother, for the Father will bless them through their prayers, sacrifices and many sufferings.



For two days now, I have been seeing Jesus’ chest as a consuming fire. Moses approached the burning bush but could only approach God in the fire. Now, through Jesus Christ, we are able to enter the fire and be fully consumed in the fire of the Holy Trinity. 

Then I began praying the rosary in honor of our Lady of Rosa Mystica and for all her sons and religious. I felt Mary approach me and she was crying tears of blood. An angel, I think Angel Gabriel, stood between Mary and me. He removed the first sword from Mary’s chest and pierced my chest. Then he did the same with the 2nd and 3rd sword. My eyes were fixed on Mary’s. She said, “You have been chosen by the Father to suffer as one with my sorrows. You will suffer my sorrows at the condition of the hearts of my sons (priest) and religious.” I felt the roses of prayers, sacrifices and penances as the sweet fragrance rising to the throne of the Father.


Jesus spoke in my heart:

My mercy in My blood and water is being poured upon the world, but I find very few hearts open to receive My grace. It is as the parable of the seed (Mat. 13:1-23). There are very few hearts docile, humble, pure, cultivated in patient suffering, and open to receive My gift of infinite mercy and love. This Heart (Sacred Heart) which has loved you (humanity) so much is not loved. I promise you, My little one, that those that come to Me in the last stage of My mercy will ascend perfection quickly, for the Father and I, and the Holy Spirit love you and want to restore humanity in Us. You will lead many through this simple path of holiness I am revealing to My little mustard seed (LC), but be assured that My little mustard seed will be the seed that produces a hundred-fold in My Church. Do not be afraid to be consumed in the fire of My Sacred Heart. The fire of My Sacred Heart is the Holy Spirit. As you are consumed in the fire of My Sacred Heart you are consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit. My hidden force is the fire of the Holy Spirit moving out in the world. The passage to enter the fire of My Sacred Heart begins with My Mother, who is the gate to enter My Cross, therefore, she is the gate to enter heaven.


7/15/11    On Retreat in Key Largo with Fr. Jordi, Maria & myself/ Only Purified Love Wins the Battle

My dearest ones, the time is short, and the battle is fierce. You are waging war against the principalities of darkness that have overcome the earth. The time of My Triumphant Cross is also near. I am forming My holy remnant to fight the fiercest battle in the history of salvation. You will be martyred for love of Me, My little one. You must be willing to fight according to My will and plan. It is only purified love that can win this battle and bring forth My peace. It is only the love of My victim souls that can fight this battle and win. Bring Me, and form with Me, many holy victim souls. Know that it is the laity that will respond first, and My sons will be the last, for their hearts have grown cold and hardened. You must be willing to be My prophets for these times. Satan will try to silence your voice because it is My voice, but you must persevere with zeal and humility. Do not fear to speak the truth of the sin in the hearts of My people with courage and love and call them to repentance at My crucified feet. My daughter, I promise you that those that come and kneel, and kiss My feet, will receive the graces of the gold of precious repentance. You must be the voice in the wilderness preparing the path for My Mother. You must extend the carpet of victim souls.


8/14/08    St. Maximilian   Receive My tear, Receive My Sorrows”

As Mass began this morning I could see myself interiorly kneeling next to Mary at the feet of Jesus crucified. Since yesterday I have been at His feet gazing in His crucified eyes. Last night the words He gave me came as I was pierced with the gaze of Jesus' crucified eyes.

I saw and felt one tear from Jesus' eyes fall into my cupped hands as I knelt at His feet gazing up at Him. I remained with this tear in my hands not sure what my Lord was doing or desiring from me. After I received Holy Communion, Jesus said, Receive My tear; receive My sorrows. My Heart is tortured with so much sorrow...

I asked, “My Lord, how do I receive Your sorrows?”

Imitate My Mother. She suffered all My sorrows with Me... Receive My sorrows and give Me rest...

During Mass today I was feeling the sorrow of _________ apathy towards Jesus, the harshness of hearts, such lack of love towards Jesus... My sorrows allow me to understand a little the immensity of Jesus' sorrows. Without the experience of my sorrows, that God permits me to have, I could never come to know and experience the sorrows of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. More-and-more I come to understand the treasure our Lord gave the family of Love Crucified when He said, “Receive the treasured pearl of suffering I am giving you...”

It is only through the sorrows and sufferings in our own hearts that we are able to experience the sorrows and pains in our Lord's Heart, and in this way, come to know and enter into the fire of Jesus' love. Therefore, ALL our sufferings is a gift. Through the sacrifice of the Lamb our suffering is transformed in His into pure love. Our suffering becomes the means by which the Holy Spirit brings us into spousal union with our Beloved. This spousal union IS the union of a victim united to the Victim. This perfect and pure union of love which can only be found in the Cross is the power of God. “The Word of the Cross is the power of God.”


8/24/11      Entering the Fire of the Sacred Heart has Stages as a Log in the Hearth

You enter the fire of love of My Sacred Heart through your willingness and openness to suffer all with Me. It is through My suffering that you come in contact and touch Love. It is through the union of sorrows that you enter the fire of My Sacred Heart. When you enter the fire of My Sacred Heart you are not yet consumed in the fire as one with the fire. It is as the log you throw in the hearth. It takes time for the log to be fully consumed in the fire, until the log and the fire are one. This process has stages of transformation just as the log has stages of decomposing. Once you’ve entered the fire of My Sacred Heart, you must be willing and abandoned to enter the dark night of the senses. My fire of love, which is the Holy Spirit, wants to purify you completely.

The Great Mission

Encounter 2018, Reflection 7


I have chosen you, My Little one, to proclaim My Love Crucified to the ends of the world. You, My prophet of these end times, will not be understood, received, accepted by the vast majority of My people, but your faithfulness to fulfill My Will, will be accepted, honored and blessed by The Father who sees all and knows all. The few, My little ones, who accept, receive and honor this mission given to you, will be blessed by our Heavenly Father. He will multiply your lives given and broken through Me, with Me, and in Me. His power and His glory will fill your small sacrifices, united to My perfect sacrifice of love, to raise up a holy priesthood to usher in My Second Coming. My Second Coming will come through Mary, with Mary and in Mary, for it is My Eucharistic Reign. My little one, the New Pentecost will be the reign of My Mother as one with My Eucharistic Reign united to the Father. This will be the new era of peace in the world – The Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is the great mission given to you and the few that respond. Great will your glory be in heaven. Persevere, My little one, for you have found favor with the Father in the Son.

       St. Bernard, Liturgy of the Hours, Vol I, p. 169

“There are three distinct comings of the Lord of which I know,”wrote St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the great twelfth-century doctor of the Church, in one of his Advent sermons,“his coming to people, his coming into people, and his coming against people.”


“We know that there are three comings of the Lord. The third lies between the other two. It is invisible, while the other two are visible. In the first coming, he was seen on earth, dwelling among men… In the final coming all flesh will see the salvation of our God, and they will look on him whom they pierced. The intermediate coming is a hidden one; in it only the elect see the Lord within their own selves, and they are saved. In his first coming Our Lord came in our flesh and in our weakness; in this middle coming he comes in spirit and power; in the final coming he will be seen in glory and majesty… In case someone should think that what we say about this middle coming is sheer invention, listen to what our Lord himself says: If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him…

If you keep the word of God in this way, it will also keep you. The Son with the Father will come to you. The great Prophet who will build the new Jerusalem will come, the one who makes all things new.


This coming will fulfill what is written: As we have borne the likeness of the earthly man, we shall also bear the likeness of the heavenly man.


Just as Adam’s sin spread through all mankind and took hold of all, so Christ, who created and redeemed all, will glorify all, once he takes possession of all.


Mark Mallet    THE MIDDLE COMING   Posted on November 17, 2017   https://www.markmallett.com/blog/2017/11/17/the-middle-coming/

ONE of the great mysteries of the“end times”being unveiled at this hour is the reality that Jesus Christ is coming, not in the flesh, but in Spirit to establish His Kingdom and reign among all the nations. Yes, Jesus will come in His glorified flesh eventually, but His final coming is reserved for that literal “last day” on earth when time will cease.


Some readers may find it strange to hear the term “middle coming” since, in classical language, we refer to the birth of Christ as the“first”coming and His return at the end of time as the“second”coming.


They are speaking of that period, after the death of the“beast and false prophet", but before the final uprising against the Church through“Gog and Magog” (those nations that definitively reject the Gospel). It is that period that St. John referred symbolically to as a“thousand years”when Satan will be chained in the abyss.


The Church at that time, purified in part by the persecution of the “lawless one", will experience a New and Divine Holiness through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It will bring the Church to the height of her royal priesthood, which is the pinnacle of the Day of the Lord.


The Church, which comprises the elect, is fittingly styled daybreak or dawn… It will be fully day for her when she shines with the perfect brilliance of interior light. —St. Gregory the Great, Pope; Liturgy of the Hours, Vol III, p. 308


St. Cyril delineates this“middle coming" of Christ when He will reign in His saints. He refers to it in the linear sense as a“second”coming.


We do not preach only one coming of Christ, but a second as well, much more glorious than the first. The first coming was marked by patience; the second will bring the crown of a divine kingdom. —The Catechetical Instruction by St. Cyril of Jerusalem,


This“crown”is the completion of the work of redemption in the Body of Christ—her“last stage”of sanctification—when the Divine Will will reign in the Church “on earth as it is in Heaven.“


It will be the kind of union Adam enjoyed with God before the fall, and which was known by Our Lady, whom Pope Benedict XIV called“the image of the Church to come.”Thus, the Sanctity of sanctities is accomplished through the intervention of this“Woman clothed in the sun" and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to, in effect,“birth” Jesus fully within the Church. This is why Our Lady is also known as “the dawn", she who is“clothed in the sun", thereby heralding “the Son's" coming.  St. Cyril


This“hidden coming”is what the Early Church Fathers understood as the inauguration of Christ's reign in a new modality. Just as Pentecost catapulted the budding early Church into a new plane of divine operation, so too, this “new Pentecost”will likewise transfigure the Church.


We do confess that a kingdom is promised to us upon the earth, although before heaven, only in another state of existence… —Tertullian (155–240 A.D)


This is confirmed in magisterial statements such as that of a theological commission of 1952:

If before that final end there is to be a period, more or less prolonged, of triumphant sanctity, such a result will be brought about not by the apparition of the person of Christ in Majesty but by the operation of those powers of sanctification which are now at work, the Holy Ghost and the Sacraments of the Church. —The Teaching of the Catholic Church: A Summary of Catholic Doctrine [London: Burns Oates & Washbourne, 1952] p. 1140


Jesus often taught that“the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Moreover, He taught us to pray, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Thus, St. Bernard sheds more light on this hidden coming.


The “kingdom of God” then, is intrinsically tied to the “will of God.” As Pope Benedict said,


…we recognize that“heaven" is where the will of God is done, and that “earth” becomes “heaven”—i.e., the place of the presence of love, of goodness, of truth and of divine beauty—only if on earth the will of God is done. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, General Audience, February 1st, 2012, Vatican City


On the one hand, we can observe the coming of Christ throughout the Church’s 2000 year history, most especially in His saints and in the renewals that their particular fiats brought. However, the middle coming we are referring to here is an ushering in of the “age of the Spirit", an era in which, corporately as a Body, the Church will live in the Divine Will “on earth as it is in heaven”. It will be as close to Heaven as the Church will get, without the beatific vision.


It is a union of the same nature as that of the union of heaven, except that in paradise the veil which conceals the Divinity disappears… —Jesus to Venerable Conchita


The Triumph, The Second Coming and The Eucharistic Reign

by Fr. Stefano Gobbi,  June 24, 1996



Celebration of the Blessed Virgen Mary Mother of the Church



“This celebration will help us to remember that growth in the Christian life must be anchored to the Mystery of the Cross, to the oblation of Christ in the Eucharistic Banquet and to the Mother of the Redeemer and Mother of the Redeemed, the Virgin who makes her offering to God.”


The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches only a Second Coming that will come after the full inclusion of Jews in the Messiah's salvation and a final trial that will shake the Church, along with arrival of the anti-christ. "On Judgment Day at the end of the world, Christ will come in glory to achieve the definitive triumph of good over evil," states the Church, without mentioning or dispelling an intermediate manifestation.

Love Crucified Community Covenant   Point by point


Moved by Your love and Your grace in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary, my Mother, and the family of Love Crucified...

Ø I resolve to: deny myself to take up my cross dailyto follow Jesus, Love Crucified Through the Immaculate hands of Mary,

Ø I offer: my blood, united to the Precious Blood of Jesus, as a sacrifice of love for You for Your priestsfamiliesthe most hardened hearts the salvation of the worldthe transformation of my heart into Your living chalice so that I become Your companion of love. Inspired by Venerable Conchita and our patron saints

Ø I offer myself as: a victim united to Jesus the Victim of love

Ø I surrender: my entire heart + my will + my desires + my sacrificesmy sufferings + my joys + my prayers + my worksevery thought and action, uniting ALL to Christ’s sacrificial love on the Cross so that no longer I live but Christ, Love Crucified, lives in me

Ø I surrender myself to the Holy Spirit

Ø I vow to:be attentive to His promptings and movements in my soul to come to a deeper knowledge of Christ and of myself

Ø I vow to learn from Christ:His love + His tenderness + His mercy + His humility + His docility His obedience + His purity + His silence + His service and all the virtues

Ø I promise:full assent and obedience to all the Catholic Church teaches to treasure: The Eucharist + The Word + Reconciliation And all the Lord provides for our sanctification

Ø I enter into a covenant of love: with my brothers and sister of the Love Crucified community

Ø I commit to its way of life: my words and actions shall reflect my love for allso that we can help each other live the Path to Union and be witnesses to the world All for the glory of God and the renewal of the Church through a new Pentecost Every movement of my soul shall say with Christ

“Suffer All with Me, no longer two but ONE, in My Sacrifice of Love”

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