Salvation and the need to Evangelize

We are called to a New Evangelization by John Paul II and Benedict XVI
-Card. Ratzinger: "Evangelization means: to show this path... participation in the Cross... to the transformation of our life, which becomes the birth of the new man...". This path is the way of life of the Love Crucified community.  
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Seek true reform
Encounter with Jesus is the essence of reform

"The essence of the crisis of the Church... is the crisis of faith. If we find no answer to this, if faith does not take on new life, deep conviction and real strength from the encounter with Jesus Christ, then all other reforms will remain ineffective" -Benedict XVI, Dec 22, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI responded to a journalist who had asked what Catholics could do "to make the Church more ‘attractive’ to the modern world.": ‘I would say that a Church that seeks to be particularly attractive is already on the wrong path. Because the Church does not work for her own ends, she does not work to increase numbers and thus power"

Urgent need to evangelize. We are aware that few have a personal relationship with Christ, even fewer know that the fullness of truth and life is found in the Catholic Church. Even among Catholics there is a crisis of faith and thus an urgent need to evangelize. The Lord commands us to do so. Love requires it.    

If the sacrament of the Lord’s passion is to work its effect in us, we must imitate what we receive and proclaim to mankind what we revere. -Pope Gregory the Great, O.R. Fri. III Lent.  

We are missionaries seeking to bring all to the fullness of Christ in the Church.
"We have an obligation as Catholics to study and understand the world around us. We have a duty not just to penetrate and engage it, but to convert it to Jesus Christ. That work belongs to all of us equally: clergy, laity and religious. We are missionaries. That is our primary vocation; it is hardwired into our identity as Christians. God calls each of us to different forms of service in his Church. But we are all equal in baptism. And we all share the same mission of bringing the Gospel to the world, and bringing the world to the Gospel."  -Archbishop Charles Chaput.

We rely not on our talents but on the Holy Spirit
Pope Paul VI
It must be said that the Holy Spirit is the principal agent of evangelization: it is he who impels each individual to proclaim the Gospel, and it is he who in the depths of consciences causes the word of salvation to be accepted and understood. But it can equally be said that he is the goal of evangelization. -Pope Paul VI, On Evangelization in the Modern World, 92.

Zeal for evangelizing is a sign of the Holy Spirit.
St. Faustina  -"Oh, what great happiness fills my heart from knowing God and the Divine life! It is my desire to share this happiness with all people. I cannot keep this happiness locked in my own heart alone, for His Flames burn me and cause my bosom and my entrails to burst asunder.   Priests, help me to proclaim Jesus' Mercy, for every word falls short of how merciful He really is."  Di
ary # 491

Reach to all with the love of God
"The excluded, those who are rejected, those who are not loved, prisoners, alcoholics, the dying, the lonely and abandoned, the marginalized, the untouchables and lepers ... those in doubt and confusion, those who have not been touched by the light of Christ, the hungry for the word and the peace of God, the afflicted and sad souls, those who are a burden to society, who have lost all hope and faith in life, those who forgot how to smile and those who do not know what it is to receive a little human warmth, a gesture of love and friendship - all of them turn to us for a little comfort. If we turn our backs to them, we turn our back to Christ." Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), founder of the Missionary Sisters of Charity. Letter to colleagues from 10/04/1974

Seek the lost -St Augustine
Listen to the Apostle who says: Preach the word; insist upon it, welcome and unwelcome. Welcome to whom? Unwelcome to whom? By all means welcome to those who desire it; unwelcome to those who do not. However unwelcome, I dare to say: "You wish to stray, you wish to be lost; but I do not want this." For the one whom I fear does not wish this. And should I wish it, consider his words of reproach: The straying sheep you have not recalled; the lost sheep you have not sought. Shall I fear you rather than him? Remember, we must all present ourselves before the judgement seat of Christ.

I shall recall the straying; I shall seek the lost. Whether they wish it or not, I shall do it. And should the brambles of the forests tear at me when I seek them, I shall force myself through all straits; I shall put down all hedges. So far as the God whom I fear grants me the strength, I shall search everywhere. I shall recall the straying; I shall seek after those on the verge of being lost. If you do not want me to suffer, do not stray, do not become lost. It is enough that I lament your straying and loss. No, I fear that in neglecting you, I shall also kill what is strong. Consider the passage that follows: And what was strong you have destroyed. Should I neglect the straying and lost, the strong one will also take delight in straying and in being lost.  -Office of Reading Monday XXV week of year.

"Once we have truly met the Risen One by partaking of his body and blood, we cannot keep to ourselves the joy we have experienced." (Bl. John Paul II, Mane Nobiscum Domine, 24).  "Christians ought to be committed to bearing more forceful witness to God’s presence in the world. We should not be afraid to speak about God and to bear proud witness to our faith." (Bl. John Paul II, Mane Nobiscum Domine, 26)


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