Offering life for priests, from our way of life

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On the reason for praying for priests
Saint Catherine of Siena

"Eternal Father, I remember a word which Thou didst say to me in speaking of the ministers of the holy Church, to the effect that Thou wouldst speak to me more distinctly... of the sins which they commit today; wherefore if it should please thy goodness to tell me aught of this matter, I will gladly hear it, so as to have material for increasing my grief, compassion, and anxious desire for their salvation; for I remember that Thou didst say, that, on account of the endurance and tears, the grief, and sweat and prayers of Thy servants, Thou wouldst reform the holy Church, and comfort her with good and holy pastors. I ask Thee this that these sentiments may increase in me"
 -Excerpts from The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena with God the Father.

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