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"it is not an idea or a strategy that unites us but love of Christ and his Holy Spirit. The effectiveness of our service to the Church, the Bride of Christ, depends essentially on this, on our fidelity to the divine kingship of CRUCIFIED LOVE" >>  - Benedict XVI

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"The five wounds... Jesus wanted to take them to heaven to pray for us, to show the Father the price, as if to say: This is the price, do not leave them alone now, help them".
..."Jesus, pray for me, show the Father your wounds, which are also mine; they are the wounds of my sin, they are the wounds of my problem at this time". In this way Jesus is the "intercessor who only shows his wounds to the Father — this happens today, at this time".
Pope Francis,  Source / Spanish
Holy Spirit & Our Times
Ralph Martin - Rome
also in Audio Version
The Lord wants to wake us up
and draw us to Himself
Fr. Jordi Rivero, Washington DC 5/2/2014*
Jesus: "Take, eat; this is MY BODY"
"We should also, mentally, say to our brothers: Take, eat; this is my body. Take my time, my abilities, my attention. Take also my blood, that is, my sufferings, all that humbles me, that mortifies me, that limits my strength, my own physical death. I want my whole life to be like that of Christ, broken bread and wine poured out for others. I want to make all of my life a Eucharist. Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Third preaching Lent to papal household 2014
"In him who was crucified, the denial of false images of God is taken to an extreme. God now reveals His true face in the figure of the sufferer" Spe Salvi 43
We are Made Flesh of the Crucified in Baptism
Pope Pius XII
Crown of Thorns
Faithful Catholics Threatened by world and from within.
Jesus Heals Man Born Blind
Commentary, Fr. Jordi Rivero
Gethsemane (audio)
Lourdes Pinto

"There are more martyrs today than during the early times of the Church"
Pope Francis

Dig Deep in Christ Through the Thicket of Suffering
St. John of the Cross
What You Love Decides Everything
Fr. Arrupe SJ
Love is a Passion
Fr. Jordi Rivero
Spiritual Mothers, Victims of Love
Fr. Jordi Rivero
Stillness, Silence and Word
Romano Guardini
Evangelii Gaudium
Apostolic Exhortation
Mary's Martyrdom of the Heart
Pope Francis
Gaze of the Crucified Jesus
Pope Francis
Why are we so afraid?
Ralph Martin
Fear of the Cross
Pope Francis
Jesus' suffering and Mary's sweetness
Pope Francis
The World is in Flames
St Benedicta of the Cross
I Give Myself as Your Spouse Forever
St. John of the Cross
I Give Myself to God
Prayer of Fulton Sheen
Our Quest for God Is Opposed by the World
Mary & Priest´s Spousal and Paternal Love Msgr. John Cihak

"Following Christ’s example, we have to learn to give ourselves completely. Anything else is not enough"
- Benedict XVI, Jan 9,13

Veronica Binasco
Union with God
Imprint, Oh Lord, Thy Wounds in My Heart
-prayer of St. Augustine
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 the persecuted Church
 and for our awakening in the Holy Spirit

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Come Holy Spirit, pour forth on our entire family of Love Crucified, as well as our personal family, the source of Your grace, and enkindle a new Pentecost in Your Church! Come down upon Your bishops, Your priests, your seminarians, your religious, Your faithful and upon those who do not believe, upon the most hardened of sinners, and finally, upon each one of us!  Come down upon all the people of the world, upon all races, and upon every class and category of peop